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    Stuck in Reactor Room

    No luck finding that panel. I am well and truly stuck in that reactor room. I ran around pressing the A button, aiming at every panel and gizmo, but nothing. I even went back to an earlier save and replaying that section, but nothing. The last option would be to replay the the whole section where I am topside and about to enter the underground lab via the lift, but I did this once before for another problem, so I think I will call it quits here. I have finished another strategy game - well almost as I had to kill the carrier from taking more islands. So I have a few more to take back to completely finish it and that will be about it for me. Steve
  2. Steveboy

    Stuck in Reactor Room

    Thanks for the tips Dreadnought808. I will try again to find this panel, but I kind of have already run around the reactor room continually pressing the A green button to activate something, but nothing happens. I tried going to an earlier save, but same thing happens. One more go then. I tried your torpedo tactic and it worked. I think it took maybe 2 or 3 and lots of cannon fire. Although it's a bit buggy on xbox, it's still a good game and worth the money. I have had many hours of fun with it and after I finish this current game, that will be it I think for a while until I am in the mood again. It gets a bit repetitive taking out the islands in almost the same way each time and then chasing that carrier around. It appears then runs off until you can catch it at a flashing island. Steve
  3. I am more than half way through the campaign and find myself stuck in the reactor room. I am activating the reactors, teleported to the room where they make the hammerhead, then teleported back to the reactor room to activate one last reactor, but then there is no way out. All doors have a red light and the teleporter does not work. Please help. I have since also started a strategy game with settings set in my favour (I want to have some fun) and find it is a really good experience when you have full strength. I pick away at islands with a manta (never used much in the campaign because they were too weak, unless for recon). With armor II and shields and missiles, I take off and manually (FPS) soften up the area by taking down enemy mantas, AA guns and Walruses. When out of ammo, I set to auto dock and then grab another manta and off I go again. I find it hard to take down the enemy carrier though. Only did it once, but even then the game said I won, but I didn't see it go down, just sailed off into the distance. Other times we just shoot at each other and apart from some flames, etc. we keep doing drive bys. I tried a torpedo, but not sure how this works, so no result. Anyway,any suggestions on how to get out of my campaign dilemna? Thanks. Steve
  4. Steveboy

    Update 360

    The reason I bought this was because I heard it had been patched, but now not for Xbox, oh no. Also because price had dropped to under half. Well no wonder I am struggling with units getting lost, same as you. I also use one walrus and have the others follow, but even that is no longer working as they all seem to get shot up. Currently I take a manta for a recon fly around to ID enemy positions and then go in lone wolf with a single walrus equipped with the quad gun and take out the enemy mantas and AA turrets. I have got so used to this that I almost use this setup exclusively now until I need the hacking capsule equipped walrus. It takes longer this way but then I don't have to worry about trying to control 3 - 4 walrus'. I do plenty of user saves. You kind of have to roll around hillsides to get the quad gun to aim downwards at vehicles. Well, seeing as they say you can't continue the current campaign with the new patch, I may as well hold off until they patch it. Hate the idea of starting the campaign all over again. I am probably half way through. Why isn't there any news on these forums from BI? Where is the support? Just as well I bought the game under half price because it is sounds like it bombed with the general public without the support for Xbox. Shame because it really is a game with loads of potential.
  5. Steveboy

    Update 360

    I would have posted earlier, but trying to register for this forum is a nightmare. I mean really, some of those questions, what are they thinking. No wonder there are not many on here. Anyway, I bought my XBOX version last week and noticed a 4 MB update when I put the disk in the first time. Not sure if this is the update you mean. Pathfinding is still frustrating, but not a game killer. Most units do get to where they are going, but all the dawdling and toing and froing can get them killed. The game should have a cancel program button, because if you set waypoints for say 3 x walruses and then one gets into trouble, even if you "suspend" the others and go and help the stuck one, the others automatically start up and continue on - sometimes into danger. Very frustrating and like herding cats. I use "assist" most of time in lieu. Some pleasant surprises. Like when I was being chased in a walrus back to the carrier by 2 enemy walruses. I was heading across the water to the carrier and the enemy was now following me past the beach and onto the water. I then noticed large plasma shots overhead and thought oh no, I am screwed. When I looked up I noticed the carrier was actually defending me and automatically blew away the 2 enemy walruses. A wow moment.