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  1. Mac

    In-Vehicle Leaning

    I should have put this link up sooner, I made a request for it http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=6479
  2. Mac

    Gear Mechanic Idea

    I agree with not being able to reload from your backpack. In A2 you can only reload from your gear. This makes sense, it forces you to stop and actively transfer gear from your backpack to your inventory, same as you would in real life
  3. Mac

    In-Vehicle Leaning

    It's not the same as ToH, all you can do now in A3 is the head roll right or left. ToH lets you actually lean left or right in increments so you can push up against the window or lean into the center of the vehicle
  4. If only we could get JSRS as part of the base game, I can keep dreaming.
  5. Mac

    Topping off vs Mag management

    It takes at least 3 or 4 minutes with the current ace system in A2 and longer for machine gun ammo.
  6. Mac

    Topping off vs Mag management

    Each mag has it own ammo count and they do not top off automatically. Ace has a feature where you can repack your mags, for example from 4 half empty ones to 2 full ones. Hopefully it makes its way into A3
  7. Mac

    Safety / Weapon Malfunctions

    First step in clearing any malfunction is to tilt the weapon and check what is causing it to not fire. The steps to clearing an M16 (or any AR variant) comes down to 3 situations: 1) Bolt fully forward - In this case you slap the magazine (to try and reseat the rounds properly), rack the slide and get back into the fight. 2) Bolt stuck halfway - This is caused by an obstruction in the chamber preventing the bolt from seating properly. Commonly caused by double feeds. In this case you lock the bolt to the rear, strip out the magazine, rack the slide 2-3 times (to clear obstructions), load the magazine, release the bolt catch, and get back into the fight. 3) Bolt fully to the rear - This generally means your weapon is empty. Release the magazine and load a fresh one. Get back into the fight.
  8. Mac

    Safety / Weapon Malfunctions

    It seems that those of us leaning towards realism are hoping for a safety and those of us that want to just "get in the action" don't want it. Im not worried, ACE will do it either way.
  9. Mac

    Trigger follow through

    Actually, not a bad idea.
  10. Mac

    Safety / Weapon Malfunctions

    Both are needed. A safety will prevent NDs in the field. It is common practice to have your safety on until engaged in combat. As far as malfunctions go. This is arma, combat is not a 10 minute team death match, it is long and drawn out and weapon malfunctions are perfectly reasonable.
  11. The in-vehicle leaning system from ToH. Common BI you already know how to do it, please put it in A3
  12. Mac

    JUMP please!!

    You wouldn't be able to, at least not without your buddys giving you a boost over. People here think because they can jump real high when they play basketball that they'd be able to do the same thing when weighed down with gear, carrying a weapon, not having slept for 36 hours, and just generally exhausted from the stressors of battle.
  13. Mac

    Stealth Kills?

    You misunderstand what Im trying to say. Obviously you train to kill with a knife. Im not against having the ability to use a knife to kill someone. However, I am against this being a silent option. I dont want to see some far cry takedown garbage that would ruin gameplay because thats not how things happen. You dont stab someone once and they drop like a bag of dirt. It will be loud, messy and painfull for both parties. So stealth kills = no thanks
  14. Yup it should probably stay lowered, or better yet it should not change at all, i.e. if you had it lowered prior to opening the map it should stay lowered, and the same for if it were raised.
  15. Mac

    Heads character customisation

    Why does this matter? Historically, arma has had all sorts of faces to choose from. Why would A3 be any different? Plus the amount of faces to be released with DLCs and Mods.
  16. Its possible to enjoy Arma anyway you want, that's the beuty about Arma. It just doesn't lend itself to casual play. It's a million times more enjoyable when played with a like-minded group of people. I used to be a singleplayer only guy and actually, to this day, arma is the only game i play multiplayer.
  17. Mac

    JUMP please!!

    geez is this thread still alive? Jumping doesn't have a place in arma. Yes I know real soldiers jump but in game it would be reduced to the usual gamey garbage, jumping around at stupid times, jumping and shooting. It is highly unrealistic and is a huge waste of dev time
  18. Mac

    Stealth Kills?

    People need to understand that troops are NOT issued combat knives for stealth kills. They are a last line of defence in hand to hand combat or more commonly just a tool. In all my time in the military I never used my knife to stab someone but it came in handy as a pretty solid tool many times.
  19. Mac

    Step-out positions/stances

    Why not have an ability to bind a key (e.g. double tap the adjust key) to be able to reset to center
  20. Mac

    Stealth Kills?

    Dude you can't kill someone quietly with a knife, even if you sneak up on him. It is loud and messy. Technically the only real stealth kill is a sniper shot from a hidden position.
  21. Mac

    ArmA2 ACE = CoD ???

    Sight picture does not refer to your computer screen. It is military terminology that refers to the front and rear weapon sights being lined up in proper position.
  22. Mac

    ArmA 3 Not Starting

    Woow dude, just wow. Dumbest thread ever
  23. This game is for grown ass men who understand how combat is or at least have a general idea. This is what attracted us in the first place with OFP.
  24. Mac

    Why not add killstreaks to the game?

    Ummm, you can make a mod for whatever the hell you want, as per the usual. Just dot waste BIS' development time on this bullshit.