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  1. Ok so ARMA 2 has sat on my shelf for a while and I finally picked it up and started playing it. I'm in the Harvest Red Campaign where you get left behind and you have to command the NAPA army blah blah blah. I had 4 "groups"(Not sure if that's what they're called) The one with the NATO symbols? Like in the tutorial? And after taking over a few places a lot of the units in those "groups" have died, I have built my base, made a barracks and built new infantry units, but I can't figure out how to add them to the depleted "groups" that I have. They're all in the default group.
  2. So wow I finally have a forum account after 15mins or so.... and I think the process is absolutely ridiculous....it's by far the most absurd registration process I've ever seen.....ever....Question for what year Operation Flashpoint came out, question who makes the game to prove your human, first time I put in a username it said it was taken, 2nd time I put it in the exact same way it worked, wtf? O.o Then you have to accept the terms which I already did on the previous page, wait for a timer, put in captchas, the whole thing is just crazy....hoping they will change this by ARMA 3 cause it's just crazy. I really didn't even want to make a forum account cause I know making them can be annoying, but I never imagined the clusterfudge of a process it would be to make an account on here. I think your customers would like to see a faster and easier process on forum registration.