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  1. Hi tpw, Many thanks for your update with bleedout / setcaptive true!
  2. Hi tpw, many thanks for your great work! Some suggestions (by an absolut beginner in scripting) for your bleedout script to reduce a bit the inhumanity in offline / single Player missions: -I want to avoid that badly and medium wounded soldiers are killed by their opponents. -I want to be able to heal enemys without being killed by them after they are healed. -I want to be able to capture an AI if I am in a superior situation. So I added some details in your script: -for "// Stay crouched" I added _x setCustomAimCoef 1;and _x allowFleeing 1; to reduce the effectivness of the wounded soldier (not tested) -for "// Stay prone" and "// Writhe around immobile" I added removeAllWeapons _x; and _x setCaptive 1; I tested the bleedout script with WW2_units_mas_v1.0 (Cfgammo with reduced hit values (5-7)) result: -normal fire fights AI against AI are deadly as usual with ca. 80%-90% killed instant, but some are wounded with the effect that they throw away their weapons and writhe around. You can heal these enemys and they will not shoot at you and they will not be killed by your comrades. -If you are in a superior situation (eg. ambush) and you want to capture the AI soldier shoot in the arm or leg, wait in cover (he will continue fighting for some seconds, then he tries to self heal, throw away his weapons and surrenders. Depending on his wounds he will just lay on the ground or writhe. It is possible now to give him first aid without being killed by him in return. What do you think about adding similar features to your TPW-MODS? Best regards
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    World War II Units

    Hi massi, Great work! many thanks. House to house combat with HD groups is great! I used your mod for a offline / single player mission in Altis / Zaros town: -I have reduced the ammo hitting power to hit = 5...7 -RYD_FFE script for AI artillery support (init.sqs): RydFFE_Add_SPMortar = (["I_mas_ww2_82mm_RUS","O_mas_ww2_82mm_GER","O_mas_ww2_82mm_ss1_GER", "O_mas_ww2_82mm_ss2_GER","B_mas_ww2_82mm_US","B_mas_ww2_82mm_UK"]); RydFFE_Amount = 2; RydFFE_ArtyShells = 5; RydFFE_Safe = (50); nul = [] execVM "RYD_FFE\FFE.sqf"; -tpw_bleedout.sqf Best regards
  4. Hi All, I want create single player missions with the mission editor. The editor itself is not a problem for because it's similar to OFP and Arma2. But the wounding system of Arma3 seems to be not so good. I just want few wounding effects, no complex medical system: (I have no scripting knowledge and not the time to learn from beginning, so please give me a short example for one wound effect. maybe I will understand and can continue working. I have started reading your Scripting Introduction for New Scripters) wound effects: -for all units: if hands/arms are hit more than 0.3 are hit unit drops weapons and flees maybe with this command: gethit "arms", gethit "hands", removeAllWeapons, allowFleeing -for all units: if legs are hit more than 0.5 unit fells and can just croutch maybe with: gethit "legs", setUnitPos "down" If possible: script should be started with init.sqf and a script-sqf without to much entrys in the mission.sqm and the example as primitive as possible so that I have a chance to understand it. Best regards
  5. Hi all, I have another idea to increase the number of magazines for rifles with small magazine capacitys that can be used by ai soldiers: 1.) I defined an additional magazine for the secondary? pistol magazine slots: class WWI_7_92_5xMauser2 : WWI_7_92_5xMauser { (general your magazine but with:) type = 16; (instead of type = 256;) 2.) for the Mauser G98 I added the new magazine: magazines[] = {"wwi_7_92_5xMauser", WWI_7_92_5xMauser2}; 3.) I added the new magazines to the WWI_WH1 soldier. First the normal magazines are used and after they are empty the magazines of the secondary slots are used automatically. This works with ai controlled soldiers too (I made 1 test). What do you think about this? Best Regards
  6. Thanks for the info! ---------- Post added at 14:16 ---------- Previous post was at 13:20 ---------- Thanks for considering my suggestions! Best Regards
  7. Hi Over the Top Team, thanks for your great work. I waited some years for a Arma2 WW1 mod and you have created it! I tried out the mod in the last months (only single player mode) and have some questions and on the other hand i want to suggest some points. 1.) When will you release next Version? 2.) When i'm using guns with explosive Shells arma2 freezes very often or it stops for a longer time, is that normal? (normally arma2 runs very well on my Computer) 3.) Lebel rifle: as far as i know the lebel rifle Magazine capacity was 8 rounds. 4.) G98II (trench Magazine) according some Internet pages the Magazine capacity is 20 rounds 5.) Number magazines: for my single Player missions i want that the ai soldiers have ammo for longer fire fights. I changed the Magazine size with "magazineType = 0.1 * WeaponSlotPrimary;" (i know this from the ww1 mod (OFP)). I don't use backpacks because as far as i know the ai soldiers can not use them. 6.) Will there be hand animations for bolt action rifles? I made a test with the I44 Hand animations. This worked with the G98, Lee Enfield and Lebel. 7.) Maps for single Player missions: AI soldiers are always stopped by barbed wire. Is it possible to create a Version of the maps with reduced or no barbed wire for single Player missions? 8.) Hand grenades: for combat at close distances i suggest that the hand grenades should not be to powerful and they should have some dispersion, otherwise close combat will ends always after few seconds. 9.) For combat atmosphere it would be good if ai Units can call artillery support. What do you think obout my suggestions? Best Regards