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    Left handed option?

    Wow... Just wow... In a milsim shoulder transition most deff have a place lol. Like Rye says, shooting from cover gets a whole new meaning when you can choose what side to expose. As of right now, leaning left from cover is almost the same as killing your self with a grenade :) You expose half your body, shoulder transition could change that very much. Even though we have a million stances now, this feature would be extremely gamechanging and add another layer of simulation to the game. Sorry to say but your argument could not have been more invalid lol.
  2. YAH, i got an Armaholic mirror now :) Updated main post. On another note, im currently working on some "polishing features" to make it feel more complete and hopefully improve the dynamics. One of the things in testing atm is % spawn change of AI and some more usermade scripts features :) If all goes well i can roll out one of the lasts updates today heh. EDIT: Just rolled out v.0.9 :) Use dropbox for latest version untill Armaholic updates. Enjoy guys, i think we are close to being done now heh. EDIT2: ArmaHolic is now updated :)
  3. Sounds good mate :) Looking forward to it heh
  4. Beside, since when did people use the signature for something very important :) The chance of your signature being vital important to the thread is aprox 0 heh. Keep it like it is now pls, its better for thoose who have limited internet connections.
  5. byrgesen

    Left handed option?

    In the long run, it would be very nice to have a "hotkey" switch for weapons, just like they demonstrate in that video. It really makes sense i CQB and would help to simulate the trained combat soldier. But like stated before, its not a priority, just a nice feature along the way :)
  6. NP mate. If its his own mission, it should be in "C:\Users\Username\Documents\Arma 3 Alpha\missions" Thats the default editor save folder for missions. If he already packed it, its just a simple unpack where ever you like (exactly like winrar/zip) using tools like cpbo. Theres a package here with several tool, cpbo being one if them :) Or if you like programs with GUI, PBO view is not a bad choice. This will also associate all PBO files and change theyre icon, for easier use. Either way it should not be difficult to find it :) If the mission is pretty simple theres not a whole lot of scripts in it yet, so "mission.sqm" should stand out hehe.
  7. The format Arma uses for files :) Is it your own mission or did you download it?
  8. Any plans on releasing it for hosters? Sounds very interesting, but the post looks more like server advertisement then mission advertisement tbh :)
  9. Well, if the mission is PBO'd you need to unpack it to find the "mission.sqm" inside. If its a mission you only have in the Editor and havent PBO'd it, its in "C:\Users\Username\Documents\Arma 3 Alpha\missions"
  10. Hey people :) Ive recently jumped into the entire Arma mission scripting, but ive run into some issue with the editor. Ive made a simple search and destroy mission, and i divided Blufor into 2 groups, Razor and Ghost. They have different spawn points but everything is synched in the same way, through the squad leader, for both teams. This was done via the Editor Synch (dark blue line) option. Now heres my issue: When i preview it in the editor, all members of all teams gets tasks and briefing, np. AI fills up the players slots. When i then pack it and launch it as MP i will still get all tasks and briefing on both teams, if i choose squad leader. If i dont choose squad leader i dont get anything. (alone on server) But yesterday we tested it 7 players and nomatter what we did the Razor team didnt get tasks and briefing. So my questions are: Is the editor modules (task/intel) bugged and not relieable? Do i need to have 1 team leader and synch everything for Bufor through him, insted of having two squad leaders with each theyre sunch? Is there an issue with synching two groups of the same team to the same objectives and briefing? I tryed to synch all tasks to all people, but that resulted in 4x each task for each team -_- Ive tested and tested but i cant seem to fix the issue. Ive got a link to my mission on my signature, so if this is not enough info and you want to help just download the mission and open it in the editor to get a better idea of what i mean. I hope you can help me, thx in advance :)
  11. Ok got it working by synching all tasks to each and every player, removing sync in the group completely. But i have some quesions: Will they complete it synchonized by simply synching all player to the task?? Will group1 complete the objective when group2 does? Do i need to sync them in any way other then task to single player? Thats hard to test alone heh. Example: Trigger1 completes the objective by Blufor activation in the area. Player1 moves alone into the area, leaving player 2-3-4 outside (group1) while group2 is far away. Will all complete the objective by simply being synched to the task or will it only be player1 who completes it, because the group isnt synched together (due to the group sync bug)? Or is the completion linked to SIDES in anyway, automaticly updating all Blufor objectives, when player1 completes it? I need to make it so every player gets "task completed", even if they arent present in the objective area, because ive got 2 groups of players far from each other with the same objectives. Will they do that by simply synching all players to the task?
  12. byrgesen

    [Editor] Task modules

    *Posted in the correct thread*
  13. Just rolled out v.0.8.8 Try it out guys :) Basicly they changed a million ID's from 4 digits to 6 digits at some point. Yeh some doors cant be opened now :( This could result in some AI being trapped inside buildings (random spawn and all), until fixed, unless the AI can open the door. In my testing it was possible to blow up the tower without having to enter it, and complete the objective (v.0.8.8), lemme know how it works out for you guys :) EDIT: I might release a NON AI version, only for testing the task/briefing and stuff. Its alot easier to test with no AI around heh. EDIT2: Just tested compatability with Arma III Alpha [stabile Branch v.052.103507], which just got released, and it seems to work just fine. Updated main post to the correct Arma III Alpha version. It seems to have been nothing but a server crash hotfix.
  14. Thx for the info mate. Bug 1: I am currently working on the task/breifing modules. They are abit buggy at best lol. Will update later today. I also accidently set the VIP to start 11 meters in the air in an older version, so that might be what killed him ;) (in the beginning he was inside the control tower at top lvl, just forgot lol) And honestly im not sure if killing the VIP before blowing the tower will result in "fucked" objectives, need to figure it out. As for mines, he should spot them. All test indicates the AI can see the mines and walk around them with UPS. BUT theres also a bug in the alpha, causing the AI to become TK's if a friendly mine explodes on them. Maybe i should remove the mines untill its fixed as one mine exploding could result in the entire Opfor team going TK crazy on each other heh. Bug 2: It turns out BI changed the ID for the control tower at some point lol, dunno when. Also looking into it :) It did work in the beginning, so i guess its the ID number. Next version will have the correct one, im actually testing this right as we speak heh. Bug 3: This could be either an Alpha bug for AI or a bug in the UPS script, controlling the patrols. I will tweak it around abit to see if it changes anything. They are not suppose to run away like that :) Thx for the "contructive critisism" mate, i really need stuff like this to improve the mission. Cant test everything in solo MP heh. As for respawns. I was working with the BTC revive script yesterday, but i couldnt get the medkits to work proberly so removed it again. If im gonna add group spawns, it will not be untill the mission reaches a more stabile lvl and as you say, it has to be a seperate release :) Dont like respawn my self heh
  15. byrgesen

    [Editor] Task modules

    Well ive been searching for 2 days before i posted this, its hard being a newb lol :) But thx mate.
  16. Well if its that easy go right ahead... You are talking about a complete rewamp of the entire engine, making it no longer Arma. Theres nothing wrong with the enging, its far from a "bad design" lol. Its one of the few games left in the world that actually trusts the player. It was designed that way, so its actually a very good design. Just not for your purpose. Think of it this way, in Arma you are innocent till proven guilty. In ALL OTHER GAMES you are guilty untill proven innocent. The main reason its so easy to hack is stupid Admins. If every single admin were to throw PW and sig verification on right now, there would be a limited amount of hackers left and they would eventually leave because they can only play on servers filled with other hackers. (the few public ones left) You cant expect a game, which wasnt ment to be played on public servers, to have awsome protection, especially in such an early build. It was the same in Arma II, stupid admins not using all tools to take care of theyre server, setting up BE filters wrong, all that stuf.. It gave the skiddies "free-reigns" basicly. Play it in communities, the way it was always ment to be played, and 99% of all your hacker issues go away. Dont come running here screaming about bad engine design when your using it for something it wasnt intended for.... That being said, its gonna be nice to get some anti cheat. I hope for BE 2.0 ;) Loved BE and despite peoples "hate-campaign" it did the job very well. Again it all comes down to stupid admins :) All the anti-cheat in the world wont help if people cant setup a server correctly... What we really need is a system to prevent people with illegal copies of Arma joining legal servers. Some kind of steam verification process. Once that gets implemented we are gonna see a huge drop in skiddies and hacks. Nobody is gonna buy arma III on steam just to get the entire steam account banned.
  17. Best advices right now: Dont start new thread on this topic, its already been make very clear in a million threads around the forum.... Find a group to play with, Arma was never created to be a game dominated by "open server system" and it really shows now. Password the server and dont let anyone in you dont trust. Its also impossible to do any kind of testing on an open server where people can run all the scripts they want and joín with unsigned addons. People just dont understand "open server system" doesnt have a home in Arma perse. Just look at the whole DayZ skiddie mess. Thats what happens when a closed game suddently creates 10k public servers. PW is the way forward, untill we get BE so we can do whitelisting. Hacking on public servers will never go away 100%, its just not possible in this world. + BI & BE has a ton of time to figure it out. They are not releasing full version anytime soon tbh.
  18. Im all for no respawn :) Made my own mission that way. It really forces you to think about your action, rather then just hoping for the best and run for the hell of it :) I do like the BTC-Revive though, using a medkit to respawn people. Its another element to take care of and not without risk. But theres room for respawn missions, and it is needed in some cases to make the mission better. Still prefer no respawn though ;)
  19. byrgesen

    Ultimate Team Deathmatch

    How about a config option to make "random loadout"? So you have class based TDM and random loadout TDM in the same mission. Another thing to add to the Ultimate ;) And possibly along the way, add more gamemodes: - Grenade (all has X grenades at start) - Gun-mode (kinda like CS, start with low rank weapon and work your way up - Pistol (all has pistols) and so forth. It would be cool to have all thoose gamemodes in one mission, making it "Ultimate" :) Possibly even location swap option via configs.
  20. byrgesen

    New STEAM patch update 25th March 2013

    Complete changelog: http://alpha.arma3.com/spotrep-0001 Its the new ifrit class name "fucking" your missions :)
  21. Updated mission with a lot of changes, but most importantly it works with the [stabile Branch] update (052.103279) we got today :) Enjoy it. Still waiting for some more feedback btw ;) almost 250 views so someone must have tryed it by now heh. EDIT: I also reported the main post to get the name changed, (remove WIP) read that was the way to do it, so dont be alarmed by the report peps heh. EDIT2: Rolled out a small hotfix for the VIP and his group. They should now work as intended again. EDIT3: Im currently working on the BTC revive, for medics, so i might roll out another update today ;) i missed a few things this morning aswell, given the sudden alpha update and all. EDIT4: Ok a new version with BTC - Revive in it is released. Need some confirmation as to weather it works or not :) Sorry for all the updates, but its my first mission and im just testing things like crazy. It will stop eventually hehe. EDIT5: Ok.... Last update for today haha. Removed BTC - Revive. It didnt do what i wanted and the overall revive function didnt fit well into this scenario.
  22. Nice one mate, appriciate it. Did you encounter anything that needs tweaking? I havent actually had a change to try it out "for real" yet, only done minor testing, hence the 0.x version ;)
  23. Small update, check out the changelog above if you want :) EDIT: Please feel free to tell me what you think about it, if you download and try it :) I am currently working on more features to increase "immersion" and make it feel more real. EDIT2: Ok a new version is up, with some immersion improvements, read above :) EDIT3: A HOTFIX is out. Damn game logic hehe.
  24. byrgesen

    Urban Patrol Script

    EDIT: Fixed the issue.
  25. Rofl, well.... Know you know what to do the rest of the summer lol. Its fun going back to your old programs and discover the lack of "order" you had back then hehe.