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  1. Hi everyone ! Does anyone know if some downloadable maps exist for I44, like Holland in 1944, or Carentan ? Thanks in advance, CSV.
  2. Hi all, I have the following problem : I'm editing a mission on Iron Front, and using anim-loops. The scenario is : some german troops are camping, and a russian commando attacks them by surprise. I've put some idling animations to the Germans, and what I would like to get is that these anims stop when the first russian gun fires. For the moment, the software seems to "understand" that the Germans are getting killed, as I hear fight orders and casualties reports being given, but as the loops keep working, I only get "idling german zombies". Quite scary by the way:D. Does somebody know what is to be done ? As I'm new to editing, I'll also accept with much pleasure a link to a complete IF editing tutorial and/or a list of working anims. Thanks in advance, Cao Sao Vang.
  3. This gives some good results, thanks. I really need to learn the game's synthax, because I have the ideas, but I just don't know how to turn them into a script... Anyway, it's interesting to chat with someone who "speaks fluently IF" ! Have a good night, CSV.
  4. Oh, sorry for the french, I'll speak english. I understand a little better what I'm doing (ha ha), and I know now what the sqf script is about : it allows some very short anims to loop, but it prevents me from stopping them. I'll copy it just after the post, with its activation code, so you can have a look at it. Anyway, my animated units quit their anims too "brutally" if I just switchmove "", so I'm trying to make them do another one. As they aren't supposed to fight very long, I'm trying to find some ARMA2 death scripts that would fit to the situation. Not that easy, Iron Front doesn't recognize much of the A2 original anims. Very interesting, but I'm really burning my brains right now, as the newbie I am ! Anyway, here's the loop script "animationLoop.sqf" : _unit = _this select 0; _animation = _this select 1; _unit setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations", true]; if (_noWeapons) then {removeAllWeapons _unit}; while {true} do { _unit switchMove _animation; waitUntil {!(animationState _unit == _animation)}; }; And here's the code to be put in a trigger (AN1 is the unit's name, LHD_midDeck is an example of animation) : AN1 switchmove "LHD_midDeck"; nil = [AN1,"LHD_midDeck",true] execVM "animationLoop.sqf"; The scripts were posted by KBourne on this forum. So, thanks again for the time you take, answering to me. I'm going back to it, hoping I'll manage to get a nice video editing ! Cao Sao Vang.
  5. Merci pour la réponse, j'y avais pensé, mais ça ne fonctionne pas pour toutes les unités : pour celles qui sont animées simplement par switchmove, c'est bon, mais pour certaines anims, il faut exécuter un script .sqf, et pas moyen de désactiver celui-là . Je vais essayer autrement. Quoiqu'il en soit, merci encore. Cao Sao Vang.