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  1. Thanks Fred41 and Ominus for your feedback. I will take into account your remarks. For now i'm working on a mod project, so i dont have too much time for improving the tool. But i notice that the LxOPS could be better than it is (maybe use callExtension feature) I have planned the next release in two or three weeks.
  2. lynx75

    [WIP] Video Streaming Mod

    Great work. Really awesome.
  3. You have a combobox to tune the adjustment, by default its 10m, click on the combobox and use scrollmouse to choose adjustment 10m, 1m, 0.1m, 0.01m or 0.001m. Same for degree.
  4. this tools provide means to copy/paste the code required to spawn objects. It s for advanced mission designer, you have to know what you are doing. Here is an exemple of how to use it : i want build three sites A, B and C 1 -in my init.sqf i put the following code if (isServer) then { call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "mission\initAllBuildings.sqf"; }; 2 - i create the script initAllBuildings.sqf in a directory named "mission" as in the demo mission. this script is responsible to create all the buildings. #include initA.sqf #include initB.sqf #include initC.sqf 3 - I create three scripts in the same directory as initAllBuildings.sqf : initA.sqf, initB.sqf and initC.sqf when i copy/paste the code from the lxOPS, i copy the code inside this scripts. 4 - when i ve finished and all the required code has beed copied, i remove the object positioning system from the mission
  5. Hi, its time for the release of the V1.1. First post updated. Change log : - Code improvment - UI improvment - Pitch/Bank Rotation - ATL/ASL coordinates system - Object filter - Log object charracteristics in RPT - Surface/Submarine object placement - Reset ground lvel, sea level, surface normal, horizontality Enjoy :cool:
  6. @Sealife I will take into account your need. I add a button to write the locked object characteristics in the RPT file. Be patent, the release will come soon :cool:
  7. Thanks everyone, this is a very early version. If you have some troubles with the UI, reduce your interface resolution to small size, i will fix it for the next release. I keep working on it to implement pitch/bank rotation and submarine object placement. This is just a tool for object positioning at the moment. Be aware that if you want to militarize the area, you have to use spawn technics after the creation of the buildings. Maybe in the future i will improve the tool for IA positionning. Thanks for reports :cool:
  8. Thanks Foxhounds for Armaholic hosting.
  9. lynx75

    FSFLauncher A3 Edition

    Great tool, thanks :cool: