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  1. 1:

    What do you mean by "sub based"?


    It doesnt matter what version you buy, you will get acces to Alpha, Beta and Final with all.


    Dont understand the sub based question.


    It works as every other steam game, no difference.

    Download steam, buy arma, download arma, done :)

    Hope it helps abit :)


    Ahh sub = subscription ;) No, theres nothing like that.

  2. Is anyone still having flickering issues with the map when they open it? I haven't had much time to play Arma 3 lately so I'd like to confirm that I squashed that bug.

    Ive only seen the flickering once after 0.54, but i dont know why it did it though. 99% of the time it works just fine. :)

    Great addon mate.

  3. imo the engine should scale properly for the manually defined resolution related to 64:27

    you can set resolution inside arma3alpha.cfg file (edit before starting game)

    (there is no 21:9, that's just marketing nonsense because it's 4^3:3^3 and that was too complicated )



    can be used to alter the FOV if the automatic scaling fails

    Ok, thanks for the word Dwarden and although 21:9 might be nonsense, thats what the consumers are gonna call it imo.

    So now we need someone to test it and provide video feedback, to see how well it is handled :)

    Wont buy such a monitor till im sure it works the way it should, im pretty cheap hehe.

  4. this shall still work just edit Username.Arma3AlphaProfile , profile file values, fovLeft and (if you want change vertical also fovtop)



    But does it scale without "pulling" in the actual picture, or do you have to set it manually to prevent that?

    Like shown in the video BlackOps 2 didnt work well, it just pulled the picture and everything became wider. Not ideal.

    Many of the other games did give a very increased FOV, without manual intervention, and kept the same width on the models and textures. Thats ideal.

    Where will A3 be in this autoscale correctly vs manual FOV adjustment?

    Do you have official plans to support 21:9 resolutions?

    I dont own such a monitor so i cant test it myself, but i would like to know if its worth getting for A3, or if it will react like BlackOps 2 in the video.

    FOV is such a bitch to play around with tbh.

  5. Might aswell give up explaining anything at this point.

    Theres 10 pages with a ton of different, and good, opinions, but OP has his own and from the looks of it we cant do anything to change it.

    So theres no point in discussing this further, none of what has been written has "sunk in", as far as the OP goes, and most likely never will.

    You will just have to wait and see whats gonna happen, nothing else to do atm, since we all know BI doesnt care about demanding impatient "kids" like this tbh.

    I still have full confidence in BI and im 100% sure they will make a great game. Im just thankful its not a game for everybody, but some people havent figured it out yet.

  6. hmm walker.

    1) They are working on it, but its a combination of a lot of things, not easy to resolve tbh. + we need Nvidia and AMD to do driver optimization aswell, BI cant do anything about that.

    2) Will NEVER happen, there will alwasy be cheaters and hackers, but we can hope it will get better down the road. But dont expect BI to win that battle tbh.

    And i believe Harzach is basing the "assumption" on years of arma experience, aswell as a good amount of knowledge about how BI works and what they priorities.

    But he is right, there really isnt any problems. We can test the game just fine at this stage and thats what matters.

    Another thing is, if you make a proper mission, it will have good performance. Many of the "bad performance" missions are bad because they are poorly made tbh, including some of my own work.

    Ive tryed about 50-70 different missions by now and its very clear to see one of the biggest performance issues are poorly made missions and servers with a "crappy" setup and settings.

    + the fact that HC isnt working proberly, that in it self is also a place we can get major performance increase, when it works the way it should. Another thing they are working on.

    I still dont believe the amount of players at this very time, reflects the amount of players that actually wants to play the game on release.

    We are testing atm, not playing.

  7. Not to mention public gaming has never been huge in arma to begin with (Arma not dayZ so don't even start)

    Very true, im with a group of 40 people playing 4-5 times a week on our own server and we could not have a better place to test things and to have fun at the same time.

    Thats what its all about tbh, private well managed servers.

  8. Might aswell give up explaining to Walker mate.

    This has turned into the exact same discussion he has in another thread.

    He doesnt understand its an Alpha, he believes by getting early acces through steam you have bought the alpha and not the full game.

    Several have tryed and given up, he cant see it.

  9. Well, its not really your choice if its gonna be niche or not mate.

    BI is making the game and if it doesnt fit you, you are free to go away tbh.

    It will be succesfull, for the people who love theese series.

    BI has never catered to the casual player in Arma, and i really dont wanna see that change.

    The people who love it pour theyre soul and heart into the game, but its not a game for everyone and nor should it be.

    I will bet my life BI doesnt concern themselves with "making a ton of money" or "mainstreaming" arma in any way.

    Its a niche game, its practically the same as A2 tbh.

  10. Im still having a real hard time understanding why you dont just implement the script available and use it if you want?

    Thats the beauty of this community and this game, you can do what ever you want :)

    So maybe insted of demanding, learn how to use it and use whats already there or help the developers of TK systems make them better.

    If modding goes away the game will die completely and all theese years of work on such a great engine will be lost.

    We dont want that tbh.

    But the idea of an optional TK module is not a bad idea, i just hope its one of the last things they do, as theres a million other things with so much higher priority.

  11. Im pretty sure it doesnt like spaces in the folders inside the mission folder, use _ insted.

    So if you have a folder called "picture" and you put the intro.jpg file in it it should be like this:

    LoadScreen = "picture\intro.jpg";

    It works fine for me in all missions.

    Make sure the "picture" folder is next to mission.sqm in your mission folder and all should be good.

    Like mentioned above, it has to be 512, 1024 or 2048 and either 1:1 or 1:2 format.

    It has to be .jpg or .paa to work, nothing else will work.

  12. Also, you did pbo the mission? (Save as multiplayer mission in editor).

    Because I can't see how you "added the notecards namely "respawn SIDE" and the scripts for the VAS" in the MpMissions folder, as the missions in there should be packed.

    I found that saving to multiplayer folder, did not take the custom scripts with it. It only packed the stuff made in the editor and PBO'd it.

    I had to PBO it manually every time to get all scripts into the PBO, dunno if its suppose to be like this or if its a bug in the build tbh.