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  1. I've been away on holiday since I posted this thread so sorry for the slow reply. Cheers for all the feedback and suggestions. It's given me a bit to think about. Below I've tried to respond to comments as best I can: 1. What is my road map? Quite loose. I plan to enhance and change it as more content is added to the game. I aim to create something that stands a part from the many camo retexture mods being done. Nothing against those I just want something that's unique. Plus I figure with all the customisation options now possible with ARMA 3 there's less need for BI to release a PMC expansion. Maybe they will but I'm hoping this mod will fill the void until it is. On that note I've basically used the A2OA PMC as a starting reference. Plus I did a lot of research online for real life visual references. I want them to look real but also cool so I'm using creative licence where I think it's a benefit to the mod 2. beards as part of hats? Firstly I have no 3d modelling skills, sounds like the kind of thing Kiory would create though :D. Having said that the game includes a number bearded heads/faces. I'm not sure if its possible to restrict the units to use certain heads/faces beyond using setface in the units init. Anyone know? What I have tried to do in the config is make the units use all NATO,European, Persian and Greek heads. From the limited testing I've done, I'm not sure if its working as I mostly see NATO heads 3. How about Helicopter logos? I'm not really keen on putting a PMC logo on any vehicle, I think that's a bit tacky. The sample image PurePassion put a link to doesn't have a logo but the stripes and colour is what I was thinking about. Not sure yet. I'll look at it for a later release. I'll stick with the plain black for now. 4. Bodyguards with leg holster The current vest options with the leg holsters I feel look a bit bulky on the bodyguards. I played around with a few options and felt the tactical vest looked best. If BI later add more vest options ill definitely consider changing 5. More Jeans and T-shirt units There's definitely room for this. In comparison to the A2OA PMC there's a few more units I can add such as AT, AA, long range sniper. What colours do people want? I can do the jeans and t-shirt in pretty much any colour. 6. Get rid of the plaid/check shirts? No way, I cant believe some people don't like them, these are actually my favourite. In my research I found a couple of photos of PMC wearing check patterned tops which I used as a visual reference. At the moment I'm using the rolled up sleeves version of the BLUFOR uniform but if better uniform options are added in the future I may change this. Again keep in mind that this mod will evolve and change with the game as more content is added. 7. Add more camo pant options In pretty much all the photos I found of PMC they either wore tan, black or ranger green pants, which is why I've gone with those plain colours for the most part. You will note i added one unit with UCP. Also I think not using camo patterns distinguishes them more from a government military. If there is a strong consensus that the mod will be better with more camo options ill add 1 or 2 more camo options max. 8. Can I make black t-shirt with multicam pants? This was raised by scorch052. If you mean the BLUFOR unit with t-shirt. if the model is anything like the t-shirt with jeans model I should be able to do that easily with only config and no texturing required since both are available in game. I'd have to look at whether I think suits the mod and as mentioned above I don't want to go crazy adding camo pants 9. Can I do full black uniform? I could but its a bit too spec ops for my liking. I don't think it fits in with this mod 10. Logos on gear, to be or not to be? I can see there's been some debate on this. My current line of thinking is that I'll scrap blackwater but I'd still like to include some sort of branding on some of the gear just to make it unique. Perhaps something a bit more subtle. The new blackwater company ACADEMI has a pretty simple logo. I could go with that or try come up with something myself. At the end of the day not all gear has it anyway. And I might even scale it back on the hats. I Will aim to release a first early version in the next few weeks. In the mean time keep the feedback coming and give me your thoughts on my responses. Cheers again
  2. No its not, i uploaded the working directory instead of the pbo :) Ive fixed it. Try again. Thanks for letting me know
  3. Minor update. I've been sitting on this for a few weeks, haven't had the time to look for much more and most of what im adding has been unlocked by others in some form. Anyway here it is Change Log v3.5 Unlocked BLUFOR, OPFOR and Russian Fighter Pilots with helmets and coveralls Unlocked black watch cap Unlocked Plain Helmet Changed Rangemaster to use Rangemaster cap (Cap with headphones) Fixed Addon name in config file. I accidently had "Officer_soldier" in as the addon name. I've changed this now to "CharExtras". You may get an error if you have used any previous version of this mod in any missions Separated Undies template out into its own zip file to save upload and download time. First post updated
  4. Pomi Git

    SciFi SW Mod

    I guess it comes down to whether there is any benefit in having the black undersuit separate. The whole point of separating vest from uniform is to provide more variety. You'd probably never want to wear the armour without the black undersuit and having the vest slot free does give the freedom to add variants such as pauldrons.
  5. Pomi Git

    .psd templates [NATO]

    Thanks for sharing Topas. FYI people, you don't need Photoshop plugins or conversion tools, just texview2. To edit a texture paa file, open in texview2, go to save as, change file type to 'all files', change file extension to .tga and save. That's your paa to tga conversion done Once you've finished editing in Photoshop, save as a .tga file, open the tga file in texview2 and save as .paa file. That's your tga to paa conversion done
  6. Pomi Git

    SciFi SW Mod

    is it possible to make all leg, chest and arm armour a vest? If so the black undersuit could be the uniform. The snow trooper looks great too :)
  7. 3.30am and you're on the forum? Get some sleep :) You're right re needing a unit to attach the uniform to but im guessing that's not the issue given he's created other uniforms already
  8. I've made some custom units using the rolled sleeves model for an upcoming PMC mod im making. But I'm not clear on what you are saying the issue is. Can you elaborate? I would note that the rolled sleeves model should just state "camo" for hiddenselections. The example code you have provided has camo1, 2 and 3. Also you can check what the model is using by opening the model in a text editor and searching for camo.
  9. Pomi Git

    Mk18Mod1 [ALPHA]

    Firstly thank you for making this and sharing your work, secondly I'm not up on the technicalities of the correct model but its well made and i really like it. My feedback is that I think the textures are too dark. When indoors its difficult to tell the difference between black and the other variants. Also the sound seems too quiet and a bit tinny. Looking forward to the next update :)
  10. Pomi Git

    SCO Joint Forces Command [ALPHA]

    Awesome, like it
  11. Great stuff thank you, I'm sure I can learn something from this
  12. Thanks mate and yes you're bang on. I used the script da12thMonkey posted to use as glasses and modified the texture. Just removed the skull and lightened a little. At the moment it's not working properly, it won't accept anything but the default texture so it effectively replaces kiorys skull version. If I can get it working properly and kiory is cool with it, I'll release it at some point
  13. Updated. Now using versioning! Full change log below. First post updated Change Log v3 Unlocked Civilian man in T-shirt and jeans model Unlocked Urban camo variant of OPFOR combat uniform Unlocked OPFOR Spec-Ops helmet Fixed texture for OPFOR Diver rebreather Unlocked russian rebreather and wetsuit textures Unlocked extra backpack textures Added medic, Repair and AT variants of Urban camo fieldpack Added Explosives expert varient of urban camo carryall bag Added Russian Divers to independent side Added Urban Camo OPFOR Soldiers inc Spec-Ops Added four civilian men each wearing a different version of T-shirt and Jeans texture Updated text file with new class names
  14. Pomi Git

    SciFi SW Mod

    Cool. I was just thinking someone should do some star wars helmets, cant wait to see this released. Feel free to use my Greedo inspired underwear too!
  15. Love your stuff man, I've used the afro hat to showcase my new retro underwear included in my unlocks mod, goes together perfectly I think! http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?153345-ARMA-3-Alpha-Units-amp-Gear-unlocked
  16. Added new tactical vests, coveralls, underwear!!! First post updated. Download link the same
  17. Awesome. Thanks :cool:
  18. What you see on him is what I've put in the config file, I put the cap on because it looked better than without, whether or not that's what BIS intended is another thing. There's a texture file for an Iranian beret (but no model). I'm guessing that might be suited for an officer. You can of course add/remove whatever items you want via the units init.
  19. Ah great, thanks for letting me know. I'll definitely be adding that one then :D
  20. The only thing I found with both the officer and rangemaster is that wound textures don't seem to work. That is unless im doing something wrong in the config. I did see the Iran spec op helmet p3d file but no sign of any texture. Will see what I can do.
  21. Yep agree, as per my last post. I concluded you were correct. Rating is messy and is unreliable. i did find that manually setting the rating to -1000000 once you kill someone gave pretty reliable results, but it then creates problems reverting back to friendly, because every time you kill someone it modifies this value. Let me know what you think of the sample mission. The triggering of "cover blown" is pretty basic. It doesnt account for whether you are seen by any other unit when you kill someone or suspicious activity.
  22. After a bit more testing I've concluded that "setcaptive" is probably a little less complicated to manage. Making your unit join an enemy group behaves better in my opinion because it takes at least 2 kills before you get shot and friendlies will think you are an enemy and shoot you if say you walk into a friendly base wearing an enemy uniform. But the problem with this approach is that it messes with your rating. i.e you get a negative score for every enemy kill. Gets messy to manage. And AI enemy doesn't always attack for some reason. So I've got "setcaptive" working ok using "addeventhandler ["killed"]. Basically as soon as you kill an enemy your cover is blown. I've done this for every enemy unit by putting the following in an init { if ((side _x) == East) then {_x addeventhandler ["killed", {player setcaptive false}]; }; } forEach allUnits; Below is the sample mission I've put together to demonstrate how it works. As soon as you get out of the water, walk up the gap in the rocks and kill the patrolling enemy unit. He is the only one you can take uniform from (might look at making it universal later using a script). The option to take the uniform is done via action menu exactly the same as the BI demo video. I've also included the option to put your BLUFOR Uniform back on. Even though in this demo you are a diver, you could use this script for any unit and it will revert to whatever you started with. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ctp3he9444poxod
  23. is exactly the problem with setcaptive. What logic do you use? This has been talked about for ARMA 2 and the best answer I've seen is to use addEventHandler ["fired"]. But that doesn't make sense. You fire your weapon and then they see you as an enemy and shoot you? Joining an enemy group is a lot simpler and more effective. Enemy see you as a friendly, but will shoot you once you start killing them. Also important is how friendly units see you. It doesn't make sense for you to be walking around in an enemy uniform and yet friendlies know you are not an enemy and don't shoot.
  24. This is fine if you are happy to manually specify the uniform but its not really practical to use. I've been looking into this and it seems BIS have put some sort of block in place that's triggered once the unit is dead. It acts like the units uniform no longer exists. I've come up with a work around that solves this. You basically need to create a reference for the units uniform at the start of the mission when he is still alive e.g badguyuniform = uniform unit. I'm currently doing this via a trigger. In your script you then use this reference for adding the uniform e.g player adduniform badguyuniform Also using "setcaptive true" is not the best way in my opinion to pretend to be an enemy unit. It's easier to just make your unit join an enemy group. I've been working on a script and a sample mission similar to the one BIS demo'd where you could change uniform. I've got it working for the most part but there are a few issues I still need to solve. Will post when it's done. On a side note I've observed that civilians have no uniform restrictions and can take uniform from dead units from either side.