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  1. Hmm are you using a bamboo computer mate? Im on a Lenovo G780 laptop. I dont even spend 1m loading the entire game to the menu and i can tab out while doing it. I havent experienced this at all, so i cant back you up on this. But if its an issue it needs to be adressed ofc :)
  2. I realize this, but what does AI performance have to do with TK scripts? Its 2 different features and they have next to nothing to do with each other, so i dont get it. Im not saying it all works, im saying the entire game was build around this feature. Ofc all scripts doesnt work yet, its very early Alpha build and i can promise you NOBODY has ever said everything works in Arma III. Because we dont have AC yet, and how exactly did you come up with this "When you are satisfied with all your scripts"? Im saying BI doesnt have to do this, because people in the community will do it and BI knows it. First of all, you will never get banned for accidently crashing a chopper. Second, Steam better care how they handle this, or it will damage theyre image. Third, we dont even know if its gonna be VAC, BE or something else, thats gonna ban people yet.......... So what exactly is it you are trying to tell us? I dont understand what you are trying to explain and how it has something to do with a TK scripts and who has to provide it. Again we are talking about 1 script running server side, that doesnt have any impact on performance, if written well. I still believe it can be done by the community and BI doesnt have to provide this kind of feature, they got much more important stuff to do. Correction: It has already been done by the community for the Arma series, it works and it has options so you can costumize it for your needs.
  3. But having negative score doesnt equal TK tbh. You can just as easy get it from accidents. And dont get me wrong, but everything is scripts.... It wouldnt matter if you slap a TK script into a server, as its build to do exactly that, have a million scripts running at the same time. I cant see your point tbh, 1 script, if well written, will not have any kind of impact on performance what so ever. You make it sound like the engine isnt build for this exact purpose, while it infact is. 1000 or 10000 scripts will have an impact, but we are talking about 1 single script here, nothing else. Sorry but thats complete and utter BS, you cant steal an Arma III License, its bound to your Steam Account, so people will have to steal the Steam Account from you, and thats far more difficult then using a simple registry key logger... So if it gets stolen, its the entire Steam Account they need, not just a simple key like Arma II. Thats one of the reasons BI choose to become "Steam Exclusive" like they did. Once the game is accepted on the account, its locked forever.
  4. ^this I cant see the problem, its already out there and being used so why should BI waste time on making it a feature when you just go DL a script and run it on the server/mission. And like rAMMY mentions, a forced TK system would cause issues in missions its not suppose to be in. Im having a hard time seing how Admins cant do this themselves and BI "have to provide" it. This is exactly why we have the community, with so many skilled people. To do stuff like this so BI can focus on the more important stuff.
  5. You will proberly also find answers here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147391-Will-my-PC-run-this-What-CPU-GPU-to-get-What-settings-What-System-Specifications Most of the time when i have this happen to me, its because serverside settings override your own settings. Admins in general have the view distance, object distance and shadow distance set way way to high on the servers, so people will lag. Found alot of servers with 5km view distance and 4km object distance and thats completely useless, as you cant see more then 1km ahead because of the hills anyway, most of the time.
  6. Far from actually, people just havent activated the sig check on a while lot of servers yet. But its getting there :)
  7. Then you set it up wrong mate, as it deff works fine :) A lot of people are using it hehe.
  8. byrgesen

    Left handed option?

    Well the "secret squirrel types" you mention, are also a part of arma, so Reckon and Special Ops teams would make good use of this feature. Especialy in CQB. Not saying everybody uses it, but it is deff used in the real world, so why not here :) Its suppose to be a sandbox milsim right? so you need to have as many options as possible.
  9. True, was just proving it is a niche game and it has far less players then any mainstream game :) Even though its one of the best selling games on steam, it cant match the others. And since Arma III is steam exclusive its a very usefull statistic, tons of people have hard copies of Arma II aswell, so thats not in the statistic, as well as many other games that arent steam exclusive. Yet almost all other mainstream games have more players on steam then Arma III. @mirudes, how do you know it will not be "feature complete" in the end of alpha? Got a source for that statement? Do you know if BI will be using Perpetual Beta? Ohh forgot to mention, it does say "usually ends with feature freeze", so one could argue an alpha doesnt have to end with all features being there, if they make a Perpetual Beta Release.
  10. The perfect time to throw that in here mate ;) Thats exactly what i was talking about before, time and money = better protection, but it does take some time. And its nice to see we get more filters. We need all we can get, eventually we will have a filter for every single action in the entire game. @walker I see your point mate, but tbh they "just" need to make filters that can see if you actually drop the weapon or you spawn it via a command. I believe its possible and it will happen in the future, just a matter of developing it enough and they got so much more time and money to do it now :) I dont think they need to change anything fundamental in the game, just the way BE interacts with it and give BE more power over the player. And there has to be a way to distinguish between a spawn command and a drop command tbh, it cant be true its exactly the same in every single case. But Arma is still a niche game, they are so far from any mainstream developer on sales and its like nothing else out there. Yes III is alot more popular, but essentially its the same game as II, with a fancy graphic render on top. Just look at this maximum number of Arma III players today was 3961, where as skyrim, black ops, CS:GO and CS:S are around 25-35k, even the old CS is over 40k a day. Team fortress is over 50k, so arma is very much still a niche game in my opinion. Theres actually less people playing Arma III then Arma II.
  11. Yeh its broken, you need to use the "old" way of scripting tasks till it works again. I had a ton of trouble with it and i ended up using FHQ TaskTracker for it insted. It was a whole lot easier and didnt give me the same headace :) But basicly i believe it has something to do with the group sync not working properly. If you only sync the task to group leader the rest of the group doesnt get tasks half of the time, so i tryed syncing each and every single task,briefing and diary record to every single player, to no avail. It just wont work right yet :) Try looking at FHQ TaskTracker, it really is "noob" friendly and quite easy to use, alot easier then sitting and pulling your hair out because the modules in the editor doenst work correctly :) Have a look here: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=2572 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=2272 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=5668 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=4144 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=6510 You are far from alone with this issue :)
  12. byrgesen

    JUMP please!!

    FYI i was comparing to real life soldier, not another game...
  13. byrgesen

    JUMP please!!

    Something like that yes, that would be ideal. V while running normally should make the "walk over" animation, while sprinting should vault. But it HAS to be based on the weight you are carrying. People with RPG and a big full backpack should not be able to vault as much (maybe not vault at all), as the sniper with no backpack and only 1 weapon, if you know what i mean :) I deff dont wanna see all classes being able to vault the same, that doesnt make sense. AT and EXP classes should have a harder time vaulting, simply because of the equipment they have with them.
  14. Would any of you know how to force "Collision Lights" on an AI controlled helicopter at spawn? Would like it to spawn with them on, no matter what, if its possible, just cant find the right thing to put in the init field. NP i found it.
  15. It does, im using it for UPS all the time. Just slap it in the init.sqf and change the markername to your markername, done :) And ofc remember to put ";" at the end like this: "markerName" setMarkerAlpha 0;
  16. byrgesen

    3rd person view and difficulty levels

    As far as im concerned it should be removed, but thats not realistic. I would say Recruit, only on the lowest difficulty tbh. One of the most challenging things in Arma is the transition from using 3rd to 1st person camera. The difficulty level should reflect that, forcing you to learn the game in 1st person on higher difficulties. I personally never ever play with 3rd, even if its available on the server, just not my cup of tee, but that doesnt mean other people doesnt like it aswell :) Let it stay but only on the lowest difficulty. And this ofc, its the only time i use it, especially if i change gear of the soldiers. But if it was on the lowest difficulty we could still use it in the editor when we wanted.
  17. byrgesen

    JUMP please!!

    No need to be rude like that lol. He was simply stating his oppinion. And just because people dont write they will abuse such a system, do you really think thats true? If so, you are very naiv :) I also share that oppinion, no jump pls. Vault is fine, but theres no reason to jump tbh, why use that amount of energi and expose your self so much, when 10/10 times you can go around, be much much safer and use the wall for cover. I am also having a real hard time actually finding proof that soldiers in combat, are jumping a whole lot. From what ive been able to read and hear from friends in the military, they dont, because of the exposure and because its safer to stay low at all times then be jumping around + 30-50kg of gear doenst help, makes it near imposible to jump over a 1m fence. Hence the "walk over" animations we currently have. Soldiers just dont jump all over the place, they step over stuff to preserve energy, so they dont get tired before they even reach the enemy. Vaulting will be fine, if it takes a huge amount of your energy and you start breathing heavier, but it should not be something you can do every 5-10 seconds. To unrealistic tbh.
  18. ATM theres nothing to provide us with remote admin connection. The only option you have is to log into the server and log in as admin.
  19. Basicly you just explained why we have a million BE filters and why we will get more down the road. And its "simply" a matter of setting the filter correctly for each mission, so you know whats legit and whats not and lets face it, most public servers tend to run the same mission for a long period of time. (70-80% of all public servers are Wasteland atm) Not saying its easy, but its the end goal here. To have mission specific filters only allowing whats allowed in the mission and nothing else, while still keeping the freedom Arma is know and love for. So if your mission doesnt have any kind of TP requests, you would filter it out in the BE filter and people who actually TP'ed would get caught. Its both simple and extremly difficult at the same time and this is where the phrase "stupid admins" come to play. Most admins expect to just throw in a BE filter and then it will keep you safe, but it needs to be mission specific, to provide the most protection. Just like DayZ has custom BE filters. Like mentioned before, the filters we have now can spot alot, but there will be more specialized filters to catch more down the road, no doubt about it. You even said it your self: Its an ever evolving aspect of gaming and the more hacks that are used, the easier it will be to find them and prevent them, because of the amount of people using it. They will all leave some kind of proof, and im 100% confident theres gonna be new filters to catch new things, just like we saw in Arma II. In the beginning it was simple poorly written cheats, they got caught. Later came some more sophisticated ones, new filters were created and they were caught. Thats the way it wil be for ever and we cant change that. But changing the entire engine and locking everything down, because you think its the best way, is a no go. Arma is what Arma is and thats why people love it. Take away theyre freedom and you remove the "pillars" in the community, thus killing it off and making it "just another shooter" out there. If the short amount of time spend on BE filters in Arma II could catch so many hackers (it did, thats facts), just think about the possibilities with more money and more time. :)
  20. Exatcly why you should hand over the code to the devs so they can make it official.... If its as awsome as you say.
  21. byrgesen

    Mission start text

    No clue really. But why not take the And stuff it in a trigger to show ingame text? I am not sure how it works, with what you are trying to do, but my method seems easier tbh :) And it sounds like its the same result. You could always try downloading a wasteland mission and unpacking it, i know they have a text overlay at the start, although its quite ugly tbh.
  22. byrgesen

    Mission start text

    Ok ive learned alot today about this :) Go in the editor and create a trigger, then go to "EFFECTS" and set "TYPE" to "TEXT" and set "EFFECT" to what ever you want. Effect is basicly the way it will be showed on the screen. Thats it oO, im surpriced aswell hehe. But it works and it shows text on the screen, when you trigger the trigger so to speak. So just place a trigger at the very beginning and use this and you have text at mission start :) I just placed multible triggers with space between then to show what i wanted, while people are flown in via chopper in the start of my mission. EDIT: Ohh forgot to mention you should OFC add your own sentence to the bottom line in "EFFECTS" :)
  23. How about giving the scripts to Dwarden then? I bet theres something in there he can use somehow and it would benefit us all in the long run. I understand people are frustrated and start writing theyre own code, but i dont understand why it isnt shared with everybody, so we all can get some more safety tbh. Im no pro coder, so i will most likely not be creating anything my self, that doesnt mean i dont want protection :)
  24. byrgesen

    FHQ TaskTracker

    Thank you very very much mate, ive been strugling with this for some time so it pleases me to see the fast response :) Will try it out ASAP. Keep up the good work, this script is amazing and truly a "noob" friendly feature heh. EDIT: Ok fiddled with it abit but now im getting this in the .RPT: Error in expression < false; { if (((_x select 0) select 0) == _this) exitWith {_result = true;}; } > Error position: <== _this) exitWith {_result = true;}; } > Error ==: Type Array, expected Number,String,Object,Side,Group,Text,Config entry,Display (dialog),Control,Network Object,Team member,Task,Location File C:\Users\User\Documents\Arma 3 Alpha\missions\co_10_The_Convoy.Stratis\fhqtt.sqf, line 461 EDIT2: I downloaded the script again, apperently i was missing 4kb oO, will try again now mate. EDIT3: Ok it works now with no script errors lol. It would seem like i had an older version of THQ then i needed, for some reason lol. Thx again mate.
  25. byrgesen

    FHQ TaskTracker

    Ive got a simple, but for me quite difficult, question :) Can i make child tasks and how does it work? i didnt get much info out of the .pdf tbh And if i make a child task is it possible to have several tasks assigned at the same time, coz i cant assign several tasks like this. Heres my current task code: //Tasks [ west, ["task1", "Make sure the Hunter reaches <marker name='F.O.B'>F.O.B Faravahar</marker> intact and doesnt get hijacked or destroyed by rebels. <br/> <br/>The objective is to ensure the succesfyl arrival of <marker name='convoy'>the Hunter</marker> at <marker name='F.O.B'>F.O.B Faravahar.</marker> <br/> <br/>The Hunter contains the most valuable military goods, for the Iranian Army and it is the one vehicle we cannot afford to lose.", "Protect The Convoy", "", getmarkerpos "F.O.B" ] , ["task2", "Make sure the Technician reaches <marker name='F.O.B'>F.O.B Faravahar</marker> intact and doesnt get hijacked or destroyed by rebels. <br/> <br/>The objective is to ensure the succesfyl arrival of <marker name='convoy'>the Techinician</marker> at <marker name='F.O.B'>F.O.B Faravahar.</marker> <br/> <br/>The Technician is there to help the Iranian Army repair the damages from the rebels attacks, but so far he hasnt been able to get to the F.O.B", "Protect The Technician", "", getmarkerpos "F.O.B" ] ] call FHQ_TT_addTasks; How would i go about seting task2 as a child task for task1? I honestly cant figure it out hehe.