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  1. Thats a good idea mate.

    Now i dont know if it would be to much, but could this "repair rover" be a special one?

    Meaning you cant simpy repair with any rover, but you need this one with the special equipment, in order to even repair anything.

    This would be a fun dynamic in the game, on one side you want to earn money to buy new rovers, but on the other side you also need money to buy the "repair rover" and spareparts it can use.

  2. Hello.

    Awsome tool you got there, using it alot :) Thx for your work mate.

    Now, am i overlooking something? I cant seem to find a key for the .pbo, to use on my server. Im running with sig verify, so my HC (when loading with ASM) gets kicked.

    Would you be able to sign the addon mate? Or am i simply overlooking the key somewhere hehe?

    I want to monitor both the server and HC but atm it doesnt seem possible with sig verification turned on :)

    Hope you can "fix" it, or point me in the right direction, if im missing it somewhere :)

  3. Hey man, Thankyou for the feedback,

    At the moment im not sure why this is happening for you,

    Because currently i have only used this script on the Camping chairs,

    (Found at Tents>Camping Chair)

    And i have tested the script with multiple people joining, and it has worked for me...

    But i will try and fix your problem for you tonight,

    Sorry this is happening to you!

    Hey mate, just wanted to check if you had figured anything out about my error?

    I had another look at it yesterday, and it seems like its related to players being unarmed.

    I could not replicate it with an armed player, but didnt take long with unarmed :)

  4. We have tryed it out and we ran into a small issue.

    Ive applied it to alot of chairs, so dunno if a big amount of chairs will cause any issues.

    So the problem.

    Sometimes when people sit down, they sit fine on they're own screen but on my screen they are prone under the chair.

    Is this something you have heard about before?

    Does it have anything to do with the placement of the code in the init.sqf? (lower or higher in the file or something)

    Hope you can help mate, its a nice script but if this keeps doing this we cannot use it :(

    Ohh forgot to add ive got:

    this allowDamage false;

    In all chairs btw.

    Also just tested something else, a relog fixes the issue.

    Sorry, forgot to mention this happens unarmed, havent done it with weapons.

  5. I think we should also have a speed governor.

    On the one hand, some absolute settings like 100%, 75, 50, 25.

    And then besides that, some settings relative to the current power gain from solar panels, like 150%, 100%, 50%.

    Good idea, i would love to be able to set it to 10% speed to do the fine maneuvers, perhaps to get in the correct location for use of the APXS or to simply "cruise" slowly around a rock :)

  6. Perhaps instead of just complaining about lack of content, provide some constructive feedback :)

    You say it lacks equipment, suggest what you want perhaps?

    I agree it does not have a whole lot of stuff to do atm, but then again it just got released in "early acces" so its basicly not even a game yet.

    Regarding the early acces time frame, i dont recall any information about this, so im gonna say:

    As long as it takes :)

  7. Well, I would think that is caused by ZooLoo not declaring a variable. Since you do not declare the varaible Bohemia says theres a tiny chance it will break later on in the mission (even though its never happened to me...). So they now force you to declare most variables in scripts in order to make that ugly error box go away.

    Just a possibility, the undefined variable error now pisses me off loads as well with any script...

    Thats what i assume, im merely asking of ZooLoo has any intention of fixing it soon? :)

  8. Hey mate.

    Im getting this error after the undeclared variable update of arma 3.

    Can you fix this in a future update? Love your script, i dont want to remove it heh.

    It does work atm, but the error windows is pissing me off :)

    Heres the RPT error

    Error in expression <unit = _this select 1;
    _illogic = group server createUnit ["logic", Position _ex>
     Error position: <server createUnit ["logic", Position _ex>
     Error Undefined variable in expression: server
    File EtV.sqf, line 53

  9. Still, it gives fps drops :/

    Like stated a page back, it doesnt mate.

    The "black box of death" that pops up doesnt do anything to your game, its the error its displaying thats causing issues with the game.

    Fix the error, the box will be gone and the script should run better :)

    I believe BI wouldnt give a rats ass about undeclared variables, if it didnt do anything to the game, but since they are pointing them out now we can only assume they have a detremental effect on the game it self.

    Its really hard for me to understand why people are yelling at BI for pointing out usermade mistakes.

    Its like going to a carwash and then yelling at the guy who owns it because you forgot to close your windows in the car, during the wash.

    When it comes to displaying the errors like they do now, i think its a great solution. Right in your face so you are forced to deal with it. Errors should NOT be hidden away tbh.

    Its a hell of alot easier to provide feedback (both to BI and mission makers) when you have the error written all over the screen, compared to the error being hidden away in a log somewhere. Even if its "minor errors".

  10. I understand what you mean but at the same time i understand BI's intention of not hiding it for anyone during development, thats not the right signal to send.

    As far as i know it has been stated the option to disable error messages will come back when we hit a stabile state.

    I seriously doubt they put it in just to piss people off, there has to be some kind of rational thought behind it and the undeclared variables are obviously doing something detremental to the game, since they want us to hunt them down and fix them now.

  11. Todays 0.74 stabile update is throwing up JayArmaLib errors:

    Error in expression <
    _args = _args + _str;
    _return = _JERR_ERR_U;
    _call = _functionName + ",">
     Error position: <_JERR_ERR_U;
    _call = _functionName + ",">
     Error Undefined variable in expression: _jerr_err_u
    File x\jayarma2lib\addons\common\XEH_preinit.sqf, line 24
    [1865,66.168,0,"XEH: PostInit Started"]
    [1865,66.217,0,"CBA_VERSIONING: cba=, "]
    [1865,66.494,0,"XEH: PostInit Finished. State: _isClient=true, _isJip=false, _isDedClient=false, _isServer=true, _isDedServer=false, _playerCheckDone=true, _sp=true, _startInitDone=true, _postInitDone=true, _mpRespawn=false, _machineType=1, _sessionId=1, _level=0, _timeOut=false, _game=3, BIS_functions=L Alpha 1-1:1, group=L Alpha 1-1, player=<NULL-object>, _playerType="", _playerGroup=<NULL-group>"]
    "JayArmA2Lib: ACTIVE"
    Error in expression <= getPos player;

    Anyone else got this? Is there a known fix for it?

  12. You don't have to name it. This is just a demonstration, if you don't know how to use this then don't worry - I plan on making an actual system for this. This script is just a concept so I can look back over it and see what needs improvement then redo it in a more efficient way.

    The script also seems to have performance issues - I assume it's due to having each rope segment attach to the previous one; more segments drops framerate exponentially - so I assume attaching an object to another object that is attached to something else that is attached to something else is impractical. So I will have it just shift on the Z axis after each segment is spawned based on a memory point of the vehicle. I wouldn't try implementing this in any mission yet as I didn't create it for MP or personal use. As I stated before, the only reason I have it so anyone can deploy the rope is for demonstration purposes. For example if you want to try and fastrope yourself down you can, just to see what it's like.

    So please be patient :)

    Ohh dont get me wrong, i know its WIP :)

    I was just talked basicly hehe. I will wait patiently mate, you do your thing in peace.

  13. You can add the functionality to any air vehicle. I just have it setup so anyone can deploy the rope and only the heli vehicle has the functionality for demonstration purposes. You can add the functionality to as many vehicles you want if you know how.

    Well as an example, lots of our missions have a pole where we "request" vehicles.

    Theese dont have any variable name and i dont really want to have to name them all, thats basicly why i requested this being automaticly applied to any helicopter spawned into the mission :)

  14. Just made concept script for fast-roping.


    Will give it a go mate, keep the "axed" scripts coming ;)


    Ok tryed it, and this is pretty damn cool mate.

    It works exactly as it should. :)

    Some feedback:

    I hope you find a way to completely get rid of the variable name the chopper has to have for it to work, i tested it with a chopper i did not name "heli" and it doesnt work.

    But im sure you already though about this mate. It would be pretty cool if you could use it several choppers at the same time over the same LZ :)

    Another suggestion, would it be possible to limit the "Deploy Fast Rope" option to only pilot and co-pilot?

    So no passengers members accidently click it to early or to high.

    Or at least make it optional, if even possible :)