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  1. Hey all,

    in ARMA 2 it was oke, but i bought OA & now have bought BAF and in those 2 i have a problem with 1 soundinput. I hear everything oke, but when the high command is talking to me (the blue chat lines) the volume is so low i can barely hear it. Is there anything I can do ? is this a known bug ?

    atm im downloading a JSRS sound mod to see if that helps something.

    thx in advance!

  2. I have a problem in ARMA : OA where im in this mission 6 now, the one where you have to clear towns & rescue the heli pilot. It seems my AI guys are only walking instead of running. did i accidentally toggle something that makes my guys go into walkmode ? its nice that they walk slowly in citites etc but in the open area where it is "safe" they can run ofcourse behind me.

    Any ideas ?

  3. the only way it can affect the storytelling is if someone will die of your team in arma 3. that would be hard in co op play as it has to be someone of your friends who loses his character there. oke he can play the replacement guy who will come but yea, thats the only thing i see that could cause complications in storytelling , no ?

    For the rest of the dialogues etc , they can still say em, its just some player his character that is saying it, nothing more. This game lends greatly for co op, i cant imagine how people have a bad feeling about it, maybe i just dont understand :) this sandbox game just begs to be played by friends, altough i am in arma 2 now, enjoying the story & happenings quite much, solowise then. I do have to admit after the base building kicked in and im commander now, its nice and all but i do miss the tension of the just me & my guys atmosphere that was all there before the basebuilding part, but thats just imo.

  4. Great! so ill be trying this tonight with a friend who will be also new to the armaverse :-P

    maybe one quick exrra question. Im already in my campaign far from start. can i create more profiles so i can select my own singleplayer game profile or my co op profile? i dont wanna lose or overwrite my savegames ofcourse!

  5. Hi i jist bought arma2 and loving it. id like to play with a friend in co op the entire campaign. is this possible? i found that in multiplayer you could slect a mission and then play together but is there another option? Just start from scratch and save wherever we quit? Thx!

  6. hi all !

    New to the Arma franchise, just bought arma 2 and really am enjoying it, basically loving it. altough the second part where I can build bases and all seems be losing my tension, but oke thats another thing. But Arma 3 is high on my list for must buys so I was looking if there was something I'd really would enjoy ... .

    What I was wondering if there is or will be an Co op singleplayer possibility ? I'd love to play this with a friend mission after mission but so far i have seen there is only a way to "simulate" this by going to multiplayer and select a mission you already have done.

    Oke that can be fun, but it doesnt feel genuine. So a real Co op option from the start would be great !

    Or am i missing something here and is it somehow possible ? :D


  7. BF3 is a console game and is built for 7 years old hardware first and foremost. So handling BF3 well means nothing when talking about ArmA3

    There is no AI in BF3 and graphics side is quite outdated even when talking about PC version. Besides the game takes place in corridors - can't even compare.

    Have you ever played bf3? I can say that i need my 580 gtx in sli to have it runnin smoothly. its top notch.

  8. Hello, new to ARMA2 !

    Great game so far, have fixed a problem where i could only hear left & right, now i can hear all around me. But What i still have and i think this is not ment to be, is that i hear the russian radio guy speaking non stop.

    Wether i am in the forest or near a city i can hear him talking, at first i thought i was close to enemies but i wasnt :D

    is there anything i can do ? Sometimes it stops and for some reason it just reappear magically, its very annoying !

    thx in advance !