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    64-bit Executables Feedback

    I am looking forward to this as my two systems are WIN10 64Bit systems with 32GB of RAM and 4 GB ASUS GPU's.. I enjoy ARMA III and will continue to support your efforts and add on's except the Non combat sim... Keep up the great work!! Mawgster ans SSSlither
  2. Like it so far. Ability to use mini map while divig would be nice. Scuba demo finds me unable to kill anything with primary weapon. Fires great but is shooting blanks except at water... Weird issue.. Love the inventive aspect to playing the game and scenario's. Ability to cut underwater mine cables and let them bob up and away and then blow on shore would be realistic.. So far seems familiar and similar to Arma II Miss my weapsons selections and ability to establish my own loadout. Grenades for SCUBA mission.. Also Artillery is totally inaccurate and does not strike where pointed. Why doesn't he have a laser designator? There you go..
  3. Just got back... Wow it was supposd to be here while I was deployed....
  4. There's little worry about MS attempting to control the games software market by limiting OS use to only games they sell through their store. The fear is an absurdity.. :cool: