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  1. Hey, and thank you for picking this thread to try to help me. I'm having some issues trying to play Arma 2 Operation arrowhead that i recently purchased through Steam. There are two issues that I'm having with it and will post screenshots of them on this page. Together these issues make the game unloadable, can only get as far as the white box with check marks in it, then it closes with the second pic. Any ideas on how to fix these issues, i have already tried uninstalling and re downloading through steam, with no success. A solution would be welcome, Thank you. and i can't add pics... sorry, but i will say what they are telling me. The first is a window saying "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgInGameUI/MPTable.shadow'." the second appears after this one, and after the white check boxs, and it reads "Error compiling pixel shader PSSpecularAlpha:0" again, any assistance would be welcome. :)