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    Enemy AI and buildings

    First off let me start by saying that I think Arma III is great, and I consider it the first true "next-gen" game that I've played. With that said, one of the things that still bugs me is the fact that even on multiple Domination/Annex+Invade servers, I have not encountered one single enemy hiding out or occupying a building inside a town. You guys spent so long making every single building in this game open, Bohemia, and it's amazing! But what exactly is the purpose of that if we never get the chance to fight in them? While I've obviously found the open buildings useful as firing positions, rally points, etc. for my squad, I can't help but imagine how much more intense Arma III's urban combat would be with players having to sometimes actually clear house to house, room to room. The AI in this game uses suppressive fire+movement, WILL outflank you if get complacent, and (aimbot aside) is all around quite impressive in my opinion. As such, it seems silly that a squad of OPFOR should prefer to lay in an open road engaging me, rather than retreating into the two-story walled compound behind them. Maybe it can't be done, maybe Bohemia or the mission-makers decided that would take way too long to program, play, or both. But when compared to how well Arma III replicates the rest of (near)modern warfare, the AI's refusal/inability to make use of these open buildings just seems like a missed opportunity for more realistic urban combat.