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  1. Hello, I am playing version 1.1.0027 in the Steam-Version with Windows 7 Ultimate running. Every time I try to play the campaign I receive the following error-messages after 5 minutes of playing: NULL pointer to instance Class: 'AmbushTactic' Function: 'UpdateEnemies' Stack Trace: Scripts\AI\IslandTacticsAmbush.h:809 Scripts\AI\IslandTacticsAmbush.h:970 and Unhandled Exception Progrom: ...ommon\Carrierer Command Gaea Mission\carrier.exe Reason: Access violation.Illegal write by 41c73a at 10 Script callstack: Class: 'Ambush Tactic' Function: 'Update Enemies' Stack trace: Scripts\AI\IslandTacticsAmbush.h:809 Scripts\AI\IslandTacticsAmbush.h:970 SymGetSymFromAdr:487 addr:0x0041c73a SymGetSymFromAdr:487 addr:0x0041c73a (Please retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled) Could you please correct this error? Best Regards