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    RSO Buildings pack

    They’ve been fixed! Some buildings still need doors doors on them and all need ai pathing. When this will be finished will be when it’s finished. Time isn’t on my hands atm. Apologies.?
  2. spookygnu

    [WIP] Al-Haddar Terrain

    Nice one Rich! Lmao
  3. spookygnu

    Aliens Mod

    I actually found a free 3D model and thought I'd have a look. Initial first look, nice textures, fully built model very representative of the alien. Not noticed a second jaw though. I use maya to build things but have yet to learn rigging and animation for it. Just means sifting through YouTube for the tuts. I know blender has an arma toolkit by alwarren but it would mean learning blender aswell, which I don't have time for ATM. Im not making any promises. I already passed on my aliens source folders to phantom (baphomet) to continue the work. Reason being my new job takes a lot of my free time away. So idk what's gunna happen regarding me getting anything done. spook
  4. spookygnu

    Aliens Mod

    Think the best way would be make it from scratch. But who is willing to do it? Not me. Sorry!
  5. spookygnu

    Aliens Mod

    I already asked that question and the answer was no it isn't possible
  6. This map is 15km x15km, near enough to 1:1 in scale. I don't know how big the a2 map was. it also has some areas added that are not on the A2 map so I would say yes it quite possibly is. Rebel just needs a kick up the butt now. ?
  7. Don't think there was a need for the sarcasm at the end there. You Might wanna read this though. Just saying that's all!
  8. Just to let you all know the project has not been shelved. I have many projects on the go that I hop between as time goes on. I go where my mood takes me, at my own pace in my own time for free. At the moment you will see what I've been playing about with via the rso creations thread. As for rebelman, like he said he's upgrading to a newer pc. So hopefully when that arrives in his palms I'm sure he'll pick up where I left him. There are some things that we need to sync our BOF source files up with, if you aren't a terrain maker there's not much point in explaining it to you, but I will say, I've guided rebelman plenty far into his project and I have a lot more at my end than he does. I'm just waiting for him to settle back into his workflow. That update enough for you all?
  9. All I'm saying is, it's not my map! I just work here man! Oh and for free!
  10. RSO CREATIONS I would like to announce the live opening of the RSO Creations website. RSO Creations is a small dedicated team devoted to making high quality models and maps for Arma 3. There will be updates to the front page on occasions, so bookmark it if you are interested in what we are doing. Please enjoy and I hope you are anticipating what is to come because we are really looking forward to getting this project out to you all. http://rsocreations.wixsite.com/rso-creations
  11. spookygnu

    RSO Creations

    I just had too.
  12. Why do we even have rules? I know I know, that's so people don't read them
  13. I been back working on my Hawk T1 and I've tried to get the wheels to rotate. But when I scroll them through in Buldozer, the wheels are rotating but they seem to be deflating and inflating as I do it. I have the axis mem points in the correct position afaik. Is this a config issue that causes this. I tried using the same references and even the same mem points from the samples model but still they do the same thing. When I load it in game the wheels are deflated or look like they are not there, yet when I start the engine up and start rolling off the threshold, they appear by inflating. Because of the speed I am going they look like they are flickering, but this is because of the speed the plane is going and the speed of the wheel rotating. Any ideas please, bugged me now for three days straight.
  14. spookygnu

    Tanoa assets?

    You cannot extract the ebo's via his tools. But you can get his pro tools to have access to the placeholders. You need to message mikero direct, you make a payment to him provide your email and he puts you on his subscription list. You receive a link to download the updater and you then have access to the pro version of his tools which are regularly updated. ; )
  15. Cheers dude. It's slowly getting there. I know rebel said he wanted to release a smaller area for alpha, but I convinced him to get more filled in. It'd give a good representation and feel of the place then. Fingers crossed no bonehead decides to not follow the EULA.
  16. Your question isn't related to xcam. Read the forum rules about thread content and going off topic.
  17. Omg seriously?? 1. This the wrong thread for this. 2. Something doesn't sound quite right about this. I maybe wrong??
  18. Have you already got it in your mod folders: i.e. @yourFriendsmap. If if not then he needs to send it to you.
  19. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwGVkyqKfsc0Vm0tdkd2NTRqVVk/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwGVkyqKfsc0c24yR0E5d0hQbEE/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwGVkyqKfsc0WHotSkhNVnpQY0k/view?usp=sharing
  20. It's gives the size of the map but not the cell size.
  21. does anybody know the cell size of the original fallujah map made for a2?
  22. I posted it hoping you'd see it today. Just giving you a heads up.
  23. Where's our little friend donbass? Get your mouse warmed up! I'll be in touch tomorrow.
  24. shall I tease you with some screenshots?? or shall I let you all wonder?? bit like knowing the birth of a child really isn't it? Well for those that have kids anyway, which probably isn't many of you. lmao!