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    well firstly, i read thru other threads, and it seems there are a massive amount of bugs and glitches. Firstly i told you what the problem was, described my issue, then i asked if there was a fix for it. i mentioned the refund because the game quite simply does not work in its current state. My system met the minimum requirements as listed online. all my drivers are up to date. I tried different various fixes that have to do with texture rendering, or lack thereof, yet none worked. so i registered on this forum, in order to get assistance, or to see if i was the only one experiencing this problem. For you to to say that there are thousands of people playing the game without my issues, and for that to somehow mean that my system is at fault is stupidity, it is blatantly obvious that over people are experiencing the issues too, your response is only even slightly noteworthy if you knew of EVERY glitch that EVERYONE was experiencing. EVERY review I have read thusfar has mentioned numerous bugs, and problems. i am sure that i am not the only person with this problem. My system = i7- 3930K CPU @ 3.2GHz (without o/c) Rampage IV Extreme MB RAM 16 GIG DDR3 (2)GTX470 graphics cards linked with SLi (all current drivers)+O/C Key attached.
  2. Hey there, im not usually the type to post in forums. but i had to do something regarding this game. so i bought it today, from steam, i usually buy a second copy for a friend just so we can play new crap vs each other, anyway, i install the game, test it out. and even before the game starts, and the menu is running the movie in the background, im watching and suddenly the inside of the hill is visible. THATS when i start to think oh crap - i hope its not like this in game... So i load into the campaign, no issues, voices sync up, the pod is launched from the carrier. we get tagged by the aa - crash land. the movie part finishes, and guess what? there is no ground. the far landscape is visible, there are the outline of some cactus' that you can walk into, but theres literally nothing under my feet, i figure its a graphics issue, so i try every setting from lowest to highest. nothing changes. the game is seriously bugged. and it is unplayable in its current condition. I read another thread here where the person asked for a refund. and was shut down by the designer citing that it is at their discretion to give refunds. my game loads, the movies play, but the graphics just do not load the floor, i upgraded my video cards. i disabled one of my two video cards in case it was a rendering problem. nothing fixed it. I cant say what would happen further on into the game, because there is zero ability to reach those areas because of the glitches. if there is anything that i can possibly do to fix it, please tell me. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTING - i would have thought these issues would have righted themselves prior to distribution. obviously not.