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  1. :j: It just gets stranger. Hopefully the dev's see your test results
  2. By the way. Rather than leaving unbinarized and waiting to see errors when you run the game you can get BinPBO to generate a log when it attempts to pack. Any errors will show up in the log. Just go to Options and tick the box for 'Create log file'. It will create the log as a text file in the same folder where you are creating the pbo
  3. No I haven't but vests and uniforms are treat as weapons, plus as I mentioned default arma 3 gear works fine if I put them in the crate. Anyway not to worry, looks like the devs are looking into it
  4. Yeah I tried that it didnt work. I think its a bug so ive raised an issue http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=12855
  5. Sorry I should have fixed that up before posting. I removed the "_xx_" when testing for a fix but I have them in there normally and it makes no difference. What do you mean by If you are referring to the units. I have another crate configd which i removed from the above posting
  6. I haven't restated everything as you have but its essentially the same. Here is my script //ndefs=13 enum { destructengine = 2, destructdefault = 6, destructwreck = 7, destructtree = 3, destructtent = 4, stabilizedinaxisx = 1, stabilizedinaxesxyz = 4, stabilizedinaxisy = 2, stabilizedinaxesboth = 3, destructno = 0, stabilizedinaxesnone = 0, destructman = 5, destructbuilding = 1 }; class CfgPatches { class POMI_PMC_Ammoboxes { units[] = {"Box_POMI_PMC_Wps_F","POMI_PMC_supplyCrate_F"}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Weapons_F"}; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class NATO_Box_Base; class B_supplyCrate_F; class POMI_PMC_supplyCrate_F: B_supplyCrate_F { scope = 2; displayName = "Supply Box [PG Services]"; class TransportMagazines{}; class TransportItems{}; class TransportWeapons { class V_PlateCarrier1_PMC_rgr { weapon = "V_PlateCarrier1_PMC_rgr"; picture = "\pomi_pmc\icons\icon_V_PlateCarrier1_PMC_rgr.paa"; count = 5; }; }; }; }; And here are some screenshots showing the issue the error the inventory the default textured vest on the floor
  7. That's an interesting one. I tested MP compatibility of my own random gear script with a friend and no such issues occurred. I'm assuming you are just using the gear from my mod and not the units themselves?
  8. I get the error with any vest or uniform. Its looking for a texture that does not exist. Im not at home right now so I cant tell you the specific error but It basically looks like the normal texture reference but with an "x" in the name e.g "V_PlateCarrier1_PMC_rgr" comes up as "V_PlateCarrier1_PMC_x_rgr". Despite the error, the item shows in the crate, minus an icon, but you cant equip it :confused: Also I'm doing this as a predefined ammo crate via a config not as a script within a mission. The script posted by Keewa (page 4) works fine. I found if I add default A3 uniforms and vests they work fine but my custom ones don't. Perhaps its a bug?
  9. hear! hear! ;)On another more relevant topic I've got a patch coming shortly. It's pretty much ready to go but I cant get ammo crates to work with my custom uniforms. Keeps throwing a weird missing texture error. Anyone know if this is a bug?
  10. My thoughts exactly, and it wasn't just because of AiA. Just getting the thing set up was painful. At the moment Steam only supports missions. I'm no expert on the topic but as I understand it there are issues which prevent them from extending to mods. I believe BI have noted that they are working to get this resolved. I'm not sure what the time frame for this is though
  11. Hmmm. I tried it once for AiA and just found it a real hassle and confusing to set up. I gave up and just used the bat file to launch instead. Surely once support for mods is added to steam workshop it won't be needed. Or am I missing something? :confused:
  12. That's out of no where. I was just reading your new random hat madness thread :confused: Oh well best of luck to you Kiory, your work will be missed by many im sure
  13. Pomi Git

    mp9 [wip]

    Looking super cool :cool2: Great work guys
  14. Have a look at page 6, already raised and patch fix planned
  15. Sorry, been a bit slack replying here Neurofunker - I do have a plan to make a campaign, but it won't based on the a2oa pmc campaign Bl2ck Dog - thanks for sharing your mission, good to see people making use of the mod. Re pre-filled backpacks, I agree with Delta99 and scorch_052. Trauma.au - the texture used for the black kit bag is not custom made, its available in game, BI just aren't using it yet. I'm sure it will be added in a later release so no point me adding Dirkyyyyy - I don't use play with six and I've no plan to. I don't think much of it myself Keewa - glad you got that sorted, Independant side is the best place for a pmc
  16. This mod is kind of redundant now. Most of the items are now available in the beta and some the class names are out of date.
  17. :omg: Well what can I say that hasn't already been said, without a question of a doubt this has the potential to make a huge impact on the game. Well done getting to this point and good luck with the rest of its development, I will definitely be watching this one closely. Incredible
  18. Well I learned something myself, useful to know
  19. Pomi Git

    Fluid Door/Hatch Opening

    You make a good case and certainly sounds like there are people who would love some quality urban CQB action with features like this. I personally loved both SWAT 4 and the R6 series, but seems a bit harsh to compare ARMA against games like that which are much smaller in scope. Door breaching and doing room to room clearing are a central feature of those games, so of course they work a lot better. ARMA on the other hand is dealing with things on a much broader scale, can we really expect it to be everything in one? I can understand why BI wouldn't put a lot of focus on fancy door mechanics. Anyway this is probably a side topic to your mod so ill leave it at that :D
  20. what you are trying to achieve is different but the issue I raised is relevant in terms of how the game handles priorities for glasses. Anyway, as far as im aware there is no way of flagging that you want no glasses at all. A workaround that might achieve what you want is to put an init eventhandler in the units class which removes any glasses. It would work the same as if you put it directly in the init of a unit in the editor i.e "removeGoggles this"
  21. I raised an issue on the feedback tracker about how glasses are handled: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=12017 I need to clarify though, are you talking about when when you specify glasses in a unit class linkeditems or when you don't? To explain what I mean, if you dont specify anything then the game either uses a users profile selection or selects one for you. If you specify something then only that is used.
  22. I havent watched the video in full but its not what I used and the approach you outlined is slightly different to what I do. The main difference being that I used BinPBO to make the bisign file. Below are the steps I took to create the biprivatekey and bikey (used to make the bisign): Create a new directory C:\ArmASign copy file DSCreateKey in the directory open cmd start>run>cmd enter commands C: then cd armasign create your key with command DScreatekey myname (obviously myname = whatever you want to call it e.g cunicosmod) After these steps you end up with myName.bikey' and a privateKey 'myName.biprivatekey'. And below are the steps to use BinPBO to make the bisign Open BinPBO and go to 'Options' Under 'Path to signature file' click 'Change' Navigate to the directory C:\ArmASign and select your myname.biprivatekey Back in the options menu click ok which takes you back to the main menu On the main menu tick the box that says "Create Signature" PBO your files With this approach every time you compile your mod into a PBO it will also create the bisign file. The bisign file goes with the pbo file in the addons folder of your mod. The bikey is for servers so I just put it in a folder called "keys" and include it in the zip file I upload. Also have a look at the official instructions here
  23. You and me both, it's all the little things that add up to make it a better experience Yes I did and it will be in the patch
  24. Pomi Git

    Fluid Door/Hatch Opening

    Really smart work, not something I would personally use but i love the concept. Never ceases to amaze me what can be done with a script. On a side note, I don't understand all the fuss about opening and closing doors. I mean yes the action menu is definitely shockingly out of date and buggy, but the 'Use' button approach seems to work fine enough for most purposes.
  25. Can you step through exactly what you did? I know you said there is only one guide but I personally found a few with different approaches