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  1. This is great mate :) good job. The only thing i have to say is the MK200 sounds abit "off", cant say exactly what is wrong but its just "off" hehe. Other then that, a serious firefight sounds amazing, truly, good job mate.
  2. Lets not turn this into a AIA thread, theres another thread for that ;) This is Sakura's thread. I just mentioned it heh.
  3. Ok, ive tryed it with the 343 radio, is that ACRE specific or? Im not sure mate.
  4. No, accoding to BI that would be "illegal distribution of content", because its not a freeware, its still a payed game and they own it :) Look at the rules here mate: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148172-Forward-porting-of-Arma-content You can alwasy go try the AIA if you want more then maps, but i dont believe Sakura has any plans on adding anything else then maps to this mod :)
  5. Great addon mate :) Got one problem though. No matter what i do the radio wont load into a saved loadout. I can pull it just fine from the box, and use it, but when i save the loadout and load it up, an error pops up and i dont get the radio. Am i doing something wrong or does it have issues?
  6. Nope, nothing like that is mentioned anywhere. :)
  7. It still doesnt change tha fact that EA are "dicks" and they couldnt care less about people who use and buy theyre products. Its still well deserved in my opinion, i hope they go bankrupt soon, so someone with actual love for video games can continue the work. BUT thats most likely not gonna happen soon :)
  8. This is awsome mate. Its much better to wait untill its more stabile, then releasing a buggy "alpha" ;)
  9. I guess people are giving him "space" to get done ;) Which is a good thing tbh hehe. Yeh saw the AIA, but im only interested in the maps, nothing else :) It kinda has to be, or it wont be worth much tbh :)
  10. Just found this video, which blames EA for the things shown in the articel up top. They also says EA could be responsible for a "new gaming industry crash" like we saw in the 80's. Its a great video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XZxXEidtxHk
  11. Yeh just went to test it, damn ;) Will try to see if manual config can overwrite it though. EDIT: Nope not possible, it will not revert the config file to 200, but shadows arent there over 200m. But im pretty sure the final product will have a longer shadow range tbh. EDIT2: Ok it reverts to 200 when you close the game. Hoping its alpha limitations and not the done yet :)
  12. Thats actually true, even though it doesnt seem like theres any shadows on. Think shadows at 1km distance would change it dramaticly.
  13. Im done. Walkerdown, you keep "sneaking" around all the questions people ask you and answer what you feel like answering, we arent getting anywhere here. Its nice you share your oppinion, but do try to be realistic and try to back up your previous statements, insted of focussing on one single paragraph and repeating yourself over and over. Early Access Steam info even says: "Developers have varying approaches", so Steam doesnt set the rules, BI does. Again, you didnt buy an Alpha, you bought the final product and at the same time you got the chance of being a part of the development, through the Steam Early Access program. Just gonna leave this quote here from the steam page: Cya around.
  14. Good stuff mate, i can only agree. I havent touched EA games in a long time because of thoose exact reasons :) The fact that they admit it and then blame the players is just retarded lol.
  15. I see your point mate, but the fact is they released it and it has no AC, so we have to adapt to it if we want to be a part of it. We can sit here and talk about "how its was suppose to be" or "we need this and that" all day, but it doesnt realy change anything :) We got what we got and its now up to us to make the best of it, or leave it alone till it hits a more "preferable" state.
  16. I can understand alot of what you are saying mate, but some of the stuff is kinda strange tbh. Take the skiddies, most of them are stupid, very stupid. Dont mistake them for the actual people who make the hacks, they are smart. But most of the time when a dude comes along and nukes your server, hes not smart. He just found a website where he could download a step by step guide, on how to setup and use the cheat, but most of them have no idea how the actual cheat works. I hosted alot of servers in A2, and 90% of everybody that was cheating, did it so obvious, with the same cheats, that you would spot them fast, thats not clever tbh. Next is the Q2 stuff, how do you know it will be June? Arent there several months in Q2? Just because the Alpha Lite ends here, how do you know we will get a Beta Release? It seems like you know a whole lot about how BI work and what content we will get and when. Then the testing it self. Would like to know the answer to the question Ezcoo wrote aswell. And if we have an open alpha with no AC, how can it be "ment" to be tested on open public servers or even "not ment" to be tested on closed servers, just because its an Open Alpha? Just dont get it tbh. Its like bying a bike just to park it unlocked, and then complain someone stole it, because the manufacturer didnt provide a lock. I mean sure you can host a public server, but the chances of you finding bugs, and the cause of them, are extremly tiny, because you are having a hard time knowing if its a hacker or an actual bug in the game, thats fucking with you. At this stage in the development i would mean a controlled enviorement is the best place to hunt down bugs and figure out what causes it, so one can post a proper bug report. I also think a locked PW'd server with 30 people you know, have a higher chance of spotting the bugs, simply because you try more different stuff then most public ones (example: 85% of ALL servers run Wasteland atm) and you trust people more, so you can figure out whats a bug and whats not faster. Im not saying it has to be like this in the entire development fase, but right now its the best way to "use" Arma III. At least untill the servers get some kind of AC. And now the kicker hehe. You did NOT buy an alpha... You bought a finished product and got early acces to the development builds. Many of the people who bought the game, did so because its cheaper now, then it will be in a year, NOT because they wanted to buy an Alpha or test the development builds. So the whole "i purchaced a product" is kinda invalid at this point, because you have payed for the final product and not the testing fases. You simply CHOOSE to play the alpha because you want, but you dont have to. You can wait a year and then play the final game and THEN complain about you spending money, but at this point you have bought the final product, so you cant complain about "your right as a costumer" untill it actually gets released. You can however, try to help BI make it a better game by giving constructive critism and posting proper bug reports. I think you have way to high expectation of an alpha, we got extremly limited content, no AC and alot of bugs, but you complain about theese exact things, even though theres labels all over the place, telling you its not final and it will be subject to change. Also the amount of players in the Alpha doesnt really matter at this time, so many people posted bug reports now so BI have a ton of stuff to do. They will do it, with 500 players testing the game or 10.000 players, it doesnt really matter. What matters is the "real" testers, thoose who provide feedback on the actual game content at this time, and not thoose who complain about stuff we dont even have yet. Thoose who wants to test, will test, and thoose who doesnt want it, will stay away. Regardless of cheating and hacking. Im also 100% confident BI didnt release this Alpha for us to set up 100's of public servers with no AC and then complain about it.
  17. Take your time mate, you are doing one hell of a job. We can wait a week if thats what it takes :)
  18. Hey guys. Im working hard on a convoy mission and its really comming together :) Got units and vehicles placed and triggers in place for a succesful mission ending, but whats up with the "Lose" trigger? Every time i set it to "Lose" and give it the correct condition, it still pops up with "Mission Complete" screen. My conditions are 1 person and 1 vehicle that must not die, but when i kill them it says the above insted of "Mission Failed". The wierd part is, if i kill theese it pops up with "Objective Failed" but no "Mission Failed" -_- Heres my conditions for Lose trigger: !alive tech_player AND !alive truck_true; Is the trigger "Lose" not working properly? Is it a redundant system and do i have to use something else? Did the new score screen fuck with it somehow? Ive used THQ Tasktracker for all my tasks and breifing and it works like a charm, just cant get it to pop up with a final screen saying "Mission Failed" if the correct conditions are met. Ive been trying to figure this out for some days now, but to no avail. So can someone help me? :)
  19. Know the feeling, this mod is highly anticipated. But we dont want it till its ready hehe. So take your time to get it there Sakura_Chan, dont stress ;)
  20. byrgesen

    Beta isn't actually that far away

    Its just awsome. And your right, its actually not far away, YAAAH!! Think we can all agree BI got stuff "in the back" for us and we will get our hands on it soon enough :)
  21. Saying it does nothing is pure BS mate, it prevents people from joined with any mod the server doesnt have a key for, so the "baby" hackers cant hack with theyre self written mods. Sure it doesnt protect against injections of scripts, but it does help indeed. Its funny how people complain they cant "test" (play?) the game on public servers because of hackers. As i see it, to do proper testing you need a controlled enviorement aka passworded and locked servers with trusthworthy people. So i dont blame them for not making it priority, as its not needed to do proper testing, at this stage of the development. Its needed to actually play the game later on :) I also think a whole lot of people are getting bored with the Alpha, at this stage, so they go to other games untill more stuff gets introduced into the game. The second a big patch with more weapons and vehicles is introduced, you will see a HUGE flow of people coming back, for sure :)
  22. We can only hope :) *sitting patiently in the corner*
  23. Hello people. Heres my shot at a very very dynamic transportation mission. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arma III Alpha [stabile Branch v.052.103507] Mission Mission Name: The Convoy Mission Features: - 5-10 man COOP. - 06:55 am, Tuesday, March 16th, 2027. - Very dynamic and different each run. - Random % based AI and spawns on 80% of all units. - Random % based mines - Random loadout script for all AI. - Random loadout script for Technician & Bodyguard. - UPS script. - TAW script. - FHQ TaskTracker. - Revive. (Theres 2 files included in the download. One with Revive and one without, you can choose what to use.) Objectives: 1 - Protect The Convoy 2 - Protect The Technician Situation The year is 2027 and civil war is about to brake out on Stratis so the current Iranian commander in chief has asked NATO for assistance. NATO has already send several tranports with weapons, supplies and troops, but they have all been hijacked or destroyed by rebels. A decision was made, to send Special Team Watchdogs to help with transportation of the military goods. The Technician arrived on Stratis a week ago, but the Iranians havent got the manpower to take him to the F.O.B. Wathcdogs will be flown in via chopper to rendezvous with the convoy, which is only protected by a handfull of Iranian soldiers at this point. The Technician was escorted to the convoy by the Iranian soldiers and is waiting for your arrival. The Convoy Plot Special Team Watchdogs are to rally with the convoy via airdrop into Limeri Bay. Your task is simply to take over the convoy from the current troops and make sure it arrives at the Iranian F.O.B. There is a Technician present, which also has to be transported and must be kept alive. Satelite images show the northern and southern part of Stratis has become a giant mine field, so you are adviced to stay near the center of the island. Unfortunately the center of Stratis is also the place with most rebel activity, so be very carefull. Credits Author - Byrgesen Thanks to: Kronzky = UPS Script Magirot = Randomize Script Tonic-_- = TAW View Distance Script Varanon = FHQ TaskTracker D34 = Loading Screen Image And of course THANKS to all my fantastic testers @ Casual Arma Players :D Special thanks to Sleeper, for helping me sorting ending triggers out :)
  24. No not to prevent mate, im just trying to understand why BI have to provide it and why the community isnt good enough for you :) But im pretty active on theese forums yes ;)
  25. True, it can be a bitch to tab out of arma 3 in fullscreen. It usually maximizes arma again when you either close or minimize the window you tab out to. But the parameter -nopause works fine for me, the game doesnt pause when i tab out in SP or Editor, it keeps going. So it does what its suppose to do. Ive also heard about people using -high paramter, but i have no idea if it actually forces windows to prioritize Arma over other programs running.