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  1. domestar

    Joystick configuration

    I bought saitek x52 and trying to set up the keys for flying chopper. Is it normal that i have to manually setup the keys (even stick) to make it work? I had hoped arma3 had some sort of default setup which i can tweak from. Is there a way to download a preset to setup everything automaticly?
  2. This tweak was great, and gave me a boost! Thanks! One issue though, which might not be related to this tweak. I got a new computer, and even after the first hr i downloaded this tweak. That beeing said, my computer hangs/freezes randomly like once a day and i dont know why! I'm in the middle of troubleshooting, and just to be sure i want to remove this tweak in case its conflicting with windows7 and mem. Or is that unlikely? How to i un-install this? edit: wait a min, i didnt use the LPManager, i installed the GMF.exe without it beeing in the ARMA3 root folder. is that bad?
  3. I'm not sure if the mod is working correctly. I get all kinds of black popups with codes in the middle of the screen, in game and in mcc gui. Msg like this "...his select 1 --((mcc_keybinds select 1) Error zero divisor That shouldnt be there, or?
  4. domestar

    ARMA3 with 12 cores

    Thats understandable. Thanks for link!
  5. domestar

    ARMA3 with 12 cores

    Yeah, lets hope they re-write the engine for ARMA4, if that comes out at all. Can someone guide me to a topic/post i can tweak arma for the optimal performance?
  6. domestar

    ARMA3 with 12 cores

    Thanks for the replies, and great car comparison :) exiting how the new haswell-e with ddr4 will perform under arma3, and what the future will bring with multiple core support now that 8cores goes mainstream.
  7. domestar

    ARMA3 with 12 cores

    First of all, i know that not many or any games support 12 cores, or even 8. In my situation cause of my day job i got 12 cores (on one chip), is there anything i should do to make a better use of the cores? My cfg is empty, and i'm sure there are some tweaks that will boost my fps.
  8. Thanks, that worked. strange! :) I hope there is a fix or a better way to do this.
  9. I had no problems with my last PC. Now it sends me back to desktop, without the game crashing. GPU driver is up to date, and here is my specs in case that make things clearer: x1 xeon 2696 E5 v2 12cores 32GB ram MSI 780GTX 3GB ASRock X79 Extreme9 Socket-2011 Some Samsung 840 EVO's Is this a known thing? And while we're at it, since i never touched any cfg's with the last setup, is there a topic or something i should do to get the max out of this setup? Thx
  10. Hi, how do i put soldiers in a state which they act realistic when it comes to relaxing and talking to each other, even sit around campfire. i dont have to hear what they say, cause i basically will look threw scope or binoculars, just want the immersion and realism watching the AI in safe mode.
  11. domestar

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    I enjoy this launcher very mutch, its great! I just have a weird problem, when the armaII launcher i launched, i dont see the content, only the launcher icon at the bottom of windows7. The program worked 2 days ago, and there is no reason why it should stop working. Ive tried several uninstall and reinstall with the same result. Is this a known bug or anyone have suggestion of how to solve this? EDIT: Solved in registery! Looking forward to the upgrade :)
  12. domestar

    Blocky shadows in OA/ARMA2

    I basically have everything at max, anti aliasing is at very high i believe (and tried to troubleshoot with different AA settings). The monitor is set at native resolution, 1920x1080. I think this is a driver/gfx card issue as i see other ppl have the same problem, yet to have it solved tho.. The shadows is not suppose to be like this, and also causing alot of texture flickering. This def ruins the immersion for me. :(
  13. domestar

    Blocky shadows in OA/ARMA2

    These edges are just as bad on the model itself, and shadows in general. Im pretty sure this is not normal ;)