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  1. Hi guys I have been playing around in the ediotr for a few weeks and today thought about trying some spawning of AI enemy when I enter a triggerzone. I saw lucky 44's video youtube about this. Seems his information is mixed up for me and I have everything identical. Still no joy for me. Anyway, I'm not great at SQS or SQF scripting I haven't even looked at thigns that way yet, I just wanted a simple spawn using the trigger onAct field. My BlUFOR guys simply enter that trigger and some AI spawn in the placed marked. cheers Spooky
  2. here's the line I copied and pasted it into the editor and it worked no problem. groupName = [getMarkerPos "spawnPoint1", EAST, 10] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; I think my issues with this not working were down to me writing groupName = CreateGroup EAST; at the start of it all. Like the guy explains in his video then I took that out and it seemed to work. Thing is like I said I don't want russian units I rather have insurgents in Zargabad. cheers
  3. I did actually have some success with the way Lucky 44 was doing it in the video, but the only thing was I couldn't change the unit types. I wanted insurgents and got Russian troops or resistance every time I put EAST in the command. Like I said I'm not one for scripting anything at all well and I don't even know where to load the files from yet even if I did do any scripting. I basically need someone to "baby-step" me through the process so I can understand it and make it stay in this loaf of mine. Anyway, here is the link to his four videos. Cheers for the response btw guys. Spooky.
  4. thanks for the info Gunso, I'll check them out some time.
  5. cheers guys I'll take heed on your advice there. I joined the TWC website and had a game on their public server last night. My god what an experience that was !lol! Jesse ventura was sat in front of me in the helo, pointing his minigun at me, and actually called me a slack jawed faggot! lol! I felt well outta my depth in that game last night. I find though there isn't that many servers that have vanilla games running for me to join, they are all either DAY friggin Z (just toooo many of them thats all) or the games require the mods to be able to play them. But first impressions of using the ACE packs etc are pretty good, I had an issue with comms, I couldn't seem to hear very well unless I was actually looking at the person talking. I had a lot of background noise like helos etc, so the mission briefing consisted of "we are going to get dropped of at (helo enters) whoopwhoopwhoopwhoopwhoop". Then we are going to lay up at "whoopwhoop whoopwhoopwhoop whooop". Has everybody got that? Man I felt like a lemon, never said anything, then came the best bit, I got lost in the field like I tit! My squad had disappeared I couldn't hear shit, didn't know how to contact them aswell as think can they actually here me from where I was. So I left the game, came back on later and literally two minutes later the game ended. Fucking brilliant. lmao!
  6. Hi guys! I am "dare I say?" a noob to ARMA2 CO. Just recently brought it from Good old Games in a sale. Best move I made, now that I know it runs "ok" on my spec. I had Arma 2 free for a bit but got sick with the limitations so eventually got CO instead. Anyway, my question is this. Am I supposed to dis-enable addons for me to play on that server and only have the required ones for it? I've had a headache figuring out the mods and where to put them blahblahblah, but I've got them sorted and enabled in game now. I have used the six updater to get them also. I need a bit of advice though when using them for MP. I read the thread about the easy way of installing mods etc, that helped me out loads, but I have only put in : ACE ACEX CBA CBA_A2 CBA_OA extras for personal play are this: RH_helisound_mod_1.02 BB_oa_mercs Kyo_MH47Ev1.1 Littlebird McTierOne SASmod I'm a little vague on this whole add-on business when hooking up to a server. I know that a lot of them require add-ons to be able to play them, but with the extras that I have I am not sure if I can keep them there and not worry about them being a problem?? cheers Spooky
  7. spookygnu

    Real Damage for Arma 2

    this is a nice mod! but wouldn't using an anti-material rifle even at that range blow the limb of? I was watching a video about snipers on YouTube yesterday and the US marine sniper took the shot from 1300 yards away and the guy he shot was literally torn in half from the .50cal round hitting him in the abdomen. I think the phrase "pink mist" gets used alot by snipers doesn't it?? Anyway, if you can blow the limbs that would look pretty cool. The demo of the round hitting the second guy in the leg I don't thik is a true representation of the effect from a .50cal round at that range. Please don't take that as a slite, because I like what you have done but I reckon if the body parts are impacted better by the heavier rounds then you are definitely on to a winner.
  8. Thanks for the tip DarkXess! Oh and hello to you Arma guys btw! loving this game. I've been applying a waypoint to get the helo to move and fire the code that I saw on an earlier page of this thread. null = [air1,50] execVM "\norrn_dbo_MH47E_fastrope\scripts\deploy_fastropes_AI.sqf"; Where it says, [air1, 50] am I right in saying that the value is the height at which the helo will deploy the ropes at. Can you tell me what the min and max heights are please. Also does this code go in the action field or the script field. Sorry for the editing Q's in this thread albeit apparent to the mod anyway, I'm just a little vague on the workings of things at the minute. Like I said earlier I'm very new to the game and I'm trying as best I can to get my head around the editing stuff. Thanks again.
  9. Hi Konyo! I must say this is quite an impressive mod you have made. I have one slight problem, being very very new to the Full version on CO but when my bird takes off, I get a fast rope deploy hint appear for a sec on take off, then it disappears. I can't seem to figure out the system to get it working. If I press "enter" as soon as I get the fast rope hint about 5-10 secs later my team decides to jump on the rope. Then once it disappears I can't seem to find the hint again.