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  1. The more I play it the more I like it, except for the lockups which can only be solved by a hard reboot. (Power off and reboot from the pc power switch). Windows XP sp3, Intel 4 dual CPU, 4 Gb ram, ATI Radeon HD4800 with latest drivers 8.97.100. Game runs from the direct pc download (version 1.02), no steam client.

    Currently happens at any point during the campaign for the second island after as little as twenty minutes of play. Screen goes dark, no response to CTRL-ALT-DELETE or ALT-TAB, sometimes the music starts up again but no video input.

    As I use dual monitors I have tried disabling one with no effect. I also tried running the game in a windowed mode as opposed to full screen but that did not make a difference. Event log does not have any entries when the pc locks up.

    Basically a great, unplayable game.