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    Mass Global Ban?

    Your game uses the battle eye client with your permission as the developing studio. So far, myself and 26 members have been banned from a server that WE own and operate. I have the admin privileges as I am the owner. We all bought Combined Operations for $30. Thats $810.00 USD we used to purchase the games in total. Who is going to refund our money? Its your game, so Bohemia must provide us with refunds if we bought a game that refuses to work correct?
  2. Hey There, im HvK-Myth, i run a 112 man gaming group and we own a server for playing DayZ. Today, at around 4:45pm GMT-7, 22 people including myself were global banned by battle eye at the same time. All 22 people were clan mates of mine and I own, moderate, and control the server. It says we were "caught too many times using a banned weapon". None of us had any banned weapons? And none of us use hacks. So im wondering why we are permanently banned from playing ARMA II and DayZ? I need answers and help immediately! Thanks! Cameron (HvK-Myth) Owner Name: Myth Server IP: USt-IdNr.: DE266867835