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  1. If you look at the previous page you will see i said: And a BE dev answered: So its just matter of time before theres will be some verification to stop people from joining with invalid keys. :) That will do so much for cheating, the first BIG step towards awsome AC really. But we cant all sit and write our own server code protection, and if yours is so awsome why dont you hand it over to BI so it might become a configurable default option? Help them help us :)
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    Trigger: Lose Issues

    Thx mate, will look into that ;) Was afraid i was going crazy lol
  3. try this: this addItem "NVGoggles"; this assignItem "NVGoggles"; this addItem "V_RebreatherB"; this assignItem "V_RebreatherB"; It works just fine for me for all "toolbelt" items. But you need to add it and then assign it to the player. Maybe you need to change V_RebreatherB to: this addHeadgear "V_RebreatherB"; Dont actually know if it needs to be assigned or just given, but if its headgear, you need to remove the current helmet of the unit :) If the unit has a name, just replace "this" with what ever your unit name is :) I did this for one of my snipers, you can adapt it to your diver: _unit = _this select 0; // Remove original equipment removeallweapons _unit; removeallassigneditems _unit; removeallcontainers _unit; // Add clothing _unit addUniform "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_vest"; _unit addHeadgear "H_MilCap_mcamo"; _unit addVest "V_BandollierB_khk"; // Add weapons _unit addMagazines ["20Rnd_762x45_Mag", 5]; _unit addWeapon "srifle_EBR_ARCO_point_grip_F"; _unit addPrimaryweaponitem "muzzle_snds_B"; _unit addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_pointer_IR"; _unit addMagazines ["30Rnd_9x21_Mag", 3]; _unit addWeapon "hgun_P07_snds_F"; _unit addMagazines ["HandGrenade", 2]; // Add items _unit addWeapon "Binocular"; _unit addItem "FirstAidKit"; _unit addItem "FirstAidKit"; _unit additem "ItemCompass"; _unit assignItem "ItemCompass"; _unit additem "ItemMap"; _unit assignItem "ItemMap"; _unit additem "ItemRadio"; _unit assignItem "ItemRadio"; _unit additem "ItemWatch"; _unit assignItem "ItemWatch"; _unit addItem "ItemGPS"; _unit assignItem "ItemGPS";
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    Mission start text

    Honestly im not sure, i need to read up on it today :)
  5. But forcing people to buy the game and removing CD-key theft all together is a very important step in the right direction. Steam is very important in that aspect. Its also part of the whole AC aspect, because it prevents cheating rather then spotting it and banning for it. So if people cant steal keys, and cant use cracked copies of the game, who will buy it to get banned for cheating? It will matter alot tbh... Its basic AC 101. Dont get me wrong, the "true" AC is 3rd party, but BI has to do theyre part aswell, or it wont matter. Primary objective would be to secure the keys, prevent theft and enforce proper verification of gameclients, after that we can talk actual AC engine and what it does :)
  6. As far as i know this "feature" isnt in the game and im not sure it ever will be. For now, use the description field and fill in what ever you want there, but Alha 1-1 will stay the same no matter what i do. Ive tryed alot but im in the same boat as you :)
  7. Awsome idea, i really hope it becomes reality. Question: Would ArmaHolic be one of the webhosts for missions? It seem like it would be an ideal place to have the FTP server, as its already in place. But i dunno if it can handle this amount of traffic tbh. It would just make sense to upload a mission to a centralized FTP, like ArmaHolic, insted of having 1000's of webhosts with different missions and stuff. Im just thinking about the first guy who stuffs a keylogger/malware into a mission and uses a dodgy webhost to distribute it. Would that be to easy if its not centralized?
  8. Sounds promising :) Im confident a system like that would help a great deal untill actual BE support is implemented, and after ofc.
  9. Very very good point. Dont mistake actualy cheating with key theft. They need to be handled differently and separetly. One of the good things about this is its very difficult to steal a Steam CD-key. That would require a complete Steam account theft and it takes a little more effort then simply using a keylogger :) Another important thing "to do" would be to enforce some kind of authentication with steam, so illegal copies cant join legal servers. That could reduce the amount of cheaters alot, simply because you would need a valid Steam account and a valid CD-key to even be able to play on a official server. So alot of the cheaters would be "gathering" on the unofficial illegal servers, leaving the legit player alone, because they cant play on legal server with such a system. If its even possible that is heh :)
  10. First of all, ive read the entire thread and its not out of context -_- We are talking about AC and what would be best for A3. Second, the BE setup for Arma III is gonna be different because of all the new classes and functions, and because it "has" to be more secure. You cant just throw BE from Arma II over here and say "Thats it, we are protected now". It doenst work like that. And why would you? Theres no point in giving us the outdated A2 BE setup, when theres time and money to develop it to something better. I was trying to explain WHY Fair-Fight is so crappy and why it doesnt make sense to implement AC at this time... You just keep rambling on about logic, but do you disagree with me saying playing on public servers with no AC is stupid? Coz thats quite logical tbh. Im not trying to pick a fight, was simply trying to explain why Fair-Fight should NOT be used in aything and why AC doesnt fit into an evolving alpha development. Thats is what this dicsussion is all about right? And TK'ing isnt cheating or AC, its called "griefing" and is pressent in pretty much every single multiplayer game out there. Theres another discussion for that subject so lets not deviate from the topic pls.
  11. Did you actually try WarZ after they implemented the AC?? And are you aware regular people are getting banned on a daily basis because of the Fair-Fight AC engine, which btw doesnt work at all.... Hackers have more free reigns then they ever had with BE and Fair-Fight will even tell people when its checking up on them, so they can stop cheating for a while and not get banned.... Its a pure BS system and its basicly banning people for being suspecious as they cant provide any kind of proof of the hacking. If you go to WarZ forums, you will find 1000's of posts from people who have been banned for no appererant reason, and Hammerpoint Interactive doesnt give a shit. Is that really what you want for Arma III? That is a very very good example of why NOT to put AC in an alpha, its just a waste of time. Especially the way they did it. Like mentioned before, the game itself will change so much before then final product, so developing an AC now, would mean redeveloping it time after time, for each update... Very inifficient, expensive and unrealistic. But please dont ever compare a serious game like this to anything like WarZ, thats just wrong..... Even when it comes to AC, as Fair-Fight is just one big HUGE joke (like the rest of the game) and does nothing good what so ever lol. Thats not a personal oppinion, thats simple facts, Fair-Fight is one of the worst AC's ever to be invented. Ohh and fyi, if you believe its to early to participate in the testing, be my guest and walk away untill its done. Its a free choice, not like someone has a gun to your head and forces you to play the game. We were given the option to help BI improve the game at a very early state, but you make it sound like its mandetory.... I feel like i have to say this again: Playing on open servers in an Alpha with no AC is plain stupid, so if your doing that and then comming here to complain about it, you need to change the way you play the game. Its like buying a gun, shooting your self in the foot and then complaining there wasnt a better security feature on the gun, because you handled it wrong. Or bying a cat and a microwave, stuffing the cat inside it to "dry it" and then suing the company afterwards, because it doenst have a label saying "DO NOT PUT ANIMALS INSDE" (did actually happen some years ago) If we dont have an AC, we need to adapt to it, insted of constantly complaining about something thats already WIP. Common sense and logic tbh.
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    FHQ TaskTracker

    Im using west with no problems at all: //Tasks [ west, [ "task#", "task info", "task name", "WP text", getmarkerpos "markername" ] ] call FHQ_TT_addTasks; Although i had some issue in the beginning heh. But got them all worked out. Guess its all about getting the format 100% correct and then it will work just fine :)
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    Mission start text

    Or just use this in init.sqf, it will look like it did in Arma II, white text in the rightcorner: //Info text waitUntil{!(isNil "BIS_fnc_init")}; sleep 5; ["date, year", "time AM/PM"] call BIS_fnc_infoText; sleep 2; ["Mission Name"] call BIS_fnc_infoText; sleep 2; ["Created by", "XXX"] call BIS_fnc_infoText; You can put what ever you want in there and change the sleep time accordingly. Just remember the lines are "limited" so if you have some longer text divided it into more lines using "X","X", like shown in the code. Although this will produce a no_sound error popup, untill the funtions works properly, but it wont affect gameplay :)
  14. Thx mate :) First of all, radio chatter and all that is because of your difficulty level. Same with accuracy of AI, go to Elite and they have near 100% accuracy :) and you wont spot them automaticly through radio :) Thats just a matter of changing the difficulty lvl. And the opening up on you with no clear line of fire, i believe to be suppression fire :) But the AI does indeed need work. When i played it with a friend on Elite, there was no radio chatter and the AI had ultra aiming skills hehe. You need to really sneak to higher ground here. My whole point was for you to spend 15-25 mins sneaking to the town and finding the right spot to wait for the right time to fire, with your spotter by your side heh :) Sure i placed vehicles, but i might end up locking them heh, they were for RP sake tbh. Thx for your feedback though mate, thats what i need and i deff need to make it so both people need to be there to finish, if alive. As for score, no clue. BI recently added a new scenenario ending screen, so not really sure what it does yet :) But i made this mission so people could improve theyre sneaking/spotting/sniping skills in daylight, i wont make it night as theres no NV scopes yet, so you cant really snipe at night yet. So maybe you should try it again with a friend on a higher difficulty and not use vehicles :) Will look into the "both people needed to end" thing, thx for feedback and possible lock the vehicles for players. Byrg EDIT: Just updated with some of the changes you mention :) Use dropbox till ArmaHolic gets updated.
  15. Hey people. Heres another mission i made. Its quite simple but still gives a good challenge for people wanting to improve sniper/spotter skills. So have a look and download if it sounds interesting. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arma III Alpha [stabile Branch v.052.103507] Mission Mission Name: Operation Million Dollar Shot Current Version: v.1.2 Mission Features: COOP - 1-2 Players - Sniper/Spotter practice 14:40 - 25. August 2035 NO Respawn UPS script TAW script FHQ TaskTracer Objectives: 1 - Kill Salvatore Vitale 2 - Exfiltrate Prelouge: Blue Shadow Reckon Squad have been on Stratis for over 3 weeks now, in search of Salvatore Vitale. About 4 days ago you recieved intel about his possible where abouts. Currently you are in F.O.B Delta, getting ready for the mission. The militia is known for using a civi/mili clothes combo, but Salvatore is not scared of showing his dominance, and is known for his military gear affection. Operation Million Dollar Shot Plot Intel indicates Salvatore Vitale is in Agia Marina. He is gathering up his Militia, for reason yet to be discovered, and Blue Shadow's assignment is simply to take him out and escape the island afterwards. Avoid killing as many enimies as possible, as it could result in more conflicts on Stratis, we only need to take out the Militia Leader. When he is eliminated it is vital for Blue Shadow to get off the island quickly, to keep the enemy in the shadows. Credits: Author - Byrgesen Thanks to: Kronzky - UPS script Magirot - Randomize Script D34 - Loading Image Tonic-_- - TAW View Distance Script Varanon - FHQ TaskTracer BI - For releasing this amazing series :D
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    More assets in Alpha

    -_- Either your very bad at trolling or you completely missed the last couple of weeks oO
  17. byrgesen

    More assets in Alpha

    Well i will agree with OP. But its also very hard to imagine BI not releasing new content for an Alpha. Although i think your a little to fast, it hasnt even been a month yet and the main concern so far seems to have been to improve stability, and provide minor bug fixes for the testers. It could be a long time before we see some big additions of content really, we dont know how BI want to work with the Alpha, but i have hopes like you :)
  18. Also remember two first two weeks was pretty much all about "HACKERS ARGH HELP ME AMG!!!" and "TONS OF OTHER BITCHING!!" hehe. Basicly i think alot of peole have figured out this forum is NOT like most others, where trolls and "misplaced" posts dominate the entire forum. Theres an entirely different sense of community here tbh. Plus the bug tracker will remove alot of the actualy fingerpointing and trolling from this forum, forcing people to post issues there and leaving this forum to "constructive" discussions :) That is also one of the possible reason for BI devs not posting alot here, they use the bug tracker more, as its specialized for the purpose. Love how "clean" it looks compared to so many other foums out there and im all for keeping it that way heh.
  19. Hello people. Heres my shot at a great dynamic Search & Destroy mission. Im still fairly new to this whole mission creation, but its getting along. I want to improve this mission as i go along, and i hope you guys tell me if you encounter any issues or think of something that could improve it. Read, Download and have a look if it sounds interesting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arma III Alpha [stabile Branch v.052.103507] Mission Mission Name: Operation Airport Extravaganza Current Version: v.1.1 Mission Features: COOP - 1-8 Players - Dynamic Search And Destroy mission with Exfiltration. 6:35 AM - 1. November 2035 Foggy and cloudy weather NO Respawn UPS script TAW script FHQ TaskTracer Objectives: 1 - Infiltrate the airport 2 - Locate the control tower 3 - Blow up control tower 4 - Locate and eliminate VIP 5 - Exfiltrate the island Prelouge: The rebel forces have recieved a sudden boost in military power and effectively taken over stratis. Nato have been forces to quit politics and take to action. Intel indicates the military equipment was provided by a mysterious VIP, we know nothing about. Our spies tells us the VIP is on Stratis overlooking the "project". Special team Ghost and Razor have been inserted behind enemy lines and are to carry out Operation Airport Extravaganza. Operation Airport Extravaganza Plot Operation Airport Extravaganza begins with the infiltration of the airport. Intel shows it is heavily guarded and you are to proceed with extreme caution. A KA-60 has been spotted, patroling the area, so keep an eye on the sky. You have two primary tasks: 1. Locate the airport control tower and blow it up, to take out communication. 2. Locate and eliminate the mysterious VIP in civilian clothing, somewhere in the airport. Razor and Ghost are to exfiltrate afterwards, using either boat or chopper. This missions is extremly dangerous but use all means necessary to complete the mission, a lot is at stake. Credits: Author - Byrgesen Thanks to: Kronzky - UPS script Kildar - Anti Air Script Magirot - VIP Randomize Script D34 - Loading Image Tonic-_- - TAW View Distance Script Varanon - FHQ TaskTracer BI - For releasing this amazing series :D
  20. Update 1.0 is out with FHQ TaskTracer, so now tasks and briefing WILL WORK no matter what :D Use Dropbox link till ArmaHolic updates. Theres some other stuff, so its a "final" version i would say. All there is to do now is to wait for you guys to try it out and hopefully tell me if something could need a small change :) Enjoy. EDIT: Come to think about it, i think im gonna exspand it with more objectives and more traveling around :)
  21. Got another suggestion :) Go here and write a post. You will get a PM from someone if you sound interesting hehe. Its a great thread to find people to play with, untill we can actually play on public servers :)
  22. Hey guys (and possible gals?). My name is Michael, im from Denmark and im 25. Ive played Arma for some time now, spend 60% of the time in DayZ though, but im almost at 90 hours Arma III Alpha on steam, so im not a complete noob. (at least i dont think so lol) I used to host a community with a big group of people for DayZ, but ive had abit trouble finding the right people in Arma III tbh. Most of the people in the old community just "vanished", so i dont know a whole lot of people on this forum yet. Maybe that will change :) Atm im in school, not really taking it seriously because im starting on another school in August, so ive got a decent amount of time to play Arma. I might not wanna play every day, as im living with my GF and our dog, so theres alot of other stuff to do aswell. But im looking for a casual community, who likes to play it "serious" :) When i say "serious" i mean trying to take the game very seriously and do the very best you can, while not investing a lot of time in it. So to speak, phew, even i got confused there lol. So, buttom line, a casual community, which can take mission seriously. Love using ACRE, ShackTac HUD other mods like that, to improve teamplay and immersion. Sucker for immersion and abit of RP now and then heh. Hope to hear from someone :) Thx Byrg - A wierd Dane....
  23. Nice one mate. Another good advice, get Notepad++ for editing your files. It also has search funtions, to find exactly what you need. You can find a Syntax-Highlighter here on the forum, and it will make manual edit so much easier :) With thoose tools (and previous) you should be well on your way to becomming "mission-master" :D
  24. But what you are talking about is the very foundation of Arma, allowing clients to run scripts... Thats what arma was build on and that is most likely one thing that will never ever change. What i was trying to explain (sorry for the lack of words) was if the Alpha doesnt have anti-cheat, then one could simply conclude its not ment to be tested on open servers... (hence the "way its suppose to be played") Yes stupids admins arent the main reason, but its damn close tbh. All im trying to say is, there are very simple ways ATM to avoid almost all hacking. (PW and sig verification) But putting up a public server, even with sig verification, in an Alpha with no anti-cheat is about as dumb as shooting your own foot off when you go hunting... And for the record, i love pretty much all gamemodes in Arma, sure i have favorites, but theres room for all and i play all, love diversity. I am not telling you how you should play, i am simply stating the Alpha is obviously not ment for the amount of public servers we have atm... Or we would have had anti-cheat form the beginning... Ohh and one other thing, Arma is very much a niche game, has always been and Arma III doesnt change that. Its still the same enging basicly and so far from "mainstream" FPS games really. You also make it sound like its impossible to find a casual community, it really isnt... @Freeborne & WalkerDown I feel like i need to paint you a picture and you are reading everything to litteral tbh. I never intended to insult you, but you sure took it that way lol. As far as i can see i never said anything like that..... Again simply stating BE did actually help and did actually do its job fairly well in Arma II. Just think about the amount of money and time they invest in it now and you can almost imagine it getting better heh. Hackers develop hacks and AC's develop AC features against it, its a never ending race. About the server size and such, you are totally right. They tend to go for high population servers, but that has nothing to do with the actual AC and how it works tbh. Thats just hacker behavior and we wont ever be able to do anything about that. AC how ever we can do something about. Ive been running both Arma II and DayZ servers (now Arma III), from a dedi box for over a year, so i think ive got a small clue as to what this is all about. We had a regular base of around 30 people, every day, and we didnt have insane haker issues. Sure we had hacker visits, but they was delt with fast. Clever and active admins makes a world of a difference. Call me an idiot but i will almost bet my life BI didnt release the Alpha for us to test it (without AC) on open public servers. Seriously doubt it. EDIT: Read the posts again and just had to add this: An admin, who knows how to read logs, will know if theres hackers 99% of the time. With or without AC... Thats simply a matter of how "educated" he is the matter of reading thoose logs. If BI were to coorperate better with BE and provide server hosters with the nessecary documentation to jump right into "log reading", we would have far less problems tbh. You can spot a hacker, without BE noticing, if you know what to look for. Sure theres new and advanced hacks, but guess what, BE or Admins will figure them out and work out measures to prevent them. Thats gotta be both a fact and simple logics. :) EDIT2: Now i feel abit like i have to apoligize for the rant lol. Sry ;)
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    A3 -profile config

    Hey people :) I have a very simple yet mindbogling question. How the **** do you turn the GroupHUD off in the left corner? Ive tried setting every single setting in the profile to 0 and everything turns off on every difficulty, but the damn GroupHUD wont go away, no matter what i do.... Even on "Elite" everything is off, except the dam GroupHUD in the left corner heh. We are using Shacktac HUD, so we dont need the default one. Heres my arma3profile file: version=1; blood=1; singleVoice=0; gamma=1; brightness=1; maxSamplesPlayed=32; class Difficulties { class Recruit { class Flags { Armor=1; FriendlyTag=1; EnemyTag=1; MineTag=1; HUD=1; HUDPerm=1; HUDWp=1; HUDWpPerm=1; HUDGroupInfo=1; AutoSpot=1; Map=1; WeaponCursor=1; AutoGuideAT=1; ClockIndicator=1; 3rdPersonView=1; UltraAI=0; CameraShake=0; UnlimitedSaves=1; DeathMessages=1; NetStats=1; VonID=1; ExtendetInfoType=1; }; skillFriendly=1; precisionFriendly=1; skillEnemy=0.55000001; precisionEnemy=0.30000001; }; class Regular { class Flags { Armor=1; FriendlyTag=1; EnemyTag=1; MineTag=1; HUD=1; HUDPerm=1; HUDWp=1; HUDWpPerm=1; HUDGroupInfo=1; AutoSpot=1; Map=1; WeaponCursor=1; AutoGuideAT=1; ClockIndicator=1; 3rdPersonView=1; UltraAI=0; CameraShake=0; UnlimitedSaves=1; DeathMessages=1; NetStats=0; VonID=0; ExtendetInfoType=1; }; skillFriendly=1; precisionFriendly=1; skillEnemy=0.69999999; precisionEnemy=0.5; }; class Veteran { class Flags { Armor=0; FriendlyTag=0; EnemyTag=0; MineTag=0; HUD=0; HUDPerm=0; HUDWp=0; HUDWpPerm=0; HUDGroupInfo=0; AutoSpot=0; Map=1; WeaponCursor=0; AutoGuideAT=1; ClockIndicator=1; 3rdPersonView=0; UltraAI=0; CameraShake=1; UnlimitedSaves=1; DeathMessages=0; NetStats=0; VonID=0; ExtendetInfoType=0; }; skillFriendly=1; precisionFriendly=1; skillEnemy=0.89999998; precisionEnemy=0.75; }; class Mercenary { class Flags { Armor=0; FriendlyTag=0; EnemyTag=0; MineTag=0; HUD=0; HUDPerm=0; HUDWp=0; HUDWpPerm=0; HUDGroupInfo=0; AutoSpot=0; Map=1; WeaponCursor=0; AutoGuideAT=0; ClockIndicator=0; 3rdPersonView=0; UltraAI=1; CameraShake=1; UnlimitedSaves=0; DeathMessages=0; NetStats=0; VonID=0; ExtendetInfoType=0; }; skillFriendly=1; precisionFriendly=1; skillEnemy=1; precisionEnemy=1; }; }; sceneComplexity=1000000; shadowZDistance=100; viewDistance=4000; preferredObjectViewDistance=3000; terrainGrid=6.25; volumeCD=9; volumeFX=9; volumeSpeech=9; volumeVoN=9; vonRecThreshold=0.029999999; If you look at the veteran (same with mercenary btw) difficulty you can clearly see everything with HUD is 0, but the group HUD is still there... All other HUD's are gone though. Anyone else encountered this?