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    Vietnam: The Experience

    Great mod ! well done Snake man. Out of curiousity is the city of "Hanoi" covered in any of the maps ?, I have not seen all of maps in editor as yet.. Im still going through them.
  2. Hello Topas, looking really good keep it up very nice detail !! Just keep in mind regarding the (Feldgendarmerie/Field polizei) insignia on left sleave of tunic, its seems to look a little to big or is that just the angle of photo ?
  3. Just a minor hick up. Not sure if any has experianced this...But when ejecting from the plane, "no parachute" ! :omg: lol.. he just pulls his side arm out instead, does he really think the sidearm will save him at 15,000 feet. :icon_wink:
  4. This map looks great ! nice work , would be nice to see a German map like this in a WWII theme. Same map maybe but period pre45 houses, roads ect...:pray:
  5. Minimised my view distance and works like a dream and smooth, what eye candy that map is ! .. (Kohima map) :459:.... !!Thanks Foxy ! You gotta love Officer's Hill !!! ---------- Post added at 13:59 ---------- Previous post was at 13:52 ---------- Yes great job with the music Benoit !!, My favorites..... A New World is Born. Heroic Wings. Sons Of Japan.
  6. Hey Guys, :459: Finally I downloaded the HIP Mod and team HIP deserves an applaude:icon_eek: for there "great work and efforts" in the last couple of years on this epic part of the Pacific during WWII, really hats off to you guys..congrat's :icon_eek::icon_eek: The color, texture's and terrain is special and real attention to detail on the 2 smooth playing maps Tarawa & Pelilu, the uniform details are second to none for the IJA & US Marine soldiers really outstanding and a job welldone !! :icon_eek:, to all the guys that worked hard on this MOD.."Thank you" for your hard efforts cause Im sure alot us will have fun in the future playing. , and a big thanks to Bohemia for there endless gaming experiance. Im guessing in the future the other two maps (KOHIMA & GUADALCANAL) in editor will get completed ?, I found map Komiha a little laggy but lookin good. I also spent time in the Soloman Islands/Gaudalcanal this year and have approx 450 photo's of battlefields and terrain so if you require any pics for the Guadalcanal map (For WaxButter)... just let me know. Also I spent 10 mins on the 82nd Airbourne server and had a blast, this game is so realistic its Insane. Enjoy guys..."Time to LocknLoad".:bounce3:
  7. Well done Team Pacific !!, congrats.
  8. The ME410 is looking sweet, cant wait to fly that bird. :bounce3:
  9. Dogone

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Im just going to say....''Ohhh Yeahhh" !! :yay::love::yay:
  10. Attention to detail for that time frame, well done Vilas.
  11. The authenticity is awesome, and as Gunter mentioned there is no game out there that has covered the early part of WWII so it makes this MOD unique and special. Keep up the great work. :)
  12. Dogone

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Nice work !!.. keep up the great work guys. :)
  13. Absolutely amazing images !!, really nice and attention to detail. :bounce3: Well done so far.
  14. Dogone

    WW2 map

    Very nice work I like your efforts and what you are doing.:)
  15. Dogone

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    This Mod is looking awsome guys, congrats. Cant wait to play ! :bounce3:
  16. Cant wait for this MOD to be completed, looking good so far and great work. :bounce3:
  17. Hi Pac, I thought something wasnt quite right, so I jumped on board here hopefully things will get sorted out soon.