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  1. if doFIre doesnt work (because it has never worked for me on things that are not opfor or w.e

    i use:

    unit action ["UseWeapon", unit, unit, 0];

    this guarentees the unit will fire. make sure to dotarget first

    Hi mate i was reading a lot of posts about this and this your is diferent, so it could work, but i really don't know how to use where and how i need to write this.

    can you explain to me plz.

  2. Hm, I simply use Fire. It seems to work fine.

    Something like:

    tank doWatch (getPos target);
    tank fire ((weapons tank) select 0);

    That should fire the MBT's main gun. Tested something similar just with Scorcher though.

    Very good this work well but i have just one shoot, can you plz tell me how get it shooting lot of times blind.