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  1. A random collection of random clips of things that happened over the last couple months.
  2. Wouldn't you naturally move slower when crouched?
  3. Mac

    Whats the deal with bad players?

    If you want serious tactical gameplay then I suggest joining an Arma unit or community
  4. The way I see it is if Iran invaded a Greek island they wouldn't wear desert camo. If this is not what you meant then I'm sorry I misunderstood.
  5. Mac

    ARMA 3 is so poor

    Wow. I dissagree with everything you said.
  6. Mac

    automatic update tactical Map

    Can't figure out where the enemy is shooting from? Welcome to every single firefight ever.
  7. I guess you're right. Hopefully if it is implemented it will be in a realistic manner. I mean, in real life the last thing you ever want to do is find yourself in a knife fight so hopefully it can be implemented in a way to make it a highly undesirable option Training and real world implementation are 2 different things my friend. We also train for nuclear war, when is the last time that has happened?
  8. The argument against it is that it very rarely, if ever, happens. If we want to add anything that might happen on the field of battle then I want to see soldiers tripping, soldiers twisting their ankles, I want us to have to drink water to stay hydrated, I want weapon malfunctions. These things happen more often than a knife fight. (obviously I'm exaggerating for effect but you get the point) Also, yes a game cannot ever be 100% realistic (well maybe one day it can) but the purpose of Arma is to provide an environment where real world military tactics can be simulated. The purpose is not to be able to recreate a Hollywood movie, or some fantasy you had about how you charged into a building and killed 5 guys single handed because you knifed them from behind. I guess my point is, yes you can't get 100% realism in a game but in a game that strives for it you need to always try to have as much of it as you can or else what's the point, just make another twitch shooter for the ignorant masses instead.
  9. I would rather have only 4 people who are military minded than have thousands of kids who want cool L33T bullshit ruining my all-time favorite game
  10. Ya, its too bad isnt it. It was nice when it was
  11. Edit: Read the previous post wrong
  12. Mac

    Implement "buddy slap"

    This is a good idea. ACE has it in Arma 2 but its a little awkward. If the Devs could get it into the base game for Arma 3 it would be nice
  13. That sounds really really cool, like something I saw in a movie, or something I did in a twitch shooter, but so unrealistic and impractical that I would rather it not be in Arma. Thanks
  14. Isn't easier to roll the mouse wheel up and down rather than having to hold the button down and move the mouse up and down? Just my opinion
  15. Mac

    Users are falling down badly?

    Thats what I'm doing
  16. Mac

    Today's patch changelog

    Im actually happy with the slower movement. The previous speeds were far too fast and encouraged the dreaded side strafing while in a firefight.
  17. Mac

    Holo sights, zooming and scope sights

    This look awesome
  18. Mac

    Stealth Kills?

    You're taking this way too far. Noone is getting teary eyed over anything. All I am saying is that from what I experienced there was no sentry takedown training. Sure we trained to fight with a knife, a bayonet, and had martial arts training, but I never had, nor do I know of anyone that did any advanced training on how to take out sentries. Also, as your friend PN11A has pointed out, the classes that your basic grunt gets are basic famil courses and you don't come out of those classes an expert in anything. You have tools to fall back on but you're not a ninja after.
  19. Mac

    Stealth Kills?

    Im sorry but who the fuck are you to call me out on what I know. This is not the same guy from TF86. I dont know those guys you named. Also, from experience (The experience you don't have), I can tell you that not all soldiers have the same exact military experience. Guys going through different courses at different times in the military are going to experience different things. So while your buddies might have had a couple classes on sentry takedown it is still not a standardized course for mose western troops unless you're in some SF type unit.
  20. Mac

    Stealth Kills?

    I just want to point out that in these videos, nowhere in there is any type of stealth sentry takedown techniques. Unless you are some SF type unit you don't generally train on it. Also, I can tell you from experience that classes taught to your basic western soldier regarding this topic, are usually more about building confidence than anything else. It is so that you have something to fall back on and not panic if you are ever in that situation. And they are rarely if ever employed in combat.
  21. Mac

    Repacking Belt Cases?

    The bullet is what holds the links together
  22. Mac

    Purpose of ARMA

    The purpose for arma to me is to simulate as best possible real world operations and tactics with a like-minded group of mature individuals
  23. Mac

    JUMP please!!

    I am someone who originally rejected the idea of adding a Jump to Arma. That being said, this looks very promising. I just want to see a bigger stamina hit whern jumping, and no possiblity to shoot or do anything fancy when jumping. Also, maybe a little bit lower of a jump height. However, all in all, that looks good.
  24. I'm wondering what the community opinion is on this. I did a search and couldn't find anything. What do you guys think of implementing the in vehicle leaning system from Take on Helicopters? BIS can already do it with the engine so why not implement it into A3. I think it would help to see the PIP rear view better, where the players hand covers it. And just to be able to peak slightly left or right to look around the vehicle structure from inside. Tracker Request: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=6479