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  1. What the constant access violations and crashes and apparently corrupted saves means to me is I will regard all BIS products as unproven until it's been out for a while. I'm not repeating my mistake of paying top dollar for something that looked really cool but is unplayable on release date.
  2. I am running XP as well and have the same issue. I can start from any save and at an apparently random interval the game crashes with a very similar message. The game is basically unplayable. Disappointing...
  3. kevinsky

    Bug: Total lockup

    The more I play it the more I like it, except for the lockups which can only be solved by a hard reboot. (Power off and reboot from the pc power switch). Windows XP sp3, Intel 4 dual CPU, 4 Gb ram, ATI Radeon HD4800 with latest drivers 8.97.100. Game runs from the direct pc download (version 1.02), no steam client. Currently happens at any point during the campaign for the second island after as little as twenty minutes of play. Screen goes dark, no response to CTRL-ALT-DELETE or ALT-TAB, sometimes the music starts up again but no video input. As I use dual monitors I have tried disabling one with no effect. I also tried running the game in a windowed mode as opposed to full screen but that did not make a difference. Event log does not have any entries when the pc locks up. Basically a great, unplayable game.
  4. windows xp sp3 with Pentium 4, radeon 4800, installed from direct download, no steam client random crashes, sometimes at startup, sometimes after an hour Access violation Illegal read by 1014bc3f at 1bc75000 Maybe this can be addressed in the next patch?