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  1. See now you're highlighting how often I play this game these days ;) umm yeah maybe :) Do real life Private Military Companies have Explosive Experts out in the field diffusing mines?
  2. Well, as I understand it there are two similar classes in game; repair specialist who can obviously repair vehicles and then there is the engineer who is able to diffuse explosives. I think both can place them. I don't have my config files in front of me but from memory I think I used the repair specialist as the base class. Which is what the Arma 2 PMC DLC field technician used ---------- Post added at 23:45 ---------- Previous post was at 23:40 ---------- Thanks for the feedback mate. Re your request. You may have missed it but I state in front post that I don't do customised versions. Having said that I did release a cap mod with interchangeable patch which may serve your needs. Changing the logo is pretty easy, even for beginners. A link is in my signature ---------- Post added at 23:52 ---------- Previous post was at 23:45 ---------- I'm not in a position to do any sort of testing at the moment, in fact I don't even have the latest version of arma 3 installed. I know this has not been an issue in the past though
  3. I'll look at doing a patch when I get chance to make it Zeus compatible
  4. Something I asked a while back and never got an answer on. Is it possible to stop UnitPlay mid way through running? So for example if I've recorded the movements of a helicopter and it gets hit by an AA rocket id like the script to stop. Given its really intended for intro's by default it keeps on following the pre-recorded movement even though the helicopter is destroyed.
  5. These really do look fantastic mate. Great work
  6. Pomi Git

    Hidden Identity Pack v1.

    Great improvement there mate, nicely done
  7. Thanks guys for the comments. I'll still be lurking around this forum from time to time, so not gone completely. OK. Here is the first texture template. NATO Combat Uniform Please note this is not suitable for beginners. It includes many layers which may confuse some people. I set it up to make it easy for me to switch out colours and camo patterns. To provide a bit of guidance I have colour coded layer groups which are used for changing colours of parts of the uniform, and locked ones which shouldnt really be messed with. But of course you're free to do whatever you want with this ;) Please though don't message me asking how to use it. If you need to ask its not for you :D I've also added this link to the bottom of the front post. I'll add others as I get time. cheers pomigit
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    Distorted Model?

    nice one, so what was the solution?
  9. Pomi Git

    Distorted Model?

    Have you tried pasting your model into the bis headgear template instead of kiory's balaclava?
  10. hmm thinking about it more, if part is on the face and part is between the legs, that suggests to me you've missed part of the model when weighting/naming selections. I'm not sure what approach you are taking to do weighting but I came up with a really easy way of doing it in 3ds Max to save time. Open the sample character model Delete everything you don't need (in your case everything but the head inc neck) import your model (merge is the option from memory) Select the character head and attach your model to it. Done right you should see weighing copied to your model Use the P3D export plugin to create the Universal Bistudio TXT file (note doesnt work with 3ds Max 2014) Import to Oxygen Select the head model (you should be able to select separately from your model) and delete it Open another Oxygen session and open the Headgear template Copy and paste your model to the headgear template Repeat process for each LOD Save as new file By doing this you dont need to manually do weighting, you're instead using weighting from the sample character. If this doesnt help, maybe post your question in the O2 section, I'm sure this is an easy fix.
  11. Configs look fine to me, autocenter set to 0 on Geometry LOD? Quote from character modding guide
  12. Hey Cunico, good to see you back. You may have forgotten but I sent you a copy of my script last year. Assuming you haven't cleared out your mailbox you should still have it. What antoineflemming has written looks about right though. One thing to note thats worth considering, last I checked nv goggles are not visible when a unit is inside a vehicle. Not sure if this a bug or done deliberately but it's poor user experience as far as I'm concerned.
  13. Thanks Modder. If people want to re-use the textures in their own mod that's fine, I'm not too fussed. I can probably even upload the PSD files if there is interest
  14. Sorry mate, I quietly bowed out of mod making as it was taking up too much time and I have a young family which takes priority. There will be no further updates to this mod :(
  15. Does anyone know if its possible to end UnitPlay early? I.e terminate it mid way through Cheers Pomigit
  16. Ok thanks, it looks like there is nothing I can do about this. I think the issue is this bug http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=15298 i.e Adduniform is not a global command. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I've disabled the RC v1.6.2 link. I'll look at releasing another version to fix the other reported problems
  17. Pomi Git

    naked soldiers/empty vest bug

    *Deleted* Posted in wrong thread
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    ASDG Attachments

    Very nice indeed.congrats on the release
  19. Alright, taking in to consideration PelleJones's advice I have updated the random uniform scripts to incorporate the local check. Below is a link to what I consider to be release candidate update. I recommend only downloading for bug testing as it is experimental v0.6.2 RC Download Let me know how you go with it. Cheers guys
  20. Pomi Git

    Status Hud

    Great mod Iceman77, I've been looking for something like this.
  21. Thanks for that L3TUC3. You're right I dont support the dev build for those very reasons. Thanks for everyone who is posting about these mp uniform issues. I'm in the process of doing some more bug tests to identify whether it’s the mod or core game. My feeling at this stage though is that something in the core game has changed which is causing the problem which I may not be able to do anything about. I'm no expert on mp scripting but ill do my best to resolve it. I would however like to make a couple of suggestions to help reduce the likelihood of any such issues occurring: Avoid running your own gear changing scripts against the PGS units. Given the mod has its own gear scripts running it may cause unpredictable results if you do choose to run your own script against a PGS unit I highly recommend only using the PGS unit called "*Security Contractor*", I purposefully included this unit in the mod for it to be used as a template, and allow people to choose their own load-out. As such it does not have a random gear script running against it and will spawn by default with nothing but lovely looking blue PGS underwear If you choose to use PGS uniforms with units outside this mod I recommend only using units which are on the independent side. Uniforms in general are a little buggy but I have seen odd results when using uniforms setup for independent and then used with say BLUFOR. I have another patch ready to fix some of the other issues noted inc ammo problem but im holding off till I’ve come to some sort conclusion on this mp problem. Cheers Pomigit
  22. Thanks guys, yeah look this mp issue is a tough nut to crack for me. As I say, I haven't been able to replicate the issues. In terms of changing uniforms manually, as I've said before I recommend using the Unit named "*Security Contractor*" because that one has no gear and no random gear script running against it. In terms of default units showing up naked, im really not sure why that would be happening. The way it works is each unit has a default uniform and loadout. When the script initiates it strips the unit of all gear and then re-assigns random versions.. Below is the script that runs against the 'Security Contractor MX-GL', if anyone can see anything wrong in the script that they think would be causing these problems then let me know: if (isServer) then { waitUntil {!isNull _this}; }; _magazines = magazines _this; _items = items _this; // Medkits, ToolKits etc. _assitems = assignedItems _this; // NVG's, GPS etc. Removeuniform _this; Removevest _this; removeAllItems _this; _uniform = (ceil (random 28)); switch (_uniform ) do { case 1: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformRS_BSGPBB"; }; case 2: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformRS_BSGPSB"; }; case 3: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformRS_BSSPBB"; }; case 4: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformRS_BSSPSB"; }; case 5: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformRS_GSBPBB"; }; case 6: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformRS_GSSPBB"; }; case 7: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformRS_IndPBSBB"; }; case 8: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformRS_SSBPBB"; }; case 9: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformRS_SSGPBB"; }; case 10: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformRS_SSGPSB"; }; case 11: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformRS_ChckDBS_GPSB"; }; case 12: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformRS_ChckLB_GPBB"; }; case 13: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformRS_ChckLR_SPBB"; }; case 14: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformRS_ChckP_BPBB"; }; case 15: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformLS_BSGPBB"; }; case 16: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformLS_BSGPSB"; }; case 17: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformLS_BSSPBB"; }; case 18: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformLS_BSSPSB"; }; case 19: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformLS_GSBPBB"; }; case 20: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformLS_GSSPBB"; }; case 21: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformLS_IndPBSBB"; }; case 22: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformLS_SSBPBB"; }; case 23: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformLS_SSGPBB"; }; case 24: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformLS_SSGPSB"; }; case 25: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformLS_ChckDBS_GPSB"; }; case 26: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformLS_ChckLB_GPBB"; }; case 27: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformLS_ChckLR_SPBB"; }; case 28: { _this adduniform "U_PMC_CombatUniformLS_ChckP_BPBB"; }; }; //------------ Body Armour ------------ _armour = (ceil (random 6)); switch (_armour ) do { case 1: { _this addvest "V_PlateCarrier1_PMC_rgr"; }; case 2: { _this addvest "V_PlateCarrier1_PMC_blk"; }; case 3: { _this addvest "V_PlateCarrier1_PMC_marpat"; }; case 4: { _this addvest "V_PlateCarrier1_PMC_khki"; }; case 5: { _this addvest "V_PlateCarrierInd_PMC_blk"; }; case 6: { _this addvest "V_PlateCarrierInd_PMC_grn"; }; }; Removeheadgear _this; //------------ Helmet/Hat ------------ _hat = (ceil (random 4)); switch (_hat ) do { case 1: { _this addheadgear "H_Cap_pmc"; }; case 2: { _this addheadgear "H_Cap_tan_pmc"; }; case 3: { _this addheadgear "H_HelmetB_plain_blk"; }; case 4: {}; }; {_this addItem _x} forEach _items; {_this addMagazine _x} forEach _magazines; {_this addItem _x} forEach _assitems; {_this assignItem _x} forEach _assitems;
  23. Thanks Hazzard, yeah look I've been doing some testing and I can't replicate those mp problems. I think there are a few bugs related to the use of custom gear. The only issues I have been able to replicate is the "out of ammo" call out" (caused by the capacity of vests being being insufficient and some mags being ignored) and an error in the mag load out of the mx contractor which will result in a config.bin error message pop up. I have a fix ready for those issues so if there are no other bugs people have found I will release another patch shortly.
  24. Regarding these MP issues. Can you tell me what mp missions you are using? I have my own mp mission I use for testing and I am not having this issue. Thanks
  25. Argh, there had to be something I missed :) Cheers for letting me know. I'll update the mission later today and post a link Yeah i had someone else pm me about vip in business attire. There is actually a business woman 3ds max sample model I could port but that has a whole bunch of overhead with it given there is no female models in game yet. I'll keep a look out for suitable free models I can download and incorporate, if you find any yourself, feel free to send me a link That would be awesome mate, thank you. I'm starting to think about campaign ideas. Once I have the SUV in game I'll probably start focusing on that. Am also keen to work with any experienced mission makers on that so if anyone else wants to get involved then please let me know.