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  1. New Unit types: I would really like to see some kind of ocean combat in this game, like remote vessels fighting. You could use remote vessels to expand the units you control, or just use them to pursue each other: There isn't a big threat to your carrier as is. you may occasionally have to swat down a manta, but it would be nice if you had to contend with the enemy sending a destroyer out to pursue your carrier. Mantas and Walrus' can stay as is though, they are great. More Research Options: I'm not going to go into this, it's been stated multiple times before, much more eloquently than I could state it. I would just like to show support. Use to Landed buildings: Getting blueprints from the research center, shutting off power to portions of the island by destroying power plants... the support structures in place that impede the enemy IG need to be more plentiful and more interesting. I do enjoy what is there considerably, and would just like to see more of the same. Building options on the islands: This might be a bit out there, but something that would be kind of cool, would be if we had some options on customizing our islands a bit. Maybe I want this production island to specialize in this kind of weapon to produce it faster. Or maybe I want to build spare parts on this island. Or maybe I want to build extra complexes on this island to boost it's efficency? How about adding in Specific threats for the enemy to overcome when they get to my islands (Firewalls or shields one). Troops: This is one I am rather conflicted about, but it could be interesting. So we have troops in the campaign, there are dudes that hop out to take potshots at you. Would be nice if we could use these guys ourself, or see more of them. Maybe a structure that produces troops? What about putting troops on carriers, so that you have a third option of capturing the enemy carrier? Multiple Carriers: I cannot express how awesome this would be. Either multiple allied or multiple enemy carriers. Maybe we could produce them on our islands even for a ridiculous sum of resources? Maybe if you get blown up, you don't necessarily loose, because you escape to a barque or grab yourself a manta and fly off? If you get home to a allied island, you can rebuild your carrier and carry on. Start weaker and more carrier upgrades: I would have to say the thing that really made the campaign come alive for me was the first 3 hours when I was in a POS carrier that looked like if someone farted too hard in it's general direction it would explode. Starting with a severely weakened carrier, maybe having to upgrade armor, command modules, missles, everything to get it to the powerhouse it is by the end, would be really cool. Instead of just upgrading a few deck guns, maybe I want harder armor, or a shallower displacement, or maybe more weapons to make it more of a gunship? Being able to walk around: Someone mentioned earlier how it would be nice to be able to walk around in 1st person mode. While I think the FPS sections of the game weren't stellar (And niether were they meant to be), it would still be nice (I have to grudgingly admit) to walk around with a gun and direct the battle from foot. I mean we can weigh in every other way, by controlling units directly... why not just let us run out there and do some of this ourselves? An Expansion pack: Yeah, this isn't as much a, "How can we improve things" as it is a statement of approval. This game rocks, it really needs another campaign or 4 (I can't believe I am saying this, but despite the somewhat cheesy level of gung ho action, I still kind of like Myrik). Keep content coming, you have one very satisfied customer right here. :)
  2. This has probably been hashed out a couple times already, but I refused to waste 30 minutes of my life reading through every post on this thread just to address the OP. Luxangel. I bought this game myself at 50$ the day of release. I just played through to 29 hours according to steam. I played through the entire campaign (Beat it like 10 minutes ago). So, I am going to go point to point here. Point 1 here: Were you listening to the campaign? I mean kudos that you were capable of killing it, but this wasn't the skirmish mode, killing the carrier wasn't the "Key" as much as it was to go through the story. Elsewise they would have said: "Oh, hey boss, lets just blow up that guy's Carrier and be done with this" instead of "Oh no, we can't get close to that thing, it's way advanced and has some kind of torpedo that can kill the gods themselves." Point 2: This is just wrong. If your defensive ability on the island is raised high enough, the enemy carrier, during the campaign, will sit on the same island for a LONG time (I was able to conquer 3 islands while the evil carrier was busy messing with 1 production island... it took about an hour before they had conquered it). And, if your island is good enough, the enemy carrier will NOT conquer it, they will leave after a while. As to having to reconquer it, yes you do if you really don't want the enemy to take any islands, but that is hardly necessary as long as you keep running through the missions. Plenty of people have beaten the game already. But this is just nitpicking on my part. No you wont, because what point do you have to buy something after you've beaten it. People say this, and expect that because they have given their solemn word that they would buy it afterwards, we should overlook the silliness of it. I Don't really see the game as unplayable, as I said: I beat the game. If you can beat the game, it is not unplayable. There were a couple crashes, no more than any other modern release, and the bugginess was not Nearly as bad as Arma 2's campaign... which I do consider unplayable, because I quite literally could not progress after a certain point, because after 10 steps I would die, everytime. This game does not have that issue, and giving up after a certain amount of time because of frustration is certainly within your rights, it does not mean that you are in the unassailable position of being the bringer of truth. I would advise stepping a way a while, taking a few deep breaths, and returning to finish the game after patching it, I hear the patches solve most of the Walrus AI issues. Not to mention, that I found a suggestion online, that you simply command your units individually instead of doing group movement, you would clear up about 80% of the pathfinding issues. However if you are utterly devoted to playing games that are completely bug free... best of luck to you, I haven't found such a game in years.
  3. Ash87

    First Impressions

    Impressions: Great Solid premise, excellent gameplay mechanics, surprising story, epic scale, punishing difficulty, rewarding exploration. The main actually is a rather good char, which kind of surprised me given it is a strategy game, just because he is so unwilling to take the situation seriously it seems makes him a relatively likable protagonist IMO. The whole thing feels almost roguelike in that it's so easy to get it handed to you early in the campaign, but even then it's as interesting to fail as it is to succeed. I sunk an entire evening into this game last night and ended up loosing track of time, most games don't do that anymore for me. Now, I am going to parrot the exact same thing that has been reiterated a billion times before though: Walrus AI has got to be improved. Quite literally the only thing that makes me upset when playing this, is watching my 4 Walri (Walruses sounds funny) have to run up a road, get stuck on rocks and file into a compound in single file... where they abruptly get lasered into oblivion.
  4. I would say the best addition would be either more carriers, or some other kind of ships to fight/command. I kind of think it would be rather awesome to get like, some kind of ship unit that you can control in the same way you control Walrus' and Mantas', customize in the same way, so that your carrier isn't a static unit sitting off the coast but actually has something significant to deal with. They could be smaller ships, or something like half the size of the carrier that you could decide to be like, Destroyers or mini-carriers. So you have to decide between throwing ordinance from far off, or more units to command.