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  1. Everything is much smoother which is better but It's just a little too quick. they need to be slowed down just a tad, I'm talking 2%. Transitioning stances and the tactical pace, things of that nature just need a touch of oldschool Arma to give it a more realistic feel. In real life your tired, your hungry, your pissed off at being in whatever shitty situation your in, you have a ton of gear on you, and you have physical bumps and bruises (you never fight at 100%). Taking these things into account movement is difficult, changing position and moving fluidly is difficult.
  2. Just cycle through, semi...full auto....grenade launcher. I think "F" is the default key
  3. Mac

    Need Stance Indicator

    Im usually of the mindset that the more realistic the better (i.e. less HUD the better). However, in real life I dont have to look down at my feet in order to see what kind of stance I'm in, so in this case I vote yes for a stance indicator.
  4. For the sake of realism please dont make it instant. But also for the sake of realism please make it so you can swap to your pistol on the move.
  5. Im pretty sure this doesn't belong in a simulator like arma
  6. Mac

    Take Downs.

    No, this is a very gamey feature that doesn't belong in a simulator like arma
  7. Mac

    Any news on weapon resting ?

    ACE will add it for sure, but it is true that it would be nice to have this fundamental feature a part of the base game.
  8. I have faith in the arma modding community
  9. Mac

    JUMP please!!

    ^ This, no jumping in arma please
  10. Mac

    (not) Auto aim

    This, which is a good idea since you should check muzzle clearance before firing
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