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  1. Ok update time, So the problem is simple, EventHandler Killed is local and i need it to be global Couldn't get the local dedicated server working w/ mods but i had some time on our server to figure out the issue EDIT - Well, it pays to read the event handler wiki a bit more lol New version of the eventhandler uses MPKilled so it should work on dedicated servers now :D EDIT - Working now _unit addMPEventHandler ["MPkilled", {[_this select 0] ExecVm "Scripts\EOSUnitDeath.sqf"}];
  2. Within my mission i'm using EOS and i added this line so a script would run everytime a unit died/ _unit addEventHandler ["killed", {[_this select 0] ExecVm "Scripts\EOSUnitDeath.sqf"}]; EOSUnitDeath.sqf _personOne = _this select 0; // EOS UNIT KILLED // copyToClipboard faction _personOne if (faction _personOne == 'mas_med_opfi_hd') then { // ENEMY EOS UNIT KILLED _rng = random 100; if (_rng < 5) then { _veh = createVehicle ["suitcase", getpos _personOne, [], 0, "NONE"] ; [[_veh, ["Collect evidence","scripts\collect.sqf"]],"addAction",true,true] call BIS_fnc_MP; } } else { // NONE ENEMY EOS UNIT KILLED CivKilltally = CivKillTally + 1; if (CivkillTally == 5) then { "end1" call BIS_fnc_endMission; } else { hint format ["Warning Civilians Killed = %1 of 5 %2", CivKillTally]; }; }; This seems to work on a locally hosted server and in the editor but I dont have regular access to the dedicated server our group uses so I'm not able to run any tests. Additionally this used to work on a previous version where EOS unit death was simply _rng = random 100; if (_rng < 5) then { _personOne = _this select 0; hint 'intel spawned'; _veh = createVehicle ["suitcase", getpos _personOne, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"] ; [[_veh, ["Collect evidence","scripts\collect.sqf"]],"addAction",true,true] call BIS_fnc_MP; } else {}; Also the global variable CivKillTally is definied in the init as CivkillTally = 0; any help would be appreciated and if need be i can provide more info
  3. Ah, thx will do brb edit - Ok this is a little more complex then i expected
  4. wildman

    3CB BAF Units

    When I spawn a unit in with ace3 loaded my units all recieve the advanced medical items even when i have the basic version set. Have i done something wrong or is this just how it is?