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  1. Well thank you good sir ;) The community is lucky to have people like you here hehe.
  2. This is awsome mate, fantastic job. Reading through your thread you mention its "easy" to add the other explosives aswell, do you have any plans for doing this or will i have to figure it out by my self? :) Im primarly thinking satchel charge, as the other ones really dont have any purpose being attached to anything.
  3. byrgesen

    AI Skill Settings

    Got another question about this. By simply putting: { _x setSkill ["aimingaccuracy", 0.2]; _x setSkill ["aimingshake", 0.2]; _x setSkill ["aimingspeed", 0.2]; _x setSkill ["endurance", 0.5]; _x setSkill ["spotdistance", 0.2]; _x setSkill ["spottime", 0.2]; _x setSkill ["courage", 0.4]; _x setSkill ["reloadspeed", 0.3]; _x setSkill ["commanding", 0.5]; _x setSkill ["general", 0.7]; } forEach allUnits; In the init.sqf, does that execute for all AI, even the ones spawned half way through the mission? Have anyone tryed this with HC missions and spawning AI on the HC? I am doing some testing on this but im not sure it actually works hehe.
  4. byrgesen

    AI Skill Settings

    Roger, thats what i was assuming aswell. Thx for clarifying mate.
  5. Sounds like you need to go back to stabile branch mate :) Best, and most likely only, solution to your problems.
  6. byrgesen

    AI Skill Settings

    Does anyone know why theres 2x SpotDistance? What does it do and whats it purpose? To me it seems like the same parameter is being called twice, are we suppose to do that?
  7. byrgesen

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    Was just looking for answers on this very subject tonight. I can confirm it still doesnt work on the stable branch in v.0.70.106872 So i need one of my friends to help me, by allowing me to use his account, to test if my HC missions work lol. I really hope theres gonna be a solution or even just a sloppy workaround soon :( One can only dream of a HC.exe hehe
  8. Ok, will see if i can make it work :) Fingers crossed.
  9. Thx for this amazing script, simply loving all the new editions :) I have a question though. Have you ever tryed making this run on a HC? i would love to make a mission with a huge amount of EOS markers and massive reinforcements, running from a HC. Im thinking simply make the eos_OpenMe.sqf start on the HC, but it cant be that simple can it? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated :)
  10. Try using: (unitBackpack this) addItemCargo ["ACRE_PRC119",1]; Tryed and tested, it works fine.
  11. Will try it out straight away, thx so much for your hard work. Keep it up mate :) EDIT: Works like a charm, thx for the help mate. EDIT2: One more question hehe, In the new script does helicopters active the areas? If so how would i go about disabling that? I saw the answer a couple of pages back, but it doesnt seem to apply to this new version: Find _spotFriendlies trigger. Replace _spotFriendlies setTriggerStatements ["this","",""]; with _spotFriendlies setTriggerStatements ["this && {((getPosATL _x) select 2) < 5} count thislist > 0 ","",""];
  12. Hey mate. First of all, awsome update, it seem to really improve performance alot mate. Ive got some questions about the map markers. I want to hide the map markers, because i feel it ruins immersion to simply look at your map to see if theres more enemies in the area. So far ive used this in init.sqf: {_x setMarkerAlpha 0} foreach ["mkr1","mkr2","mkr3","mkr4","mkr5","mkr6","mkr7","mkr8","mkr9","mkr10","mkr11","mkr12","mkr13"]; Ive put the markers into the eos_init.sqf like this, did some tweaking of the groups aswell: // DEFAULT ZONES = TWO SQUAD IN BUILDINGS _eosDefault = ["mkr8","mkr9","mkr11","mkr12","mkr13"]; // HEAVY ZONES = TWO SQUADS PATROLLING ZONE AND LIGHT VEHICLE AND REINFORCEMENTS WILL SPAWN _eosHeavy = ["mkr2","mkr3"]; // LIGHT VEHICLE = ONE SQUAD AND LIGHT VEHICLE _eosVeh = ["mkr10"]; // APC EOS ZONES = TWO SQUADS AND APC _eosApc = []; // REINFORCEMENT EOS ZONES = TWO SQUAD AND REINFORCEMENTS WILL SPAWN _eosReinf = ["mkr1","mkr4","mkr5"]; // EMPTY ZONES = CHANGE MARKER COLOUR WHEN UNITS ENTER (NO AI SPAWN) _eosEmpty = []; // SIDE MISSION EOS ZONE = USE THIS WHEN YOU ARE CALLING EOS FROM SCRIPTS _eosSide = [_externalMarker]; But for some reason it doesnt hide mkr8, mkr10 and mkr11. Im not sure why. Is your script forcing the markers to be visible somehow? Ive used this method in all previous versions and it always worked like a charm, now it just doesnt work for 3 of the markers. Do you have any wise words? I would also like to suggest an option to hide the mapmarkers via config chance (1/0), if you have any interest in this and if its not to much work :)
  13. Agreed, its gonna be nice when theese #@!$#! are caught and punished ;)
  14. byrgesen

    Arma 2 free server ip

    Basicly use sites like this to find your external IP: http://www.whatismyip.com/ If you dont have remote desktop acces to where ever your server is hosted, find it on the list of arma servers: http://arma2.swec.se/server/list You should be able to find all the info you need there.
  15. byrgesen

    ArmA 3 EOS script

    Why not ask the author in the actual EOS thread, instead of making a new thread where its not needed mate. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?153100-Enemy-occupation-system-(eos)&highlight=EOS
  16. byrgesen

    Kryptek Camo and Gear - WIP

    Yeh this is good stuff mate. Cant wait for release :) Keep up your good work.
  17. Good old .bat with self created config files. Works like a charm, runs great and is very easy to handle/configure what ever you want. Ive had a look at several server launchers, but the good old way works perectly :)
  18. Use this: this addItem "ACRE_PRC119"; this assignItem "ACRE_PRC119"; Done :) Items in the "toolbelt" has to be assigned aswell.
  19. I have a question :) When you save your loadout, where does it save it? A local file? if so where exactly? We wanna be able to make x specific loadouts and distribute it to our members, but we dunno where its saved from the VAS exactly.
  20. byrgesen

    pop up targets

    Thank you very much :) You made our community very happy.
  21. Try a steam cache verification, it usually takes care of this problem for our group. :)
  22. byrgesen

    Unlock Mod

    I would like to request a server key for this addon :) We wanna start using sig verification and this mod is great, but it needs a key.
  23. byrgesen

    pop up targets

    Im would like to request a serverkey, since we wanna start using sig verification. Can you make that happen OP? :)
  24. I would like to request a server key for the download :) Didnt find one at the Armaholic Download.