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  1. On 4/1/2020 at 9:35 AM, Viper1Zero said:

    Dammit I LITERALLY just hit upload on my USAF MOD Showcase!! HAHA! AHHHH!! Looks like a standalone review is due now.

    Got my ass too.  lol

    viper that was an amazing video! You have really done your homework on the mod itself and are a true blue fan. We at the usaf team thank you for your extremely loyal support 

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  2. Everyone please read this post very carefully to avoid spamming the same questions over and over again.* Takes deep Breath*

    Everything that was in the prior Air Force Mod will be in the new one with the exception of the security forces and pilots. I say again everything that was in the prior Air Force mod will be in the new one with the exception of the security forces and pilots. 

    Everything includes: F-16, HH60, and just literally everything in the last mod.


    We have Absolutely Zero plans to add a B52 the mod. As someone stated it truly would serve no purpose. Even the B-2 while In this mod serves no real purpose as the F-16 and F-35 can both launch nuclear weapons. 

    As Foxone stated we are not taking requests for planes. We still need to deliver EVERYTHING the last mod had so please stop asking.


     That is all. I hope you’re really enjoying the mod as the team works day in and out. Shoutouts to them.


    Oh btw did I mention that EVERYTHING from the last mod will be in this one? Just want to make sure I made that clear. 

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  3. 11 hours ago, blackburn03 said:

    So I was being a bit nosy in the pbo of the C-17 as I wanted the .paa files to create a RAAF skin. To my amazement one was already there, is it a possibility we will see these other aircraft skins in the mod; or if not may I have permission to create an addon with the RAAF textures? 

    we can possibly look at a interface to allow the changing of the skins in the service menu already built. More to follow 

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  4. On 10/31/2019 at 3:02 PM, Lau Jah said:

    Hi, i was waiting for your mod for a while !


    So, i have a lot of questions: 


    1) I've heard that the guy who made this mod ( video ) is working with you. So if is true, the FLIR will be implemented with your mod or you will use vanilla flir for the AC130 and even for the others TGP


    2) Do you plan to make custom TGP sight like for the Sniper ( because vanilla one is horrible and i dont want to use ITC ) ?  



    3) Any plan to drop a couple of JDAM ? Exemple i define 4 target, is possible to drop 2 or 4 bombs in a row without changing target by the defined keybiding ?



    Thx for this awesome mod !

    1.) yes it will be with the AC-130 and potentially TGP.


    2.) We will have to look at it and see 


    3.) are you talking about rippling or dropping 2 of the Same munition at once?

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  5. 1 hour ago, Capt Childs said:

    @SGT Fuller great job to you and your team in getting this labour of love out the door, and thumbs up for all the quick hit tweaks and fixes you've been pushing over the last couple of weeks. Really excited to see how the mod will develop and grow.  Good luck man!

    Thanks brother we are doing our best to give the community what they lost with our absence. We are back and full steam ahead. Stay tuned 

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  6. 12 hours ago, octop01 said:

    Wow thank you guys so much! This hotfix fixed most if not all of the problems faced with the flight model/speed/thrust of the F35! It is actually amazing. It feels much more powerful now and you can actually kind of feel the power transition between normal flight and afterburner this is awesome! Very nice indeed! Now there is only the clipping of some weapons like AIM-120 and the spherical coverage bug aswell as the missing HE of the gun which seems to overpenetrate frequently against other jets that personally come to mind. Feels really good now a marked improvement without doubt!

    We will look at the issues you stated. I think i already know the issue with the spherical coverage and that will be fixed tonight and pushed out with our next hotfix. 

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  7. 10 hours ago, cry me a river said:

    For me its the lack of damage done by the missiles and the reluctance of the AI that is causing me issues. AI wingmen do not engage and missiles that I launch get seem to shoot anything down. The missiles work fine against vanilla planes but it seems most mods like RHS and the SU-35 mod use planes with higher hit points. The AI issue might be complicated, but perhaps the next hotfix can simply increase the damage done by the missiles? The cannon on the F-22 still works great aside from its sound effects. A single burst will put an enemy plane out of commission, just as a real life burst at 100 rpm of 20 mm SAPHEI would.

     We will look at the missies and push a hotfix for it if warranted. 

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  8. 17 minutes ago, blackburn03 said:

    I am unable to load vehicles into the Cargo C130 I get this error message.


    ' [(_this select 0)] spawn |#|USAF_C130_fnc+boxCargo_canLoad '

    Error undefined variable in expression:usaf_c130_fnc_boxCargo_canLoad


    Also with the C17 I opened cargo ramp, loaded vehicles then closed cargo ramp. Proceeded to take off then select drop cargo, the ramp fully opens automatically and vehicles are ejected however after that there is no "Close Cargo Ramp" option just "Open Halfway" so the ramp remains open.


    When I tried to get the ramp closed by selecting "Open Halfway" it did so and then "Close Cargo Ramp" appeared however this just makes it open fully again. I only got it to close by selecting the option to open ramp fully then when the close option appeared I selected it and ramp closed properly when C17 was on the ground at 0km/h .


    I don't want to tell you guys how to build your mod but wouldn't implementing the vanilla ViV system for C17 and C130 be more stable? Vanilla ViV is not as immersive as your script but wouldn't it be better at least while scripts are looked at again/other things are worked on?

    We will look at the issues you stated but we could have put the vanilla stuff in but we like ours to be more immersive and realistic not just have a vehicle pop in there so no we don’t have plans to add it as a temp fix. We will get the issue fixed and patched outZ thanks 

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  9. 7 hours ago, Vvalerie2 said:

    C-17 doesn't play ramp sounds when lowering or raising. C-130 only plays ramp sound for a couple of seconds before it cuts off. The flap sounds are very quiet on both planes.


    Both planes give also an error message about night vision goggles not being drawn or some such when placed with default crew (It flashes quickly on the screen and keeps returning about every 20 seconds). It's possible to avoid this by editing the crew loadouts and changing or deleting their goggles. 

    We can look at the sounds but the NVG issue is not a USAF mod issue as the crew on the plan is vanilla pilots that’s a BI issue or a mod conflicting with another one