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  1. I have a Little Question. I tried to place a Bridge and trees from Tanoa on the Island. In X-Cam the high was correct. After packing and after start the game the objects are mostly to high. whats wrong?? cheers...
  2. Voted! The best Mod i've played this Year! Good Luck!
  3. drunken_judge

    mikebart's Project's

    Thank u so much! The island creators an Player whant to profit. maby sign it with V2 if posible. best regards Judge
  4. drunken_judge

    mikebart's Project's

    Hey mikebart, I have a Problem with your great Addon. The Server won't akzept your MBART.bikey for mb_bushes.pbo.MBART.bisign; mb_clutter.pbo.MBART.bisign; mb_rocks.pbo.MBART.bisign; mb_trees.pbo.MBART.bisign. Can u resign an rerelease the Addons with bikey please? MkG Judge