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  1. Wouldnt a

    this allowDamage false;

    line, in the HC's init field prevent it from dying?

    I always use this and ive never run into this issue, and i even use the autoslotting aswell. :)

    As long as the HC is there at mission start and in its slot, ive never ever seen it being killed before, using that line of code.

    Are you placing your HC as a regular player btw?

    I always use a rabbit, simply because nobody will go into that slot, by they're own free will and you can pretty much make the HC, what ever you want :)

  2. ...and why would you want to do that? :raisebrow:

    Testing purpose perhaps? Dont wanna get kicked by a random BE/Steam error, during mission testing.


    No its not possible that way, but what you could do, is use Tophe's Arma Server Tool and run a proper dedicated server, on the same machine you are playing.

    If we are talking a small amount of players and nothing big, it will run just fine, this is what i do, when i want to test missions without the fear of BE kicking me because it timed out or lost connection or something.

  3. @dale0404

    It isnt only unarmed.

    We are experiencing it on MP, completely random tbh.

    It just kinda happens when it wants to, regardless of your weapon, stance or anything else really. We did extensive testing on this to try and find a "source", to no avail.

    Sometimes you can even see yourself sitting, while other people see you on your belly, and the other way around aswell.

    Do anybody have any ideas, if its possible to make this script sync 100% in MP?

    MacRea? Anyone else?

  4. Great tool! Appreciate your work Tophe!

    One question: Has anyone been able to implement an automatic server restart, lets say once every 6 hours or something?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    No, dunno how to make it work with TADST, but perhaps this could be something Tophe can do. :)

    Guess it depends on him actually wanting this feature in the tool hehe, but it would be nice though.

    What are your thoughts on this Tophe?

  5. Yeh do as Maxon says, we do the same here :)

    Works like a charm.

    These are our values, it makes them alot less deadly the first 3-5 secs, but once they get you "sighted" they will still kill you fast :)

    // Set AI skills
       _x setSkill ["aimingspeed", 0.5];
       _x setSkill ["spotdistance", 0.9];
       _x setSkill ["aimingaccuracy", 0.2];
       _x setSkill ["aimingshake", 0.0000005];
       _x setSkill ["spottime", 0.8];
       _x setSkill ["commanding", 0.9];
       _x setSkill ["general", 0.9];
    forEach allUnits;

  6. Ive just spent a wk building a mission with this Mod enabled & after about 30 mins of game play i get NO sound! the Sound crashes i think! I decide to unable it & go back to SOS, go back in the editor to save the mission again & it wont let me as its JSRS dependent now!!!!!! Is there anything i can do to save my mission with SOS again?


    I wonder what makes the difference, why you got the dependency and i havent?

    I dunno...

  7. Obviously Battleeye isn't doing shit. Steams VAC is awesome; it's rock solid if your game is coded correctly and will permaban hackers meaning people will NOT be hacking. Chivalry has VAC enabled recently and it's pretty much stopped all hacking!! UT3 engine.

    Well, you cant blame BE for server admins not setting up the filters for the missions properly. Default BE will only provide protection against the basic hacks BE has detected.

    You can set up BE to detect every single thing that happens on the server and then kick/ban people based on it.

    It really is a very versitile tool, which can provide a very high level of security, if set up correctly.

    Tell the admins of the servers they need to take a look at the filters and allow/restrict certain commands and scripts.

    They can dictate what clients are allowed to run and how they are allowed to run it.

  8. I didin't mean to sound like a hater. I was up all night waiting for the release and see how Main Branch looked. So I may have sounded a little grumpy.

    I will hope for a reply from a dev regarding this tool. I really want to get away from scripting with Arma3 as much as possible. My paticulary playing style is not necessaryly the way most peaple play Arma so I don't expect the dev's to loose any sleep over this facite of Arma3.

    My biggist grip I guess is it seems we are going backwards in game development. When you have played video games for as long as I have, since 1982. I have had dozens of military games with this ability and not to have it in a game produced in 2013, seems very odd to me.


    But you are right.

    In the sense we should have this by now, not waiting past full release for something as "simple" as a loadout editor tbh.

    But we are still waiting for dev words on it.

  9. I really, really don't get the complaint about a lack of content. Seriously. Everything in ArmA 3 (with from what I've heard the exception being the plane, that I don't give a shit about) is brand new. BRAND. NEW.

    ArmA 1 and 2 had stuff that has been in here since OFP, just basically touched up. DM has it right saying that ArmA2/OA basically has the content of 3 games COMBINED. ArmA 3 is brand new, therefor doesn't use old assets, and thank GOD I'm glad for it! I've been shooting the same weapons, driving the same vehicles and walking through the same buildings since 2001! How on earth can one look forward to doing so for another x amount of years?

    ArmA 3 is a damn good game, and I'm enjoying every second of it. Do I miss female civilians, or some other stuff? Sure. Have they ever been a big part of the previous games for me? No. I can do without them. At least for now. All that I actually need to have a fun game is in there right now.

    Its not the "lack of content" its the " copying of content" thats going on.

    It might be brand new, but why do we have the same on each side?

    Why are everyone using the same APC weaponry? Why are everyone using the same jets? Why are everyone using the same variant of tanks?

    Thats the problem.

  10. @DM

    You are right in some sense, people are very spoiled.

    Hopefully we will be spoiled again with the future updates and DLC's :)

    But it think it boiles down to BI "axing" to many features, they have "promised" so to speak.

    Im not gonna hijac the thread, and start talking about axed features, but all in all i feel they released it to soon. Would not have hurt to keep it in beta for another couple of months.

    I think people have a hard time understanding full release, but not full content tbh. Have to admit im one of them aswell.


    Dont get me wrong, im not complaining about lack of content, I just want to point out they have given us less then they promised 2-3 years ago, and it sadens me.

    Ive spend over 600 hours in A3 so far and im loving it, truly.

    But it feels like less of a game then the previous arma's tbh.

  11. So far one developer has stated (on the tracker) that this feature will appear in "some later version", and they also teased it in one of the early streams but said it wasn't ready to show yet.

    Not sure how anyone managed to interpret this as "promised for release", but hey, look where I'm posting.

    I have to admit i read it like it would be there in final release. Sounds like many others did aswell :)

    But eventually is fine, as long as we get it at some point.

    Would be depressing if this was axed aswell.

  12. As far as i remember it was mentioned in several sitreps.

    They "promised" dropdown look-a-like menues to adjust gear and weapons in the editor.

    Will try to find the specific one.


    Ok its not easy lol, the sitreps just redirect you to arma3.com atm, so cant look for the source.

    I did however find theese bug reports, confirming this feature:



    Khan, a developer said:

    This feature will be present in later versions/final version of the game.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  13. Or you could take the MP wasteland mission, un-PBO it and add some AI and what not to it, then pack it again and start a local lan server with password.

    If someone is able to join it from outside your lan, you need to look into your internet security :)

    The regular wasteland missions arent very fun alone tbh, all you can do is get a vehicle and wait for side missions, and then hope (to the love of god) you can solo all of them hehe.

  14. I've never got involved in trading cards but methinks this is a perfect time to start. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with them, though.

    Sell them and earn easy money on steam :)

    Aka free games in the future hehe.

    Ive already earned about 5 euro's on selling trading cards, its not much per card, but get many cards and earn a good amount of money.

    To stay on topic, its been a while since i launched TOM last, but with theese new "big" updates i think im gonna have a new look at it later on today :)

    Loving the changelog and the progress made, so far.

  15. Ok thx for your answers guys :)

    I did think about the AIR monitor like you said, but the reason i asked was for pure testing purposes, simply to gather as much information as possible.

    Will proberly sign it my self then hehe, just wanted to know if it was planned anywhere down the road (gonna take that as a no :) )

    Keep up the good work mate, this tool is a must have for server admins and mission testers/builders tbh.