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  1. At first the registration formular is completly idiotic, I'm very mad about that that the game is not running and than this fucking registration formular oh my god i say only: idiots! So now to my problem: The Graphics in the game vanish, its a known problem. I read so much threads about this but nothing helped. i have a i7 3rd generation, 16GB RAM and a AMD Readon HD7970M. And my intern Graphic card is a Intel HD Graphics 4000. With the intern graphic card it run normal but with bad graphics and with my strong it runs with that vanish textures.... in my CCC(Cataclyst Control Panel) i created a new profile with ground settings but this didn't hepled. For Informations: ground settings: The programm do nothing and the game do all. At least sorry for my bad english, i hope someone understand what i want to write...