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  1. steelthunder13


    Wait... am I missing something? Why do the renegades have strange faces? red/yellow eyes... are they semi-immune to the white plague or something?
  2. steelthunder13


    KA_weapons works fine alongside RHS and ACE. The grenades just stop working when you combine it into RAVAGE. Oh well. I can live without specialty grenades and just use vanilla arma 3 grenades.
  3. steelthunder13


    One thing I hope gets fixed is how ACE, RHS, and KA_Weapons Pack grenades stop working with RAVAGE.
  4. steelthunder13


    Hey Haleks, is there a way in the editor that I can manually place containers with food and other RAVAGE added items in them? I want to make a RAVAGE mission for myself to play in the Chernobyl Zone map, but that map doesn't use any of the buildings that RAVAGE auto-populates. I know I can place some survival caches but id honestly prefer randomization. If not do you think you could add it to the next release? EDIT: Also can I see a changelist for the upcoming 1.40 release? Or will I have to wait?
  5. I love your mod. I wanna ask/beg, is there any chance you might do the same treatment to the rest of the gear in the game? Like patchwork backpacks, or rusted up weapons?
  6. steelthunder13


    Okay, it works now, but it starts me in the very most south-western corner of the map, not exactly where I want to start. How do I change it so the Ravage Mod starts me/spawns me in one location?
  7. steelthunder13


    Will try asap. I also have a question. Is Ravage compatible with Zombies and Demons?
  8. steelthunder13


    Hello, I'm trying to make my own Esseker mission. So far ive used a copy/paste template offered here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/186530-sp-ravage-vanilla-mission-ported-including-template/ To make mine, and I am copy/pasting anything relevant the included Altis mission file. When I run the mission from inside the editor everything seems to work perfectly fine, but when I export it to Single Player Missions as a PBO, I start the game and after the fade in and out sequence showing the RAVAGE logo, I am left staring at the ground from high altitude. I dont know whats causing the problem, help? Here's a screenshot of the problem http://imgur.com/a/hVdcu Previewing the mission in the editor, it starts out mostly fine, but for some reason, I cant start at the start markers I set up (I didn't really set them up, I just copied them from the template).
  9. steelthunder13

    Missing Units

    Did APEX add anything that got cut that could influence new factions to be added to this mod?
  10. HOLY SH*T! Thank you so much Dionator! This worked! I have no idea why Win 10 decided to no longer want to work. Maybe a windows update screws up the java? Anyway, thank you so much!
  11. I did a clean install from the latest version of TPW off of armaholic. I will try pasting the contents of your hpp into mine to see if it works." EDIT: Nope. Still getting the same error. I'd appreciate if you can supply me with a copy that is a month old. If I get the same error with it then it's probably something with my computer. Maybe Windows patched something and ruined everything.
  12. Yes it is in the correct place. I included an RPT file in my previous post. I hope it helps. Additionally I would like to add, I am on WIndows 10 64bit. I don't know if that influences or not, it was fine a week ago, and I haven't installed any windows updates since then. And as the dummy I am, I didn't save the last version of TPW that worked for me.
  13. I checked the RPT log and it says this https://www.dropbox.com/s/h05xwx9v25biq37/arma3_2016-05-22_18-38-49.rpt?dl=0 Fault address: 74B2DAE8 01:000BCAE8 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\KERNELBASE.dll
  14. Thank you for the quick reply. I hope this is the right .hpp file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rj71r1y31266794/TPW_MODS.hpp?dl=0
  15. Hi there, I am having a problem with the latest versions of TPW mods not working for my copy of Arma 3 (legit bought on steam). It does it regardless of what other mods I run with the mod. I have properly copied the TPW config files to userconfigs folder and turned off everything except anims which cannot be turned off and HUD, the part of the mod that I need to play arma 3 as I have a vision impairment. Here is a link to an imgur gallery showing my load order and the errors I get. http://imgur.com/a/qvO1i I hope someone can help me fix this. I really struggle to spot contacts in the game without this mod.