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    Damn, got hyped as soon as I saw logo and the text on the picture :D Now I can't wait for the fixed version, don't wanna spoil it by trying the mission now.
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    Arma3 Videos

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    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I noticed that "prioritizing" too, but I thought maybe it was an accident, or my imagination. Me and 3 AI guys were attacking some compound with 5+ enemy AI, as soon I shot 1 of the guys, they all started targeting me. Since i had a big rock for cover, I just rolled back behind it, my teammates were all prone completely in the open around me, but hostiles just kept pouring bullets on the rock i was behind, while my mg gunner was casually mowing them down.
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    Arma3 Videos

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    Firing Drills - Challenge!

    The new "Red 2" was really enjoyable for me (didn't still try all of them). Here is my run . Now don't beat my time immediately, give me at least 1 hour on the throne :D
  6. No problem, I enjoyed your server a lot, it's the least I could do. Anyway, hope you manage to set up that baseprotection :)
  7. Just wanted to let you know about some guy "Novum" raising hell on your server few days ago. Here is the proof Anyway, he was griefing and insulting people for almost an hour before I got to our base to record some of his actions, lot of people complained. After I left the server, he remained (creating chaos probably). Might wanna give him at least a warning, next time you see him (though it's your server, so it's up to you). But if it was my server, he would never set foot on it again. Might be a bit harsh, but in the last 10 years of multyplayer gaming, I have not met a bigger douche. That video can't even come close to explain what kind of player he is.
  8. That's not my mission, I just used it to see if ACE is working. It's actually first part of shark-attack's (the guy who made it) narco wars mission's for ARMA 2, called villa assault, made about a year ago. I remember using something like this before in arma 2 ---> [this, 2000] exec "ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts\HALO_init.sqs" in the soldier init field, if you want something simple, it should spawn your soldier doing HALO jump (2000 is the height, you can change it), or you can set it in some trigger, to start HALO after you do something that triggers it. I have some basic editing knowledge, so it might be better to ask someone else. Sorry for the offtopic.
  9. I tried it with ACE, and JSRS, it worked nice, but if there is ace wounds module in the mission, sometimes it works, sometimes you can't use it (show's black box with script errors when you try to bandage someone/yourself). But overall, arma 2 ace missions are playable. If you want check out this video for a quick view of a mission on Arma 3 with ACE.
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    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    Finished the mp campaign without any serious bugs, only thing wrong with this campaign is that it isn't longer :D (and I don't mean it's short). I don't really know what to say, that hasn't been said already about how good the campaign is, but if I had to pick few things, that make this campaign really stand out, it's the awesome atmosphere, fitting music, and really diverse missions with a rich backstory to it, so it pretty much didn't get old/boring for a moment. Just one more question.
  11. What is even more annoying, whenever I get hit, my character immediately stops, and automatically changes from rifle to pistol. Might not be that terrible, if you could move while changing weapons, but imagine your character just standing there casually switching to a pistol while under heavy fire. Even if you survive the switch, your doomed, because you probably ain't gonna be able to hit that 400m away guy with a pistol. This also happened few days ago when I was playing ARMA 2, not sure if it had something to do with latest beta patch or something, because I don't remember this happening before.
  12. I saw this few days ago, and I really liked the idea, but animations were always a problem for this game, and if they can't make adjustments to prone turning speed, or make the character not stand up automatically when he touches a rock/or is on a steep slope, then I highly doubt they will implement something sophisticated as this, this late in development. Though I'm still kinda hoping they're just keeping things from us, and when the full games releases, it comes out with a lot of those unlikely features.
  13. Agreed, and upvoted. Anyway BL1P, lol'd for a moment there, but I was talking about standing position :) (just to clear it up, if you weren't joking). Anyway I think I read somewhere on the forums that developer said they may not be able to limit prone turning speed, not sure if it has to do with engine or what, but it may be already a lost cause unfortunately (I really hope not). Same thing with this issue http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=2149 it's really a big thing IMHO, can screw you countless times, but they tried fixing it, and no luck unfortunately, so we are stuck with it.
  14. Yep, I actually have forgotten about it, but since you mentioned it, I gave it a try. Put on some protective suit designed for work in the woods, and filled 2 backpacks with as much weight possible. I still could turn normally, and stop on time, but it's rather painfull, cuz everytime you stop quickly, something sharp from backpack hits you in your kidney. But since this is nowhere close to real uniform and equipment soldiers have, I agree it is not really a valid test, and something should probably be done with the game, if it ends up being more realistic, then I'm all for it. The only thing I am against is adding negative acceleration. That is definitely not realistic behavior. Maybe devs could even implement something like, if you're really light weight (not carrying much) you are pretty close to turning like it is right now, but the more you get tired, it's harder to turn fast, and harder to stop the turn immediatelly. Anyway, just an idea, if you don't like it, don't get upset about it.
  15. I actually don't know why do you guys have problem with spinning in place quickly? It will never give you any advantage over enemy. The most you will ever need to spin quickly is 180 degrees (if he is directly behind you), now if you go outside (in reality) and try doing 180 turn, you may notice there is no turn speed limit, you can do it instantly. So don't whine about something not being realistic, if you just think it isn't. If you don't trust me, get off your ass, and try it. Now to test this as realistically possible, try to get a hold of some sort of rifle, (not working one if possible, I don't want to be responsible for any injuries) I have a friend that has PPSh-41, so i tested on this one (it's weighs almost 4kg). If you really can't get a rifle, i dunno, just test it with a broom and duck tape some weight on it. You will notice that turning 180 degrees in a split second is not a problem, the problem is stopping, like sneakson explained in his post, on page 2, inertia. Now if i know where exactly target is behind me, i can stop exactly on it every time (I am not even a soldier) , since the gun is not really heavy, so there is not a lot of inertia. I imagine a highly trained soldier should definitely have no trouble with it, even on a bad day. Now I can't say anything about machine gun, but since they are heavier I believe they should be a little harder to start the turn with, and to stop the turn, probably even slow the turning rate with mg a little, like someone mentioned, can't really say anything for sure, but something needs to change, what would be the benefit of taking a rifle over mg (except less weight), especially in CQB when they are pretty much the same to handle. Maybe someone who has actually used them, could provide a little insight. As for the negative acceleration, it doesn't slow your spinning or make it any more realistic (which is the reason why we are even having this argument), also it doesn't add inertia, so you can basically stop immediately after ludicrous spin with 12 kg in your hands. And here is a proof of how it looks in arma 2 with negative acceleration ---> So basically what some of you guys want, is negative acceleration back, even though it's nothing close to realistic, but it makes your game harder, therefore it must be realistic. Harder≠Realistic. PS. I'm talking about standing position, prone should definitely use some tweaks.
  16. I agree, it's not the way it should be, would be happy if they did something about it. It's especially noticeable on machine guns since they are heavier, you should not be able to throw them around, like they are paper weight. But I would definitely be against negative acceleration, it's the worst thing they could do :) But like I said, negative acceleration is only gonna affect you if you are used to play with lower sensitivity, and move mouse around quickly. But if you play with high sensitivity and don't move mouse around too quickly, you can still play it like twitch arcade fps, and spin quickly on the spot.
  17. I wish you would change the way we set up our mouse sensitivity. Instead of slider, we should be able to type the number, for example 0.1-10 (and i mean ten, not 1.0). Sliders are a bit fiddly.
  18. You could turn faster with higher mouse sensitivity (as long as you don't move your mouse quickly) in arma 2, same like any other fps. The thing is, if you turn your mouse too quickly, negative acceleration kicks in, and it seems like there is turn speed player limit. PS. "fps shooter on the market" = first person shooter shooter on the market, you might wanna correct that.
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    Operation Candlestick | Episode 1

    I've played a great deal of ARMA 2 coop, didn't really have an issue with the AI, i mean they were deadly and challenging (that's why I liked it), but didn't felt like they are cheating, like the AI in ARMA 3. Anyway I played it in lan, so latency should be close to non existent (though there was no dedicated server, I hosted on my pc). Dynamic weather is actually a good idea, but it seems i had some bad luck, because I started it like 5-6 times, and everytime it was so foggy, you could barely see 10 meters in front. Tested the updated version, spawning works properly, fog can be turned off, and the mission is really well made with a nice backstory to it. Thanks for the quick update!
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    Operation Candlestick | Episode 1

    I don't play arma 3 coop yet since AI is not that good, to put it mildly, but figured i'd give your mission a shot, since you had it well thought out with background story etc. I tried it with a friend, can't get him to spawn with me, doesn't matter which slot he chooses. He always spawns 2 km south, and slightly east from objective (all ai spawn with me normally, close to shore). Anyway since im tired of night vision, and night missions in general, and the game looks nice without it, we tried dawn/noon setting. My suggestion to you is to ease up on the fog. Not sure if fog has any effect on AI, but sure as hell it doesn't seem so. I got up the hill, and from that distance, i couldn't see any one of them, even though i knew their exact location, but as soon as i went from prone to standing, they 1 hit killed me without missing a shot.
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    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    Really loving the campaign, especially the mission im on now (full impresion when i complete it). Though i have a quick question. Anyway, can the saves from old version of campaign create any issues, because I didn't start over, just jumped in the mission number 12 and continued, all the mission untill now worked flawlessly. Im talking about mp campaign. EDIT: Nevermind, I tried it few more times, and ending triggered. Not sure what did it, but this time i went straight for the extraction. Maybe I needed to get there faster, or follow waypoints more closely, or it's neither of those, anyway, i just wanted to let you know the mission is working, and it was a false alarm.
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    Interesting idea, and a very well designed maze if I might add, only flaw in my opinion is that chernarus grass really slows it down (it hides enemies really well), considering maze is already gonna make you lose a lot of time, it can be a slight annoyance to lose a lot of time on enemies (if you plan on making it out without dying), since you really have to take your time to check every single corner, cuz those prone enemies will f you up if you are not carefull. Maybe copy paste the maze on desert map and have two versions, one slow-paced tactical maze, and the other one in the desert would be more focused on solving the maze, with run 'n gun arcady feel. Here is the video of what i mean -- first part of the video is without grass, and things go really smooth, second part on the grass really slows down progress.PS. I've played your mission on arma 3, because i like it's CQB better. EDIT: Also, you could maybe make a few random spawns (but not close to the exit) so it could be played as a race to the exit against other players aswell. Then the players could decide on some ground rules, like if it was allowed to shoot other player to make him go back to start (and ultimatively bringing you closer to the first place). But it's your mission, im just giving suggestions :)
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    I noticed the first post is updated --- "SEAL Team Six 4 for OA will be uploaded within a couple of hours for Vanilla and Ace" does this means you're already done updating that campaign, and it's playable, or did i misunderstood?
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    Awesome news, since i got kinda late in arma, i missed all of your campaigns, looking forward to playing them. Welcome back!
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    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    Lolz, i don't think you get the point. It's not game-breaking if you can continue. I didn't stop because i got sick of the campaign, on the contrary, it's one of the best out there (and not only in ARMA), and i would gladly continue, but that's the thing, i can't. I could probably use the endmission cheat, to go to the next mission, but I already used it 3-4 times when i encountered bugs i couldn't get past, and what's the point if i just skip every other mission. Creator might fix this in a year or two, so why spoil it for yourself by playing now? Or just play singleplayer version, it should be without bugs.