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  1. Right. I think I'll format my hard drive and install the entire system from scratch. Normally this helps :).
  2. Adding -nosplash did the trick. Thanks Harbinger! After skipping the intro sequence I can at least enter the menu and play the strategy part but not the campaign (like Species1571 pointed out) because the campaign starts with a video sequence as well. This definitely narrows it down to a video playback problem. Unfortunately installing the K-Lite codec pack (I already had an older version installed but uninstalled it and installed the newest version + the 64 bit version) + ticking virtually every box in the configuration menu of the codec pack did not help. Does anyone know which codec is being used for the ingame video playback? But thanks anyway to you all because i can at least play a part of the game :).
  3. I've purchased the physical disc version and every time I start the game it freezes once the nvidia animation has ended. The screen just remains black (I can still see the very faint nvidia logo). Once I look into the task manager, the cc task is tagged "not responding". I'm using Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, 6GB RAM, i7 920, GeForce 560Ti. Everything with the latest drivers, DX, etc. Did anyone have the same problem? What can i do to make it work? I'm a huge fan of the original game so I can't really wait to play the remake! :) Every kind of help is much appreciated!