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  1. Hmm, interesting. In my experience we always get desync/low frames after around 10 players (if hosted locally). I have a 70/20 connection.

    What are everyone's frames like? Are you talking AIvsPlayers or just PvP?

    Mostly pvp, so i suspect thats why, we only ran small tests of AI missions.

    But we had good frames and a good connection, i did it with an Arma II server aswell, to run DayZ, worked just fine :)

  2. Also, with this server you're planning to build, where will it be hosted? If you're hosting the box at home, I'd say there's very little point in making a server and you're better off sticking with hosting from your current computer. Without a dedicated line from a data centre (e.g. 100Mbit up/down), you'll find yourself getting desync/lag with anything more than 10 players (and that's if your home internet is very good). If you're planning to send the computer off to a data centre to be hosted there, ignore this paragraph ;)

    Thats not entirely true, i ran a 40 man server from home, with 30/30 Mbit connection just fine, and a hell of alot cheaper then renting a dedi at a data center :)

    Arma requires a fast connection yes, but you dont really need a dedicated 100 Mbit line, in order to host a server without lag tbh.

  3. If it's a DLC, i don't see how such an awaited feature as weapon resting could be reserved only to those who gets the DLC.

    Look at this, it answers your question mate:

    Before taking a look at the specifics, it's worth noting that new engine features created to support our DLCs are not 'locked' to those products. Rather, these improvements contribute to Arma 3 as a whole; they're available automatically to everyone who owns the game. In short, features are free, content is paid, and our objective is to prevent any split in the MP player-base. Again, for the purposes of clarity and brevity, further details on our DLC strategy will be offered in the next few weeks.


  4. Shouldn't you place you're max mem at the max amount you have in you're computer? like 16384MB?this is what i saw in the Armaholic tutorial

    ---------- Post added at 22:03 ---------- Previous post was at 21:52 ----------

    Did you also changed the CFG file ? ...you have 16gb of ram and gonna limit you're game to only use 2 when arma is a game that needs at least 4 to run in recommended?

    The game is hardcoded to 2047 mb of ram, so it will default back to this number, if you set it any higher.

    256 is hard-coded minimum (anything lower falls backs to 256). 2047 is hard-coded maximum (anything higher falls back to 2047).


    I found that most, if not all of the start up parameters, doesnt really make a difference as the game will figure it out by it self anyway.

    At least i get the best performance with no start parameters.

    Are you getting such low FPS on ALL servers?

    I would have a look at View Distance, Object Distance, Object Quality and AA basicly, this is the places i can get most FPS out of the game.

  5. Thank you.

    I would look for it, if I only knew what to look for:)

    Is this a cumulative patch? or do I need to install earliest ones too?


    You only need the one you want, they should be backwards compatible, unless you take the newest, which is part of the the 1.63 update test (not backwards compatible), but im actually not sure where 1.62.xxx ends and become 1.63.xxx :/

    So simply launch the game, look at the server list and find the version number of the server you want to join, and then download the appropiate version and all should be fine tbh :)

  6. Type #missions, while logged in as admin :)

    It will take you back to the mission lobby and you can then select the mission and dificulty.

    Im not sure theres an easier way of doing it with Rcon, as you have to be on the server, as a player, for the missions to start loading, else it will just idle and wait for a player.


    Heres the entire list of server commands, which can be used ingame, after you have logged in as admin :)


  7. the bisign goes with the PBO's to both the server and all clients in the @mod folders :)

    the bikey it self, only has to be on the server inside the key folder, no clients needs this.

    basicly the PBO's get checked and compared to the "masterkeys" in the key folder, and if it fits it will allow them.

    so if you have signed them, place your bikey on the server, inside the key folder and it should work just fine.

    if it doesnt work, you might have signed them wrong.


    forgot to mention, the key folder i refer to, is the folder next to your arma3.exe file. thats the folder it reads the bikeys in, so thats where you want to put your keys, for the signed addons. You will find a3.bikey inside this folder.

    if theres a key folder inside one of the @mod folders, simply copy and paste that bikey into the proper key folder, in the arma root directory and it should work fine.

    most signed addons have the bikey placed inside the @mod folder, so its easier to distribute it :)

  8. I can only recommend HC in Arma III.

    My initial testing have showed real promise :)

    I made a "simple" mission, nothing but tons of AI on the map, almost 300.

    I then made two versions, one where the ownership is transfered after start (AI spawns on the server and then gets moved to HC) and one where it was all spawned and handled by the HC.

    So basicly, the server almost dies, from spawning 300 AI at the same time, but as soon as it transfered them to the HC it had a stabile 50 FPS/CPS from there and the HC was running 40-45 FPS/CPS.

    Ofc if i did it all on the HC the server barely felt anything at all and just "kept on trucking" :)

    This test was done on a laptop, with 8gb of ram and an i3 processer and it ran like a knife through butter.

    So if you have a beast of a server machine, HC will deffinatly be something you want to look into, for big scenarios.

    I want to add, i set the core affinity (2 cores for Server and 2 for HC) and set the priority of the server to "Realtime" and the HC to "High", in the taskmanager. Cant confirm this actually does help, but it seemed to make a difference :)

    Ive yet to actually try this in a "real" mission, but these tests shows some true promise, as far as HC goes.


    Forgot to add, this is AI fighting AI, i was testing.

    I bought a second copy of Arma III, for HC purposes only heh, so im not getting any kind of kicks or anything, but i can understand people arent willing to buy a second copy.

  9. The problem with resigning mods, you havent made, is that EVERY single client, who wants to connect to your server, has to have the mods signed with your key.

    So basicly, you need to re-distrbute it to every single player on the server mate, which is far from ideal.

    Instead, find mods which are signed, and simply add the key to the key folder in your arma directory, and all will be able to join.

    Theres no reason to start resigning addons, especially if they are already signed by someone else :)

    But it sounds like all you have to do is add the key to the key folder, and it should work.

    Either that, or disable signature verification, but its not something you really want to do on a public server tbh.

  10. This seems unfair and insensitive of BIS. I'm trying my best to get my head around mp scripting and this is turning into a major hurdle.

    As i see it, this was an "easy fix" to the insane piracy and CD-key theft issues we had in Arma II, so i completely understand they're decision.

    Although it has some drawbacks, such as this subject, i am not sure they can make more instances run, without having Steam to modify something, and i doubt they want to do that.

    So i guess your only option is to buy another copy, on a different account.

  11. Found no way of doing this, so i ended up buying another copy of Arma 3, for testing and HC purposes, and im using this on another PC on my LAN :)

    As far as i was able to figure out, it needs steam and will not allow more then 1 client running.

    At the same time, its "impossible" to have several steam accounts, logged in on the same PC.

    I believe this was made for security reason, so each copy is only handed 1 ID, and arent allowed to run more then once at a time.

  12. That was fast;p

    Is it possible that player stay in middle of the map, like in GPS?

    Map should move not player.

    Then it wouldnt be a map anymore tbh, you want some kind of tablet/large GPS mate :)

    Perhaps it could be another version, as i dont think everybody want this.

    I quite enjoy the old school fold map style hehe.

  13. It is public release, it's not like you have to go all ninja and steal it from somebody. As for the compatibility bugs, just don't update TS. It's not like the newer versions have any amazing new features.

    More like a publicly leaked alpha build mate. Nothing have been officially released by the ACRE team yet, nothing at all.

    Hopefully we will soon see what they have spend this year working on, and hopefully it will take ACRE for Arma 3, to the same level we see in Arma 2.

    Some of the current bugs in ACRE for A3, is most certaintly more then a compatibility bug with TS's newer versions.

    But im really looking forward to getting an official, supported and signed release :)

  14. Well, it would suck to have a mission file of several GB, so i understand why this isnt done :)

    You can use PWS for this exact purpose.

    Everybody download and install it, install mods and bom, you are done.

    If theres an update to a mod, it will update it and all will have the latest version.

    It sounds like it would be alot easier for you guys to use PWS http://play.withsix.com/

  15. If the addon is released to the public, everybody are free to use it, so you can use the @A3MP addon just fine, as long as you dont start editing it and re-releasing it mate.

    Alduric cant tell you, you arent allowed to make a mission with his mod and make the mission depend on it, he can only tell you not to edit the mod, but you can use it all you want tbh.

    You might have misunderstood how it works, with the mods and licenses, but if we (missionmakers) cant use the mods for missions, without editing and re-releasing it, why do we have mods in the first place? :)

    So if you have no plans on editing the map, at all, and just using the @A3MP mod, as is, you should use it to create your mission mate.

    At least it would get you started and you can always work on your own version of Chernarus, later on, if you need to start editing the original map.

  16. Whenever I try to install ACRE on my server and then actually join the server (yes I have acre installed client side and I am able to join other server) I get a server error during the splash screen process that says '...You have keys that are not verified by this server' and above that a list of every file in the @ACRE/Add-on folder. Any solutions?

    Turn of signature verification, ACRE does not have officially signed keys yet, so it wont work with signature verification.