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    Can play MP with Alpha Lite?

    I think you need to understand that the Lite version has next to nothing to do with a full scale alpha testing and the future development of arma. Its a glimse of what you can get if you buy it, made primarily to make it easier for people to convince theyre friends to buy it. The fact that you dont have multiplayer signals it doesnt need the same kind of support and not needed for proper testing. Infact you can actually call it a demo. If you wanna know if its a good game and your pc can run it, try the Lite. If you want to support BI and activily participate in the alpha, buy it. Or wait for the full release and dont participate in anything. Its very very simple and it just seems to me like you want it all handed to you, without actually paying for it. If anything BI should be one of the companies you would be happy to throw money after, if you look at theyre history and previous games. One other very important fact is, prior to the DayZ wave, Arma was 90-95% private servers with password/whitelist and that is exactly why BI doesnt need to concern themselves with anti cheat yet, theres so many communities out there ready to do proper testing of this game. Public servers have always been the worst idea in Arma and its not hard to find a community with passworded or whitelisted servers. Nobody is forcing you to buy a game in alpha stage, they are offering a glimse of it for free and you complain. I dont get it...
  2. byrgesen

    Can play MP with Alpha Lite?

    I like how you summarise all the problem the actual Alpha phases, but do you realise this is exactly what you DONT have to deal with in the Lite? Try it out on your system, i cant see how the hardware requirements would increase in any way, all the game needs is some optimization and it "should" run fine. Hell im running it on a laptop with an i3 just fine. You get to try a game for free, and keep in mind Arma is "dominated" by coop, so you are testing a very important feature (AI behavior). Be happy about that or support the developers so they can make the game better. Its like going to the grocery shop and getting a free sample of some food, and then afterwards complain you didnt get the entire package for free, it doesnt work like that in the real world my friend.
  3. It could also be caused by the lack of mod keys available. No keys, no public modded server with sig check ON.
  4. byrgesen

    Game Alpha Software (Arma 3)

    +1 @OP You have seen the light, Shine it over "them" and convert them from theyre evil ways ;)
  5. byrgesen

    Can play MP with Alpha Lite?

    If all the lite keys gave multiplayer acces we would give the skiddies a never ending supply of CD-keys to hack with.... Bad idea. Its ment for you to test the 4 showcases and then buy it if its awsome, nothing more, its free lol... You cant honestly expect a complex game like Arma to be free, with the time and effort that went into making the game.
  6. byrgesen

    Rifle Collision Addon

    Found a bug mate. The small barracks with the hatches doesnt like this addon :) Have a look heh: But what an awsome mod, love it :D
  7. byrgesen

    Bad version, server rejected connection.

    With the amount of updates and changes in the Dev Branch, theres not gonna be many servers running it. Simply to unstabile. Its for serious testers, not for everybody :)
  8. +1 Have you made a request on the dev tracker so we can vote it up?
  9. Rofl this is getting out of hand. Basicly people are bitching about an Alpha not working correctly -_- Well, welcome to testing. Insted of bitching here on the forums, go to the damn devtracker and vote up what you want. This forum trolling doesnt do shit and i really hate the fact that most of the people trashing the game in this thread is newly created members.... Comparing Arma to Crysis and BF3 or COD is also way out there, you simply cant compare them because theres so much of a fundamental difference between the engines they use and how they use them. BF3, COD and Crysis arent running the same amount of scripts and calculation as Arma, thats why you get 90+ FPS and cant figure out how to set up arma correctly. Understand you are testing atm, so dont bitch. Bring constructive critisism or stay away all together lol, you are wasting air and time by posting crap like this thread.
  10. byrgesen

    [SP] Capture of Agia Marina

    Yeh pack it pls mate :) For some reason i cant pack it as a pbo :(
  11. I must say, after having spend some time "mastering" the controls i love the way you move, very intuitive and instinctive, once learned it all and tweaked options around abit :) Theres a button for everything and its never worked better. Im having trouble understanding how you get stuck in corners and doorways, if you pay attention to your stance and weapon handling. I never get stuck like that. I never tryed OFP so cant say how it was back in the day but its a serious improvement from Arma II already and i dont think its important to change it a whole lot. As for vehicles you can use either space or click scroll to get in them so its already "easy" enough :) I see it this way, the one thing that makes Arma stand out is: It forces you to think of your actions before you do them, unlike most other FPS's where you do it and then think about what you actually did. Arma is a "thinking" game, not a fast paced, small map, speedy FPS. Thats why we need controls like we got, its so much more then run, stop, shoot, run, stop, shoot. Also remember, in order to move perfectly on a subconcious level in combat, you need to train for it first, aka get used to controls and figure out how to use them best. It does need polish, but the overall mehcanic is awsome and so much better then any kind of FPS out there tbh.
  12. byrgesen

    Soldiers appearance. Important!

    Pls tell me where in theese pictures you can find a "arnold-clone" :) This is just pictures of soldiers grabbed from google. Feel free to find more. http://www.defense.gov/dodcmsshare/newsphoto/2000-04/000421-F-8705R-002.jpg http://img529.imageshack.us/img529/3255/ut0006190du6.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_w1Te9kELSl8/SwSDg8sbzMI/AAAAAAAAJoA/E_4Y7aj2jOk/s1600/DTN+News+Slovak+Troops+in+Afghanistan+Nov+19+2009.jpg http://www.nato.int/pictures/2006/061005a/b061005b.jpg As you can see they all have normal body build, pretty much. This would lead one to think that "small and agile" is way better and will keep you more alive then "big and pumped" ever would. Ofc they need to be strong, but they do not train to get big mucles, they train to get agile and strong mucles, as that is way better for long term performance. So a no for me, we dont need Arnolds and Stallones in Arma pls. Keep it realistic and if its really needed, have 3 or 4 different models with different body builds, but NOTHING like we see in the movies pls.
  13. Just got another 14mb update, and we are now at version 0.5.102571 on the dev build. A changelog is getting more and more needed, cant wait to proberly start testing theese updates :)
  14. The player needs to interact with the vehicle in order to pull weapons out of it. We tested it and every single player needs to go into the driver seat and drive 1m then jump out. If players didnt use the vehicle, they could not loot the weapons, but ammo was just fine. I believe its a bug in the alpha :) Just tell people to interact with vehicles until its fixed.
  15. After the update last night vehicle damage has been tweaked a LOT. Its almost a death trap driving a quad bike now, even the slightest bump will make you loose 5-10 hp now and I almost killed my self driving a Hunter into a tree with 50 km/h aswell. The versions should be compatible though, just like arma II beta is backwards compatible. But we need a changelog tbh.
  16. byrgesen


    I see your point, but if it has the possibility to hurt the modding community in any way, its a no go tbh. Thats more important then easy acces. And for your friends it wont help much, unless the workshop is changed around so it can save multible configs or they stick to the same server. I dont think your friends would like to have to disable or enable mods every single time they launch the game, insted of just having a launcher (SIX) to download all mods and launch em when needed. Im having abit trouble seeing how workshop is easier then SIX, when it comes to using several mods. Sure if you only ever play on 1 server and they dont change mods alot workshop would proberly work ok. Its just not good enough to use for arma modding, coz its not costumizable in any way, when it comes to "what to launch". You have to choose addons at every single launch, like with SIX, but in SIX you can find a server without launching the game, therefor saving time and making it alot more flexible. I believe SIX is better and after 10 mins of looking around, almost as easy to figure out as steam tbh. Dont get me wrong, i like workshop for tons of other games, but giving valve rights to the mods "just like that", because it has to be a little bit easier, seems like an unfair trade :(
  17. byrgesen

    JUMP please!!

    Lets call it what it really is mate, vaulting :) Not jumping. Even Rocket calls it vaulting in that video. I say no, this is an milsim, aka you ALWAYS carry a lot of weight, so one could ask why you would tire yourself so much when you can step over the object or go around it tbh. Its never been a part of Arma simply because you dont need to jump, and people dont jump on the battlefield IRL. Jumping exposses you to much to make it worth it, and this game is NOT about getting from A-B fast (like all other shooters), this is about tactics and so much more then all other FPS's really. I know several people in the army and ive yet to hear them tell stories of how they won a battle or training excersize by jumping, its just not needed in this game, coz you would never jump over something on the battlefield and expose your self so much. 99% of the time its far more safe to go around obsticles and use them as cover. I still dont get how people seriously think you can jump over anything with 30-50kg of gear with you and vaulting is by far more then fitting to simulate the modern day soldier in battle.
  18. byrgesen


    Just stick with Play withSIX & Armaholic tbh. Theres no need for the workshop and it would be a nightmare to add several different mods to your client and starting them at different times, depending on the map. At least the way it is now. You would have to install and uninstall mods all the time or disable and enable them conteniously, (think skyrim) as theres no way to save multible configurations like with Play withSIX or through manual implementation. Alone that fact makes me not want to use it at all, at least untill the workshop has been changed around to fit arma correctly. It would also make it ALOT easier to govern "mod theives", if Valve never gets a peice of the modding pie.
  19. Can we get an official word on this please? Its important when it comes to server hosting and what to tell the players. People are "scared" they wont be able to play on the server once the dev branch speeds up, if the server isnt set to dev branch and the clients are, and ofc vice versa.
  20. byrgesen

    Wasteland for ArmA 3 by 404Games [MP]

    Hey guys, ive created a small Server "kit" to easy install 404Wasteland and get a server up and running :) Have a look here: http://www.404games.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/1739-basic-404wasteland-server-kit-for-arma-3/
  21. Ok guess i was way off then ;) Thx for clarifying mate.
  22. What about the chipset and the different buss speeds (lane bandwith) or PCI-e connections (either south or north bridge)? Could it have anything to do with theese issues? I dont know to much about it tbh, so dont flame :) Just asking hehe. It just seems wierd i can run MP on my Lenovo G780 just fine and people are having issues with huge beasts PC's. It actually runs and looks better then Arma 2 on this laptop. Basicly ive got this: i3-3110m @ 2.4Ghz, 3rd gen 8GB DDR3-1800Mhz Nvidia GT635m @ 2GB DDR3-1800Mhz Intel C216 Chipset and i get 35-45 fps in MP on average and 60+ in the editor, when theres no foilage around. Ofc it can drop to near 10, but its only rarely and it usually involves me standing in the middle of an explosion. I might add i NEVER join a server with more then 20 player slots, as it doesnt matter what you do, it will crash/lag/fuck up in some way and i believe BI has said several times on the forums, that more then 20 players equals instability. I cant find the posts though, to much crap to look through heh. On a side note its actually quite funny how people set up 50 and 60 player servers and expect it to run smooth, when arma II couldnt heh. Its like they dont realise they actually have many of the same components and its not an "entirely new game" perse, more of a very comprehensive exspansionpack. As far as i know, most of Arma 3 architecture is very close to Arma 2 architecture. Just optimized and with a new graphicaly "facelift" on top.
  23. byrgesen

    ALT+ TAB Back to Desktop

    works like a charm on steam even with steam closed and only running in the process line. i dont need to have something else to tab out to, can do it straight to the desktop. even when i launch it with SIX, around steam, i can do it. (six launcher closes after connection setting is ON)
  24. byrgesen

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I will try and get one later, im omw to school atm so it will be some hours. I was on a server yesterday, actually fying a chopper and yes, there was fps drops, but it level out again with no issues and we flew on. With theese settings i get 60+ fps in showcases, np. Very smooth. And to clarify, i said 40-50 as in its far from 50 all the time, It runs very smooth and does only drop when i look at dense foilage, doesnt drop when im with 5-10 players, unless its really intense combat. But all im trying to say is, fiddle with the start parameters. They gave me an insan amount of fps after a few days of changing settings around :) And dont forget i said everything is on low, most people might not be satisfied with that tbh.
  25. byrgesen

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Hello :) thought id share my experience so far. I am running arma 3 on Lenovo g780 laptop with theese specs: I3-3110m @ 2.4Ghz 8gb ddr3 1800-Mhz Nvidia GT635m @ 2gb ddr3 1800-Mhz I must say it runs like a charm. I got 40-50 fps, only slight drops when in dence foliage. Most of my settings are on low, but it still looks better then arma 2. I found a huge problem with multithreading, since ive got a dual core with it, i tryed to run with -cpucount=4 and -exthreads=7 and it started up at 12 fps. I then changed it to 2 and 3 and now i get 40-50 fps. Basicly it doesnt like multithreaded dual cores, but runs perfectly on 2 cores. This is my start parameter in SIX: "-cpucount=2" "-maxmem=6144" "-maxvram=2048" "-exthreads=3" "-nosplash" So who ever says they cant run it on an i7 with a mofo graphics card, must have set it up wrong. The start parameters makes a world of a difference. Remember this is a game where you need to tweak it to fit your system, coz the default settings suck bad a** :) Dont flame BI for your poor setup, yes theres bugs and performance issues atm, but its very doable and playable. If i can play it on a crappy laptop, please stop bitching :) I couldnt even do that with arma II, if it had to look somewhat desend. And please remember this is day 3......... They need to gather information before any kind of optimization can begin, and 3 days is far from enough. I have no doubt they know its an issue, but give them a chance lol.