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  1. Started the demo up, things looked pretty. Game started right up across all three monitors, looking good. Hit the 'Campaign' button to get going, and suddenly everything goes wonky. Bits of world geometry clip in and out. If I turn the turret a bit one way or another, some object that was occluding the sun suddenly disappears, so it's like I'm panning a bad phone camera around - constantly getting the wrong exposure. Switch down to 1920x1024 and all these issues go away... I see this was reported during beta, http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?136897-Eyefinity-Setup I appreciate multi monitor setups are still emerging (especially in indie titles), but what you need to do is disable the game from being able to select a multi-monitor resolution if you don't support it. Obviously I'd rather you support it, it's very pretty across three displays. Try to imagine the player's first experience here. The player has nothing other than a guess to know if they're being punished for having multiple monitors, or if the game is just terrible.