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  1. You'll find questions like this have been asked many times before. Do a google search or search within the forum directly and you'll probably find what you are after. I had a quick look on your behalf, have a look at this thread. Mondkalb appears to have the answer to your question: driver player == player This part ensures that the action menu entry is only visible to the person attached to.
  2. Pomi Git

    MX Series Black Edition

    Hi GDSN, I see you are new to the forum so firstly welcome :). Now the last I checked the MX doesnt have hiddenselections. Unless this has changed it means you would have had to edit the models and include them in your pbo. Is this correct? If yes you need written permission from BIS to release this mod. I didn't see any mention of this on your release post so Im assuming you haven't done this. I recommend you pull this release until you have. BIS are pretty good about it if you ask nicely. Without such permission you are in breach of the EULA :(
  3. Could a moderator please change the thread title to "Feature Discussion: Simplified Gear texture management" I forgot to change this when I posted. Thanks
  4. Pomi Git

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Agree with this 100%, its all about a positive and natural user experience. UI is one aspect of this, another is how the user interacts. I think its also important to acknowledge the influence of previous experience. I remember the first time I played Operation Flashpoint and how overwhelmed I was by the many controls, particularly the squad menu. Now I know most by memory. At the end of the day ARMA is not an arcade game, its a lot more complicated by the nature of what it is, a military simulator. You need all the many controls and options to provide the kind of flexibility required. That's not to say there aren't many improvements that can be made and Id like to see the most fundamental controls much more readily accessible and intuitive to use.
  5. Pomi Git

    My first try at modelling

    i know that feeling alright. If you're using 3ds max its worth getting the tex tools plugin. Its quite nifty at flattening out and splitting up the model UV's
  6. You've done a great job here mate, nice attention to detail. Cool trailer too :)
  7. Pomi Git

    My first try at modelling

    If you did that after 45mins of no prior knowledge of modeling that's incredible and puts me to shame. Took me at several hours just to get my head round the basics of using 3ds max. Nice job
  8. Im far from an expert with O2 and weighting but I did find it was possible to copy weights from another LOD. I was using the example vest bi released as a template. I imported my model to the first LOD, deleted the old model and then copied weighting from LOD2. It worked but not very well
  9. You could also randomise the texture if you wanted as well using a script within your mod. This is what BI do for civilian road vehicles.
  10. Looks like a lovely model and sounds like you guys have put a real focus on quality. Great release, we definitely need more of this. Unfortunately I'm rubbish at flying jets. I'm going to download it non the less :)
  11. @Krycek ha ha fair enough. I might reduce the pattern size and de-saturate them bit in a future update if I can be bothered. But I did find a few different reference photo's of PMC wearing plaid shirts. Theyre semi authentic :d @bonham cheers bud, I have no plans to do any more black versions of the MX. It was never intended to be a full blown mx texture replacement pack, just to give the PMC's a different looking weapon. Going forward I'll probably replace it with an altogether custom made weapon. On that note I've updated the front post with a few extra details around my vision for this mod. I'm also aiming to get the patch out this week. It wont be anything spectacular, just fixing a few of the config related issues raised and adding faction icon.
  12. Its definitely nice to be given credit but I'm actually not that precious about people re-using my work. On the contrary when I originally started the mod I intended to release it as open source including the texture templates for people to re-use, but since I ended up having to use modified models I was unable to do that. I have to look at it as a package. Its too much of a headache to try say, ok to use this bit but not that bit. And to be honest from my conversations with DnA, BIS would not be happy for me to release it that way. Including hex edited models in a mod is a delicate issue some people here don't appreciate. I'm hoping down the line I can remove them and at which point I may be able to change the release conditions. Yeah all the models in this mod are currently bis models. I re-did some of the normal and specular maps to give some of the textures a different look, particularly the pants on the rangemaster model. I'm not a big fan of the cod piece either to be honest but i preferred that over the version without because of the leg holster. I'm in the process of learning how to do 3d modelling. Currently working on some tactical goggles (as per my avatar), I plan to do more items including vests as I gain more experience. @R.Flagg LOL dont knock the plaid shirts, theyre my favourite ;)
  13. yeah look on second thoughts I agree what I was suggesting is over the top. It is after all just a populate town module, not a mission in itself. Any other fancy features can be put together by mission makers. I retract my suggestion :) and thanks R-Flagg. Appreciated
  14. Hi tpw, Appreciate the work you are doing on this mod, its definitely a nice little addition. I do want to add i'm not a big fan of the current approach of mission ends when you start killing civilians. Call me evil but I kinda like being able to rock up into a town and run a muck. I know its probably not your plan to turn this into GTA but it would be kind of neat if instead of ending the mission perhaps some sort of armed presence turns up to hunt you down. That's my 2 cents worth :)
  15. Ha, nice :D The balaclava is not the item to focus on :) That is Kiory's balaclava which is already available. Absolutely, I did in fact put a call out for experienced 3d modellers to get in touch with me when I released the mod but I've received no interest :(
  16. Pomi Git

    Development Blog & Reveals

    This issue is more focused on AI not taking ammo from an ammo box when they're out, and according the last note on the issue its no longer a problem. I note there is a related issue http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=7681 about needing a command to make AI take a weapon. What ive highlighted here is probably more related to the latter, but I was more interested in the strange huddle behavior.
  17. Perhaps also consider trying to make the folded front foregrip something you can change on the fly as opposed to being a separate model. I noticed Purple managed to make the stock extendable on his benelli m4. Maybe ask him how he did that.
  18. I'm waiting until after the launch to finalise the first patch. I'm also planning on expanding the mod with custom content I am working on (sneak peak in my avatar). More on that later Show me a picture of a Private Military Contractor wearing a Ghillie suit and ill consider it ;)
  19. Pomi Git

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I noticed some very bizarre AI behavior last night whilst messing about in the editor. I wanted to see what two opposing sides would do if I stripped them of weapons and placed a weapon crate on the map. I placed roughly 30 units together, so say 15 BLUFOR and 15 CSAT, all without weapons and randomly mixed together and ungrouped. I was hoping to amuse myself by seeing a panicked race for a weapon from the crate. The results were odd to say the least. All the units from both sides ran to the same spot and huddled in a tight group like some sort of collective hive. Sometimes they would create two groups. The number of units placed doesn't really make a difference but the more you place the more dramatic it looks.
  20. There is also a police cap. Its the third one from the top left in this picture http://i.imgur.com/E4YjoW6.jpg
  21. Pomi Git

    Reskin the TRG rifle

    Hex editing is definitely a touchy subject and should be avoided. However if you're keen as mustard to do this retexture and hiddenselections don't work for this model then id recommend contacting DnA from BI and request permission. For anyone that's seen my pmc mod they'll know I did this with the MX. I found BI to be very supportive if you are open and honest about it. It is a case by case thing though so no guarantees, and given they're prepping for launch he may not get back to you straight away. If you do get permission you need to put the model in its own pbo and untick the binarize option. Trying to binarize an already binarized model stuffs it up.
  22. Yes, select the whole model then create a selection and name it "head"
  23. Pretty sure this is a modelling related issue not config. Did you create a head selection? Vests are a bit more tricky because you have to weight them
  24. Thank you for this. This thread should be added to this list: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?152775-Nordkindchens-Sammelsurium
  25. Pomi Git

    Turbosquid license

    Im glad someone posted this, because Ive been looking at doing this and have a few models ive been playing with. On the points raised though, correct me if im wrong but if I download a model from turbosquid, create new UV's and textures, binarize and distribute to ARMA community I am complying with the standard licence? Assuming im correct. Whats the concern here?