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  1. Recently purchased Carrier Command Gaea Mission due to remembering the original from the Atari ST. Unfortunately, it seems right now to be quite plagued with crash issues along the lines of this one: This has occured six times in the campaign (I've tried going back to earlier saves only to face this crash hitting again at a different time), and also very quickly (about 15 mins) into a skirmish game as I was chasing the enemy carrier (which decided to immediately attack my furthest away mining island from it despite 9 neutral islands around... huh?) and I came out of timewarp. This is real unfortunate, as its making it almost unplayable. Bizarrely, the first two hours of the campaign went without a hitch, but since then, things have just got worse and the crashes more and more frequent. I'm running XP (still), but all of my other system requirements are easily more than enough to handle the game. No offence, but as it stands, I'm glad I picked the game up for £19.99 in its current state! (because, yeah, the enemy and pathfinding AI is terribad, but I think enough people have already pointed that out~ the only puzzling thing is that this wasn't fixed from the beta by the sounds of things) :butbut:
  2. Yes, my crashes are also with the latest patch installed. Sorry for the delay.
  3. Somewhat related to this: when I went and manually changed the bindings in the XML so I could use Arrow Keys for movement* (which apparently I wasn't allowed to do in game for some reason), those keybinds have now shown up in the Change Keybinds menu in game as 'Left Mouse Button' and 'Right Mouse Button'. Which is pretty funny: apparently that means Left Arrow and Right Arrow don't even have a relevant pointer that the game recognises. (because my arrow keys do work fine for movement now, and my mouse buttons definately don't strafe) :j: *= Yes I'm an antique that has never got used to (and in fact despises) WASD for First Person control. So sue me.