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  1. Ok, im running it on a Lenovo G780 laptop with everything on low (still looks alot better then arma II) at 30-40 fps, although there seems to be lag spikes. But the spikes doesnt come at particular events or moments, just random fps drops once in a while for some secs and then its fine. Lenovo G780 Windows 7 x64 CPU: i3-3110M @ 2.4Ghz GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 635M @ 4gb DDR3-1800Mhz (2gb shared, 2gb dedi) RAM: 8gb DDR3-1800Mhz HDD: Samsung SpinPoint ST750LM022 750GB SATA/300 5400RPM 8MB 2.5" Hard Drive DirectX: 11 Resolution: 1600x900x32
  2. byrgesen

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Hey people. First of all, what an awsome job. This mod is fantastic, thx so much for the effort mate :) Ive got a question for you :) Have you thought about creating a code for the DayZ Community Project to enhance the DayZ mod with your addon? :) I suggested to them to contact you and ask for permission to use J.S.R.S for dayz, but who knows, you might wanna work on it hehe. I hope im not being to forward or anything, we dont know each other :) But i, along with so many other people, feel J.S.R.S would enhance the DayZ gameplay experience a lot. What you created here is perfectly suited for the style, that is DayZ. But i am not a coder, nor am i working on the project my self. Just a simple admin giving his 2cents hehe. I hope you think about it mate.
  3. Im sorry you misunderstand. Its the CBA compatability with BE. The server has the correct keys but BE keeps kicking me from it, with #x restriction. I am shifting through the scripts.txt atm, to find out what lines arent allowing CBA. But i will go ask on the other forum, just thought i should ask here where CBA is supported.
  4. Hey people. Thanks for this lovely project :) I am in abit of a pickle and was hoping you can help me. I wanna run JSRS and CBA on my DayZ server, and it seems to work fine with just the JSRS mod. Still i need to enable the CBA, as its required for the JRSR, but when i do this and log into the server, i get kicked by BE Script Restriction #21. In the scripts.txt it says createtarget something on line #21, but i honestly dont know how to bypass it or comment it out. Have others been running into this issue? I really hope you can help me with a simple exeption or somehting like that :) Thx and keep up the good work. Btw this is private HIVE with Bliss installation, i have acces to all files so i can do what ever is nessecary for CBA to work.