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  1. @DJankovic I had a similar problem in A2 (can't remember what the error message was). Turned out I downloaded a mission that was broken in some way, so as soon as I tried hosting, it would crash the game (even before selecting that mission). I guess you don't have missions in your missions/mpmissions folder since you uninstalled the game, but maybe try unsubscribing/deleting your workshop missions? EDIT: I guess terox must have edited his message while I was typing, looks like he got it covered.
  2. Gwynbleidd

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    I downloaded this mod a while ago, just to check it out real quick. But I got so used to it, it's definitely staying for good :) I used 1.5 until now, but after downloading 1.7b, I noticed severe performance hit while messing around in VR. Gave it a quick test in editor, and after dumping 3 mags on 3 guys (1 for each), fps goes from 66 to 42 (tried the same with 1.5, and it stays around 56fps) when looking in their direction. Spraying some more quickly gets your fps to 30. Is this expected (since you added some cool stuff to it after 1.5) or something (hopefully) went wrong, and can be fixed?
  3. They have 4 keybinds now, that should be plenty. I don't think I ever had more than 4 weapons as a gunner, but if a modder really needs more, he can always add aditional keybind for fifth weapon in CBA, or custom controls (use action).
  4. I'm really happy you added keybinds for selecting vehicle weapons, so thanks for that :). The thing is, they're a bit awkward to use right now. When you bind Weapons group 1-4 to numbers 1-4, weapons are all over the place. Tanks work how you would expect, 1 is cannon, 2 is MG. Anti Air vehicles for example have number 1 empty, when you press 2, you get their main gun, press 3 and you get anti air missiles, 4 empty. Comanche/blackfoot is even weirder, 1 for main gun, number 2 is empty, on number 3 you get DAGR missiles, press 3 one more time and you get anti air missile, 4 is empty. Why not just add them like primary, secondary, and tertiary weapon on all vehicles. Primary would be default weapon, secondary would be the next weapon you get when you cycle firemode once (default F), and tertiary is the weapon you get when you cycle firemode 2 times, only you'd use keybinds 2 and 3 to select them instead of cycling. Everybody who was a gunner in blackfoot knows main gun is first, DAGR comes second after you cycle firemode, and AA missile is last, so just have them at 1, 2, and 3, instead of 1, 3, and 3 like it is now - and same for other vehicles, would be much simpler IMO.
  5. There's somewhat annoying bug I've been wanting to report for quite some time. I was waiting for feedback tracker, but nevermind, here's how to reproduce it: BUG 1 -Bind zoom temporary to space -Place offroad armed -Get in as gunner, and zoom in with space -While holding zoom (space) press right click to aim with your .50 cal Your view get's zoomed in as much as it can, and you can't un-zoom at all, (+,-, space, right click, getting out of vehicle - nothing helps) until you restart the mission. This also happens on your presets Arma 3 alternative, and industry standard (they have optics temporary and zoom temporary set to hold right click, so you first have to aim+zoom in with right click to cause the bug, then press 0 to toggle optics and try zooming out). BUG 2 There's one more bug that could use solving now that you're working on action menu. If you use optics temporary to aim down sights (for example hold right click), action menu will bring you back from your sights/optic. Same problem if you press (~) select all units while aiming, other command menus work fine, they don't bring you back from your sights. This does not happen if you use toggle optic, you continue aiming even though action menu is open (which is good). EDIT: Also selecting a single unit (F2-F10 by default) will bring you out of the optics, so you can't for example use binocular and select unit to give him a target, the moment you select him, it cancels looking through binocs, unless you use optics toggle.
  6. Gwynbleidd

    C2 -Command And Control

    There is a slight issue with stances on 3D menu - they can be hard to see at times. http://imgur.com/Vyugvzs(not only with nvg) Could you add some different color outline to them, or whatever you think is good. Also, one more thing, when you select a single AI from your team and want to rotate them by scrolling, it's extremely slow... Could you make it so you can point the AI only in 8 directions, it should help a lot with scrolling. Anyway, thanks for your work!
  7. Gwynbleidd

    Weapon Switching on the Move

    And while you're at it with weapon up/down animation, take a look at this bug too please. Basically, whenever you switch your moving direction, and press optics button (aim down sights) at the same time, rifle gets stuck for a moment (delayed) before the player raises it to aim.
  8. Gwynbleidd

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Gave it a try, stumbled upon a minor bug - some of the stains disappear when you get too close Other than that, nicely done :)
  9. Valid point, but it doesn't need to be completely blinding either. At the very least, I would wipe that dirt of (in real life).Can't speak about reflections on the optic, as I never owned one, but I got the idea that it's not that severe in real life from the feedback tracker. Especially since there are no such problems on a sunny day, but cloudy one - I'd expect it to be reverse.
  10. Couldn't agree more. Please BI, give optics some love. With all that glossiness, and dirt, it can really be hard to use them during dusk/dawn or some overcast, it's ok on sunny day. Check to see how bad it can get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2wSJz5fCVo I get that you wanted to make them look good, and they do. But that's not a good enough reason for the negative impact on gameplay it has, IMO. Please at least consider removing some of the dirt/fingerprints, though glossiness is the biggest issue.
  11. On the crossroad next to the bridge in that small town on stratis, I get 59fps on standard, and 51 on ultra terrain detail (editor - only me on map - not measured from options menu). Drop varies from place to place though, can be smaller, can be bigger. High is still problematic, hides them pretty well -> http://i.imgur.com/2ODJ1XC.jpg?1 This is ultra for comparison -> http://i.imgur.com/Lp7PX2q.jpg I have somehow missed very high previously, it reveals them pretty much like on ultra, just with a lot lesser performance impact (on my pc at least). So I'm pretty happy with that.
  12. Interesting, I thought the terrain detail is only for fixing the floating people in the air. Was this same in A2, because I always used standard (or normal in case of A2) terrain detail, and don't remember such serious problems back then? Funny thing is, low looks a lot better than standard: http://i.imgur.com/DvScaRn.jpg -Low http://i.imgur.com/Za8FH42.jpg?1 -Standard Only ultra looks good, but the performance hit is significant. I'm tempted to download A2 again, just to check this.
  13. With all that said, the sinking really needs an off switch in difficulty options. I don't mind it for PVP, but even there, it's too random to make use of it (you can be completely submerged, or almost not at all, no way to know). It gives you, or another player advantage based on sheer luck, because that one patch of grass makes you completely invisible, while the other one will barely hide you, even though they both look identical to the eye from close - just check the video. But against the AI, it's just pretty bad IMHO. The AI will easily see you in combat mode, no matter if you're prone or not, with iron sights. And if you don't have any optic, it can be pretty impossible to se a prone AI that sinked all the way to his head or more.
  14. Gwynbleidd

    Difficulty Overhaul

    +1 for this, I'd love to disable it even when I'm playing coop.
  15. I've been keeping a close eye on some bugs on the old tracker (AI seeing through a certain type of tree, and couple of bushes). But it looks like they haven't been transfered to the new tracker. Will you be transfering any more bugs to the new tracker, and if not, can you share any info regarding the mentioned bugs? Any progress, and will they make it into the next update?
  16. Gwynbleidd

    C2 -Command And Control

    Would it be possible by any chance to add selecting all units, just by opening 3D menu? Basically, if no unit is selected when entering 3D menu, the entire team gets selected automatically? It would speed things up a bit. Also, considering how often I open the 3D menu and give an order without selecting anyone, it would stop me looking bad in front of my AI subordinates too :D
  17. Have a spray can in your inventory, aim at ground, self interact => equipment, use spray. You can have a proper pirate treasure hunt now :P
  18. Gwynbleidd

    Difficulty Overhaul

    It would be good if you guys showed what value is skill and precision for every preset. The new guy will probably select a preset, over setting a custom skill and precision, at least until he gets an idea how AI behaves there. Problem is, if you like the preset, but you want to tweak the skill or accuracy of the AI just a little bit, instead of jumping to the other preset (since switching presets adjusts AI more than you want), you can't, because you don't know the skill / precision values of the preset.
  19. Gwynbleidd

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Well, it was marked resolved in october, and the fix was supposed to be in When I noticed the guns had the same problem with the latest update (even the shiny new M27) I wrote a comment and made a video. Since nobody said anything in the ticket (it's been 20 days since I made a comment) I just assumed you guys didn't see it, since the ticket was marked resolved couple of months / updates ago. In any case, glad to hear it's been (probably) dealt with.
  20. Gwynbleidd

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    There is a small issue on your tracker that has been marked resolved, but I don't think it is. Looks like it may have slipped by you, so I'm posting here just in case. http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=1113 (on the bottom, there is a note with the video showing the problem - recorded with the latest RHS).
  21. Gwynbleidd

    New font is jagged.

    On 1920x1080 it looks good enough even on very small interface size (for me). But on 1280x1024 resolution (my bro's pc), small and very small interface size is a pain to read. Other than that slight problem, I really like the numbers on the new font, it's finally easy to distinguish 6 and 8. Preferred the letters on the old font though (mix of old font letters, and new font numbers would've been perfect), but gonna get used to it.