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  1. Since the framework of infantry combat is already in place as demonstrated by the campaign, and the enemy has infantry on some islands for defense, how easy would an infantry mod be to make? for instance, A walrus could have an module that makes it into an armored personnel carrier. Would there be any interest in this?
  2. I was thinking pretty much an amalgamation of the above posts :) Only problem is i cant get the workbench to open, and no one has replied to my troubleshooting thread to help me out...
  3. jit93

    The Released SDK

    The readme is ambiguous about which ccsettings to edit; do i edit the one in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Carrier Command Gaea Mission or the one in C:\Users\[name]\Documents\CarrierCommand? also besides adding the modname folder to that xml file, running the unpackccgm and workbench as admin, is there anything else you need to do? I tried doing all of that and it says "config file failed to load. using defaults" which would be fine, but then an error message pops up saying "engine init error cannot load scripts." then crashed to desktop. Help please?
  4. I ran the unpack batch file as administrator, typed Y then clicked enter. Then i made the modfolder, copied in the files i wanted to edit and edited the xml file as the instructions said to do. when that was done i ran the workbench.exe as administrator, but it says config failed to open, then opens for a second before it says cannot find scripts, and then closes to desktop. I'm using the steam version and got the sdk through steam. Am i missing something? edit: I fixed it sorry for the bother, I had to manually override the directory path in the batch file AND un-rem it.