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  1. 6/27/13 http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-06-26-microsoft-no-longer-charges-developers-to-patch-their-xbox-360-games Eurogamer is claiming that MS is no longer charging for patches.. I had fun with Carrier Command Gaea Mission but I would like to see the 3 achievements fixed that were fixed on a future patch on pc I believe. What seems like a pointless endeavor on the outside is a badge of pride for some gamers like myself. Without them, I feel incomplete about my time and exposure to CC:GM and it very negatively impact my thoughts on the game and thoughts on getting a future game from the same team again. Is there any chance we could get a patch for the Xbox 360 to just get us caught up to what others have on the PC version? I'm not asking anything extra or fancy, just if its possible to be on equal footing of what is currently out. I know before it would not have been financially viable to do so but would there be a chance now?
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    Update 360

    Thank you for the update. I had a feeling this was going to happen but at least its better to know. Given the current patch on the Xbox 360 and the pre-patched edition, is there any way/work around to unlock the achievements that were fixed in patch 1.03: Face Off, Titanic, Revenge Is Sweet? Maybe there is something in the coding that can allow it to unlock outside of its original unlock conditions? (that are currently bugged) I would love to put this game in my showcase of completed games but it is not counted as a completed game on Xbox 360 unless all achievements were unlocked.
  3. I do hope they patch the xbox 360, at least the achievements.. I can't in good will recommend a game to anyone that has broken achievements. It can be a fun game when given a chance.